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Sainsbury's Meatfree Beans & Sausages

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Vegetarians

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    2 Reviews
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      16.10.2009 16:46
      Very helpful



      A Fairly Nice Dinner!

      I purchased my Sainsbury's Meatfree Beans & Sausages for 78p and although I'm no longer a vegetarian I still like to try any new vegetarian products that I've not seen before or ones I've never gotten around to trying. I love a nice can of beans & sausages on toast when I've been working until 10 or 11pm and want something quick and easy yet full of fibre.

      The can size is standard and contains 420g of baked beans in tomato sauce with meatfree sausages and there is a good distribution of meatfree sausages and baked beans in a rich tomato sauce so there is enough for a generous mouthful of the baked beans and a medium slice of a meatfree sausage.

      This product is made by Sainsburys who have been around since 1869.

      Baked beans with meatfree sausages are a nice meal as on toast or even as an accompaniment to a main meal. Also, these are fantastic if you go camping as the cans normally have a ring pull (even if they don't you can just take a can opener) and then you can heat these up and these really are a meal on their own with some bread or toast if you have the facility.

      I personally prefer to have mine with white toasted bread and I let the bread cool a little before I butter it to ensure that the toast doesn't go too soggy.

      These can be cooked on the hob in a saucepan or in the microwave for about 3 minutes and I always wait until they are steaming before serving.

      I personally prefer to cook mine in the microwave and I cover the bowl with a plate to avoid any mess in the microwave, then you only have a few things to wash up and that's always a great time saver!

      The beans are fairly nice although they don't seem to be the same Sainsbury's branded beans I usually purchase. The sauce is fairly rich and full of flavour, it's a tomato style sauce. The meatfree sausages are a little grey initially and the colour picks up a little once heated up. They look far more appetising on the inside than the outside as they have lots of herbs in them which can be seen from the green flecks inside the sausage. These weren't as nice as the usual hot dog style sausages that come in the meat version of these beans & sausages but they were fairly tasty and did help to fill me up.

      Beans (33%), Tomatoes (23%), Vegetarian Sausages (21%) (Water, Vegetable Oil, Textured Soya Protein, Flavouring (Contains: Wheat Rusk, Mustard) Wheat Protein, Soya Protein Isolate, Dried Egg White, Stabiliser: Methyl Cellulose; Sage, Malt Extract (from Barley), Parsley), Water, Sugar, Modified Maize Starch, Salt, Onion, Maltodextrin, Paprika, Clove Extract, Paprika Extract, Pepper Extract, Cinnamon Extract, Flavouring, Garlic.

      I would recommend this product as it's a great snack or great as part of a main meal.

      Nutritional Information:

      Per Half Can:

      249 Calories
      16.8g Protein
      26.5g Carbohydrate
      8.4g Fat
      5.7g Fibre
      0.63g Sodium
      1.6g Salt equivalent.

      These are fairly good and I'm a fan of loads of veggie products so these baked beans with meatfree sausages are going to get a 3/5 from me as although they aren't as nice as the meat version they are still fairly tasty and I would eat them again!


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        29.12.2008 18:57
        Very helpful



        Heartily uninspiring!


        COST: 64p for a 420g can

        NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION (per half can serving):

        Calories: 249
        Kj: 1046
        Protein: 16.8g
        Carbohydrate: 26.5g
        - of which sugars: 7.1g
        - of which starch: 19.4g
        Fat: 8.4g
        - of which saturates: 2.1g
        - of which mono unsaturates: 3.8g
        - of which polyunsaturates: 1.9g
        Fibre: 5.7g
        Salt: 1.6g
        - of which sodium: 0.63g


        Beans, tomatoes, water, vegetable oil, textured soya protein, wheat rusk, mustard, wheat protein, soya protein isolate, dried egg white, methyl cellulose, sage, malt extract (from barley), parsley, sugar, modified maize starch, salt, onion, maltodextrin, paprika, clove extract, pepper extract, cinnamon extract, flavouring, garlic


        Contains egg, mustard, wheat gluten, barley gluten, soya and sulphites


        Being delighted with most brands of non-meat sausages and having found Sainsbury's ordinary baked beans a few weeks ago a delight beyond my expectations, I thought I'd sample the two together - marketed as Sainsbury's Meatfree Beans & Sausages. So, I toddled off to Sainsbury's and amongst other things, a tin of their Meatfree Beans & Sausages "magicked" its way into my trolley. Rather reasonable, I thought, at 64p.

        The front of the Sainsbury's Meatfree Beans & Sausages tin is a sort of a pinkish orange colour, bearing the Sainsbury's logo in white lettering. Underneath is, written as all one word, "Meatfree" in yellow lettering, and continuing in white, the words "Beans & Sausages In Tomato Sauce" follow underneath. To the right of the lettering is an image of a plate positively brimming with delicious-looking veggie sausages and baked beans. Hovering over the plate of beans & sausages, is a small pie-chart giving very basic nutritional information. The back of the can is pale blue, and in black lettering with colour-coded strips, is detailed nutritional information, a list of ingredients, allergy advice, cooking instructions (microwave and hob heating), advice that the can is recyclable, storage instructions, and manufacturer's contact details.

        This type of food is what I call my "in a hurry" or "can't be bothered to cook" type of meal. Tonight I was in the "can't be bothered to cook" state of being, so I decided to heat up the contents of the tin, eat with some bread, and hope that the product came up to Sainsbury's usually high standard. I have found that products which contain a solid mass such as meatballs, sausages etc., heat up more evenly and thoroughly if tipped into a shallow frying pan rather than a saucepan, so that was what I did.

        On opening the tin, I can say that there was little or no noticeable aroma. The beans looked rather a dull orange colour, but I put this down to seepage from the sausages. There were 6 sausages inside the rather runny sauce, and these sausages didn't immediately look very appetising. They appeared a little grey and wrinkled, which is what I would be more likely to expect from a sausage made of meat, then put under an intensive canning process. The whole mixture heated up gently, and when I was satisfied that it was piping hot right through, I plopped the whole lot onto a plate - stretched out on the sofa, and dipped a slice of bread'n'Flora into the sauce.

        The sauce on the bread was somewhat less flavoursome than ordinary Sainsbury's baked beans, which I found surprising - considering the presence of the sausages, and a couple of items in the ingredients list. The taste wasn't unpleasant - just rather bland.

        Using pieces of bread, bit by bit I scooped up and ate the beans, which in themselves were of a more tender consistency than Sainsbury's ordinary baked beans - this was a feature I liked, as I prefer not to have to chew any harder than I feel necessary.

        I left the sausages until last, as I wanted to see what they tasted like without too much bean or bean sauce influence. I speared one with my fork, and almost heard it tiredly sigh - I bit a piece off, expecting some sort of flavour burst, but there was none. The inside of the sausage looked far more appealing than the outside, with what seemed to be a good sprinkling of herbs, but the flavour didn't live up to that inner appearance.

        I continued to eat until the whole lot had vanished down my grub tunnel, and sat back to give everything a little time to produce some sort of "after experience", but it didn't happen. OK, the sausages and beans filled a hole and satisfied my appetite, but they didn't hit any "wow" spot inside of me at all.

        In summary, though I think this product is well worth the price of 64p as the whole thing is an excellent source of protein, fibre and good carbohydrates, it's not something I could get excited about. I won't say that I'll never buy the product again, but I can think of equally nutritious and economical things which would probably find their way into my shopping basket/trolley above Sainsbury's Meatfree Beans & Sausages.

        The wording of the name of the product I find a little ill thought out, (and this is me being pedantic) in that it implies the beans are meat-free, rather than the sausages - should they not be called Sainsbury's Meatfree Sausages & Beans, rather than the other way around?

        Try a little harder with these Sainsbury's, and I might change my mind and buy these frequently, than just occasionally.

        Thanks for reading!


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