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Sainsbury's Steak & Cornish Ale Pasty

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Other Ready Meals

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    2 Reviews
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      19.05.2010 22:11
      Very helpful



      nice run of the mill cornish pasty

      == Sainsbury's steak & Cornish ale pasty ==

      == How I came by it ==
      Whilst surfing the aisles of Sainsbury's I became aware that I was rather peckish but dinner was a few hours away so I didn't want a monster meal and ruin it. So looking for a sausage roll I noticed the above product and thought hmmm why not. I normally like Cornish pasty's- I wasn't sure whether ale would be a welcome addition to this age old pasty...

      == What is it ==
      Well as you might have kind of guessed it's a cornish pasty with ale added into the mixture. According to the packet it is minced beef, swede, potatoes, and onion all in a flaky puff pasty shell. Which can be eaten hot or cold, I ate mine cold so my opinions are based on the cold version not the hot one.

      == Any good ==
      This is a hard one to judge. Though properly packed out with mince, swede and onions there was something missing, I sat here thinking what is missing- a quick re-look over the packaging ah found it the ale- normally in a steak and ale pasty you would expect the flavour of the ale to be there in the background but no, nothing the whole pasty gone into my belly no ale or remote taste of any actually existing in the pasty I guess the brewery must have been shut the day this pasty was made. So in actual fact this product is no different to any normal cornish pasty out on the market so nothing really exciting to go whoa I ate Sainsbury's pasty's because its no different from an Asda one or a Greg's one without the ale.

      == Price ==
      Well this came from the chilled foods cabinet and cost 49p so quite abit cheaper than Gregg's or a normal bakers pasty, but unless you like cold pasty's or have access to a microwave then I would have to be honest I would just rather go to a baker, as this pasty isn't any different from a normal cornish pasty on the market. But if your taking it home and not eating right away this product's freezeable.

      == Ingredients ==
      Steak And Ale Filling (51%); Puff Pastry; Whole Egg Glaze; .Steak And Ale Filling contains: British Beef (36%), Potato (33%), Swede (11%), Onion (9%), Cornish Ale (8%), Corn flour, Savoury Stock (Water, Yeast Extract, Potato, Salt, Natural Flavouring, Sunflower Oil, Sugar, Malt Extract (from Barley), Dried Onion, Black Pepper), Salt, Black Pepper. Puff Pastry contains: Wheat Flour, Palm Oil, Water, Rapeseed Oil, Salt, Emulsifier: Mono- and Diglycerides of Fatty Acids.

      == Dietary information ==
      Contains egg, wheat gluten & barley gluten


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      02.11.2009 13:40
      Very helpful




      Whenever my Mum goes to Sainsbury's she always picks up 3 Cornish pasties to nibble on a Saturday afternoon for us (One each including me poor hard done to Step-Father lol). Personally, I've been a bit fed up of the usual cold Cornish pasty offerings from Sainsbury's of late so was happy to see one with some sort of alcohol in it arrive! lol

      The Packaging:

      Oblong see-through and light brown wrapper and on the front of it I'm told it's British Beef Sainsbury's Steak And Cornish Ale Pasty and that it's made in Cornwall and is freezable, there is an at a glance nutritional chart on there as well as the best before date being displayed..On the back of the packet other information includes ingredients and allergy advice, a full nutritional rundown chart is shown, I'm told how to heat it up (if desired as this can be eaten cold too), the size is stated which is 175g (and the only size this is available to purchase in ) and contact details are of course provided for Sainsbury's.

      The Pasty:

      Well the pasty is of course made from puff pastry and it's in a half moon shape and is flat on the bottom, slashed slightly to the top of it and has a slightly raised crust to the outer edges. It has no real smell to it but looks a nice golden colour and when handled although it is cold it doesn't flake anywhere or break apart on you.

      Like I stated earlier it's your choice whether to eat this hot or cold and my preferred way is always cold but you could heat this in the microwave (Mum did for a couple of minutes and it did go a little soggy) or you can oven cook it from chilled in about 25 minutes or around 40 minutes from frozen in the oven.

      The pasty is heavy and it feels really full of ingredients and when I bit into it I was surprised at how full and flavoursome this is. Plenty of beef mince, potato and swede were in there with slithers of onion and it was all really nicely seasoned with salt and a dash of black pepper. I could smell the ale rather than taste it but overall I was impressed with the quality of this. Quite often with products such as this I find them to be messy to eat, greasy or unseasoned and I have no complaints on that score at all with this. It was quite simply rather tasty and filling and the pastry wasn't too stodgy and was very edible.


      Not an expensive to buy pastry it's a generous size, high quality pasty that tastes as you think it should! Very nice Sainsbury's I'll be buying these from now on!

      Allergy Advice:

      Contains: Egg, wheat gluten & barley gluten.

      Nutrition Information Per Pasty:

      Calories: 491
      Fat: 30.01g
      Saturates: 13.8g
      Salt: 1.31g
      Total sugars: 2.6g

      Only available in Sainsbury's stores priced 59p each.


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