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Sainsbury's Duck In Plum Sauce & Rice

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Rice

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    1 Review
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      16.06.2009 15:02
      Very helpful



      It's ok but nothing special!

      Recently I have been so busy and on the go all the time! I find it pointless to cook for one person so I'm afraid that I am Queen of microwave ready meals and the likes and when I came across this the other day in Sainsbury's with my love of duck I decided I really must try it!

      The Packaging...

      Cardboard sleeve slips over a two compartment deep black plastic tray which has clear plastic cover over the top of it. The sleeve is mainly dark green in colour with a picture of two authentic looking bowls on the there one with a portion of fried rice in it and the other with the duck in plum sauce. In red and white writing on the front I'm told it is 'Oriental' Sainsbury's Duck in Plum Sauce With Egg Fried Rice and that it is made with British meat and produced in the the UK, serves 1 and is freezable. There is a quick at a glance nutritional chart on there and I'm told it contains no MSG, hydrogenated fats, artificial colours or flavours and finally the best before date is clearly stamped on. On the back of the sleeve ingredients, allergy advice and nutritional information is given, I'm given a list of cooking instructions, contact details for Sainsbury's are there, size is stated (440g) and storage instructions are listed. On one side of the sleeve I'm again told what it is and further told it's 'Roasted marinated sliced British duck breast in a fruity plum sauce with pineapple, water chestnuts and red pepper served with egg fried rice'. Informative packaging this is and when I peeled the sleeve off the tray I was immediately impressed with the large portion size.

      Cooking Instructions....

      Oven cook....

      From Chilled.... 25 minutes Electric 190C/ Gas Mark 5 for 25 minutes.
      From Frozen.... 40 minutes


      From Chilled..... 5-6 minutes
      From frozen 9-12 minutes.

      My Dinner!

      Well I banged my meal in the microwave from chilled (as purchased in Sainsbury's) and it cooked in about 6 minutes after piercing the lid several times. Peeling back the clear plastic lid burnt my hand though so do be careful lol!

      My nostrils were met with a sweet plum and soy sauce smell. Lots of food in the tray and I emptied it onto a plate. Messy task if you want to present it nicely though (I.E pretend you made it and try to pass it off as your own) because it all just flies out onto the plate so your best to spoon this one out!

      So lets start with the duck shall we. Lots of dark brown glossy sauce and about 6 thin, smallish slices of tender, pink duck were there. Not much duck but what there was, was well cooked, not one bit chewy or fatty as it was breast. Could have done with a bit more duck if I was to nit pick but like I say it was quality and not fatty or salty or owt else! There was a lot of chunks of pineapple which was juicy and mingled nicely in the plum sauce and actually absorbed some of the flavours without becoming mushy and lots of really crunchy (but well cooked) thick water chestnuts which along with alot of red, slightly soggy pepper slices really gave the meal bite and an interesting texture. I would normally moan at soggy peppers in my meal but they had a slightly tangy hotness to them which was really pleasant and they went with the other textures and flavours such as clove, fennel seed, Rice Wine and hint of ginger.

      My only real complaint was that after a couple of spoons of the what you think is delicious sauce as it's sweet and garlicky and fresh tasting and rather rich.. for me it got too much, too sweet, too garlicky and er boring. I never thought I'd say this but for me there was too much runny gravy sauce about and my meal was rather sickly and sticky.

      The rice was ok but no better than that . A little stodgy and a bit puddingy it was just a bit gloopy really. However the peas, onions and spring onions pepped it up a bit but had I of made this rice myself I would have been a little disappointed with it! It wasn't well seasoned or flavoured enough for my taste-buds and certainly wasn't nice and fluffy but there was a large portion of it!

      Would I Buy It Again????....

      I can't argue with the quality of this meal apart from the rice but at £3.39 a meal no I wouldn't buy it again to be perfectly honest with you. It may be fine to buy it and share it with someone and add other food to it but unless you like very sweet food I'd give this is a miss! Not the best offering from within the Sainsburys Oriental range in my opinion!

      Allergy Advice....

      Contains Sesame, Egg, Wheat Gluten & Soya.

      Not suitable for nut or shellfish allergy sufferers due to the methods used in the manufacture of this product.

      Nutritional Values Per Pack....

      Calories: 653
      Fat: 14.4g
      Saturated Fat: 3.2g
      Salt: 3.04g
      Total Sugars: 45.9g

      Only available in Sainsburys stores.


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