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Sainsbury's Sweet & Sour Chicken with Rice

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Chicken

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    2 Reviews
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      04.01.2011 23:45
      Very helpful



      I don't think you can beat this ready meal for value and flavour

      Well, talk about hot off the press, I've just eaten this (home alone dinner again.....really must get out more) so can give you a blow by blow account of this ready meal.

      It costs £1 (but at the moment, you can buy 4 Sainsburys ready meals (certain varieties) for the price of 3....so actually 75p for 400 grams of sweet and sour chicken with rice.

      This is one of the best value ready meals you can buy. The chicken is real chunks of chicken, not minced, shaped morsels and I counted (I'm such a stickler for detail) 7 decent chunks of chicken which had a really good chickeny flavour. The sweet and sour sauce had just the right consistency, not too runny, nor thick and sticky and a lovely mix of not-too-sweet, and not over-acidic flavours (I'm beginning to sound like Goldilocks).

      There were decent sized diced onion pieces, a few squares of red pepper, which weren't soggy, but still retained a tiny bit of crunch, some slivers of carrot and quite a few small chunks of pineapple, which were moist and pineappley.

      The rice was cooked just right, white, separate and fluffy. Honestly, you'd never have thought this came in a box.

      I served mine with baby gem lettuce leaves and slices of cucumber and it filled the whole plate with glorious colour and aroma.

      If you look on the front cover, the meal is exactly as photographed (but more of it)....I often laugh at the front cover pics on food and once cooked has no resemblance to the actual meal (there's a couple of websites dedicated to this sort of thing - hilarious)

      Back to the meal - nutritionally quite healthy - each pack contains 446 kcals, protein 17.1 gms, fat 1.9 gms, carbs 87.7 (of which sugars 25.2 gms - now that would be 6 tsps sugar, but it's possibly partially made up with the natural fruit sugars in the pineapple)...but that's still one heck of a whack and you'd want to be aware of that when you're eating what you think is a savoury meal)

      All that for 75p...and just one plate to wash up. Actually saddo me washed the black container - they're brill for putting extra portions of stews etc, popped in the freezer, then microwaved or heated in oven at a later date.....so I even got a free handy container (and they're dishwasher safe)

      Am I beginning to sound like an obsessive....................??????? Probably :D


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        22.03.2009 21:24
        Very helpful



        they say succulent chicken and that is exactly what it is

        On a Friday early evening we go shopping and so when we get home I must admit after putting the shopping away I dont really feel like cooking a meal so I must admit that I choose microwave meals that are very quick and easy to cook and I do try a lot of them.

        Sainsbury does a Sweet and sour chicken with rice for around a £1.

        These are so quick and easy to cook. You can put them in the over for 30 minutes but better still you can microwave them.

        Nutrition information

        Energy 279kj per pack
        protein 18.0g
        carbohydrates 107g
        fat 1.1g
        fibre 3.5g
        salt 1.09g


        Cooked white rice 49%,water, cooked chicken breast 12%, sugar, pineable 4%, onion, red pepper 3%, cornflour, malt vinegar, garlic puree and paprika extract.

        It comes in a bright purple and pale box. Inside the box comes a tray with the rice and the sweet and sour separated.

        To microwave

        To microwave you have to prick the film covering the food a couple of times and then microwave for about 5 minutes, this may be more or less depending what your microwave is. You then pull back the film, stir both the sweet and sour and the rice and then cover with the film again and microwave for 3 minutes.

        When you have done this you pull back the film covering the rice and put the rice on your plate, you can then pull off the film entirely so that you can put the sweet and sour in the middle of the rice, or wherever you wish it.


        The rice is very nice. It is long grain and fluffed up. The sweet and sour is very tasty and you can taste the sauce which I do love. The chicken is in about inch and a half piece and very tender and as it does say on the box succulent which I would not argue with.

        There is plenty to have a good meal, you definately dont feel cheated thinking there wasnt much there.


        I would definately recommend this. I must admit though that this and Tescos sweet and sour does taste the same and I do think that it is made by the same people just put in different boxes for different supermarkets!


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