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Sainsbury's So Organic Green Lentils

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Brand: Sainsburys / Type: Vegetarians / Food quality: Organic food

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    1 Review
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      17.07.2009 15:31
      Very helpful



      Much less mucking about than using dried lentils

      PRICE: 55p for 390g (undrained weight)

      NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION (per half a pack, drained):

      Calories: 97
      Kj: 413
      Protein: 8.0g
      Carbohydrates: 15.0g
      (of which sugars): 0.2g
      Fat: 0.6g
      (of which saturates): 0.1g
      Fibre: 9.0g
      Salt & sodium equivalent: Trace


      Green lentils, water


      Lentils are something I like to eat a lot of, but end up having them less than I'd like, simply because I love the green ones which need soaking before use, and I invariably forget to do that - so my curries, and other dishes in which I love them, are often sadly lentil-free. Sainsbury's have come up with a nice idea that makes it easier for people like me to use lentils frequently in cooking, without having to remember to prepare/soak them first.

      Sainsbury's So Organic Green Lentils In Water come in a rather classy dark green carton, which is vacuum-sealed at the top. The front shows an image of some mixed lentils, and an FSC logo indicating that the carton is made from materials which come from controlled forests. The back and sides of the pack show nutritional information, ingredients, cooking instructions, a notice to say that the carton is completely recyclable, and that though the lentils inside are 100% organic, the water isn't - as apparently water can't be organic.

      The carton is of the same design as that used for single servings of fruit juice, and needs to be snipped open at the corner with scissors.

      Once the carton is open, the first thing which hits is the absolutely terrible smell - but, this is no different to if you have soaked lentils yourself - just more concentrated. It was almost bad enough to put me off using them at first, but I gritted my teeth and went ahead.

      The dull green coloured lentils are plentiful, packed fairly tightly together in a little water, which needs to be drained off before use. There don't appear to be any instructions on the carton which advise of the best way to carry out this performance, so I held the carton over the sink, gripped the cut corner with my fingers to stop the lentils escaping, and squeezed hard until as much liquid had been removed as I was able to manage.

      The lentils, once properly drained, are then ready to cook and use in whatever recipe you fancy.

      The first time I used them, I made an egg, lentil & chick pea curry - something I love - and it was as easy as pie, just simply stirring ready-soaked and softened lentils into my lovely spicy curry sauce. Once stirred into the curry sauce, the horrible earthy wet lentil smell vanished completely.

      The outcome was superb. Lovely, soft and succulent lentils which made an excellent curry together with the egg and chick peas.

      My next experiment with Sainsbury's So Organic Lentils, was to make some soup and freeze it ready for the winter months. I made a huge pot of lentil and mixed vegetable soup, and before allowing to cool for the freezing process, tasted a mouthful and it was utterly delicious.

      These lentils are an absolute Godsend to me and those of a similar disposition whereby we are either forgetful, otherwise occupied, or just busy people. They are tender, tasty, very nutritious, and no salt has been added - making them a very healthy thing to eat.

      Well done Sainsbury's - I'm amazed that it's only now in time somebody has thought of marketing pre-prepared lentils, and I shall be using them all the time from now on.

      It's full marks, despite the terrible smell on opening the carton, as that soon vanished. Just do a bit of mouth-breathing, or stick a peg on your nose until the lentils are mixed in with whatever you are cooking.

      Thanks for reading!


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