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Sainsbury's Steak & Kidney Puff Pastry Pie

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Other Ready Meals

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    1 Review
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      08.04.2011 09:14
      Very helpful



      A Great Tasting Pie from Sainsburys for a good price.

      I'm a bit of a cheapskate when it comes to buying things and so when I saw this pie reduced to 39p from its normal RRP of 58p it looked a great deal to take up. This is a Steak & Kidney pie that is encased in puff pastry and is from Sainsburys.

      --- Outside ---
      The single pie comes wrapper in a plastic wrapper that has the labels printed onto it. Half of the front it taken up by the name of the pie and a nice light pink background. The other half is clear so that you can see the pie. The rear of the pack is mainly covered up with information on the pie. The actual pie measures 11cm x 8cm x 4cm at the widest points and is held in a recyclable foil tray.

      --- The Pie ---
      The pie has a nice thick layer of pastry that covers the top which before cooking is a light beige colour. The pie can be cooked from frozen or from chilled which is useful as I cooked mine from frozen. It took about 30 mins in the oven alongside jacket potatoes, which wasn't too bad. When cooking, there was a nice smell of steak & kidney that filled the house which made me excited to try it. Once cooked, the pastry had gone a nice golden brown colour and risen a bit to become light and flaky.

      For a pre made pie, the pastry had cooked really well and was not soggy anywhere. This is something that I have encountered with other supermarkets pies and it does not make for a nice pie. The pastry was easy to cut through to reveal the steaming hot filling. The first noticeable thing about the filling is that there is a lot of it. From inspection there is a lot of gravy, small bits of meat and some onions. The gravy is not runny at all, which means it does not spill everywhere when you cut it open. The pieces of steak and kidney are not huge but this is good in my opinion as it means it is easier to cut up and eat.

      The pie has a lovely meaty taste to it and the steak and kidney has a nice rich flavour. Initially I found that the filling was far too hot to eat, but after leaving it for a couple of minutes it had cooled to an amiable temperature. Along with a jacket potato and vegetables, I found this pie to be an excellent part of my meal as it was tasty, filling and well cooked.

      I have had other pre-made supermarket pies like this before and this has to be one of the best I have had. Everything about this pie could lead you to believe it was home made as it is truly delicious.

      --- Healthiness ---
      Obviously as a pre-made pie and containing meat, gravy etc is not going to make this the healthiest pie. Per pie it contains 378 calories, 20.1g of fat, 1.02g salt and 5.2g of sugar. On the whole this isn't too bad if this is to be included as part of a main meal as the high fat levels can be balanced out with with some good vegetables.

      The pie does seem to include a lot of ingredients, ~ 30 in total, however on the whole most of these seem relatively necessary. It does also contain 28% British Beef and 24% British Beef Kidney which is a good overall percentage of meat for a pie that only costs 58p RRP! It is good to see that Sainsburys have opted to use British beef rather than cheap and nasty imports.

      --- Overall ---
      On the whole I really like this pie as it is well made, tasty, cooks well and it reasonably good when combined with a balanced meal. I like that it can be cooked from frozen as this means it is good for quick meals when needed.

      I am going to give this 4/5 as the only down side to it is the high fat content, however if this was lower this could make the meat a bit tougher or the pastry a lot drier, so it's not a huge concern overall. I will definitely buy these again as they are very tasty and filling.

      Sainsburys also do: Chicken and Mushroom ; Chicken Curry ; Minced Beef & Onion ; Steak, as other fillings for the puff pastry pies and I would be very tempted to try some more of them. At the moment they are on a 2 for £1 offer which makes them a bit better value.

      Thanks for reading.

      This review may also appear on my Blog and on Ciao under the same username.


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