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Sainsburys Thin & Crispy BBQ Chicken Pizza

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Brand: Sainsburys / Type: Chicken

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    1 Review
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      21.09.2011 14:31
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      A great all round pizza

      I have always been a huge Italian food fan whether it's pizza or pasta I would say that Italian is my favourite food by a long shot. Therefore we eat a lot of Italian themed meals in my house. I like to go all out and experiment with new reciepe ideas but for the days when I just don't have time (or the inclination!) to start from scratch I'm not opposed to ready meals etc!

      Pizza is one of my top foods, not neccesarilly take away pizza, because oddly I prefer supermarket pizza to the take away kind. I've therefore tried many varieties and can say in my opinion that Sainsbury's offer the best range overall. Asda is great if you want to have a pizza with your own toppings made in front of you-for that you can't beat Asda but for overall taste, range, price, size etc I find Sainsbury's wins hands down. I have no idea how The Co-Operative won Pizza Retailor of the year because theirs are disgusting! Oh well hopefully next year Sainsbury's will be recognised for their brilliant pizzas!

      My current favourite is their own brand thin and crispy Barbecue Chicken pizza. For years I was always very wary about eating pizza's with meat etc as I had a very bad bout of food poisoning when I was a teenager that left me ill for years afterwards so I'm very wary about food, probably too wary. So when I bought this home my other half was really suprised!

      I guess the thing that drew me to it was the price-it was on offer for £2 which I felt was a good price for a Sainsbury's pizza. Their food is moderately more expensive than other supermarkets so I always expect to pay a little more but their quality is worth it so I thought I would give it a go. Also I'm not one of these people who likes Tomato Ketchup so having a pizza with a BBQ sauce rather than a standard tomato one sounded like an interesting alternative.

      The pizza comes with the said thin layer of BBQ sauce and is topped with British chicken that has been marinaded in a BBQ marinade, sweetcorn, red peppers, mozzarella cheese and cheddar too. Their pizza base is just standard pizza dough. It's a standard pizza size, perfect for one person and provides 8 even slices depending how you cut it.

      The pizza itself comes sealed in air tight plastic which should be removed with scissors and also comes on a cardboard base which should be removed before putting in the oven. Although you can freeze this pizza which is useful if you lack fridge space, I find they are best cooked from chilled. It takes approximately 12 minutes on 200 degrees if cooked from chilled or 14 minutes if cooked from frozen. I find that cooking from chilled rather than frozen gives it the perfect pizza standard-a little crisp on the outside and lovely and soft and real Italian pizza style in the middle. You tend to loose that inner softness if cooked from frozen but they are still delicious anyway as it doesn't change the taste. It's just the texture thats different.

      I'm really funny with sweetcorn. I used to love it but since I was pregnant I really went off it and now I can't bear it. So in true childish fashion I remove most of it from mine before I pop it in the oven. I leave some on there but not as much as it comes with because I do find the helping to be very generous. However when cooked in the over, luckily the sweetcorn looses it's 'tang' taste which is what I've gone off and it's takes much better when cooked and hardened! The chicken is pre cooked and is absolutely beautiful. It's not chewy or rubbery, but lovely and moist and it's marinade perfectly compliments the BBQ sauce on the pizza base.

      Overall delicious is the word for this pizza. I was very happy to find it wasn't spicy as some meat topped pizza's can be. There is absolutely no spice involved and although the BBQ sauce does indeed taste of BBQ it doesn't have a kick that makes you need water. It's just a really sweet tasting sauce thats easy to eat. It's also the perfect size and due to the generousityof toppings it is perfect for a meal size portion and you want feel hungry after eating it!

      I'm such a fan I buy one a week of these as my little treat! I've also noticed the 'special offer' of £2 seems to not have changed in the last 4 weeks so perhaps it's a permanent price which for this pizza is very reasonable. However according to the scary looking nutrition information on the back I see that one whole pizza gives 28.4g of fat which is a little worrying maybe my treat should be bi-weekly from now!...Or not!

      Overall a brilliant 5 stars from me! This pizza goes down a treat and always end's up being pinched by friends and family when they come over. Great price, great taste, comes with British Chicken and the packaging is 100% recyclable...what more could a pizza lover want?!

      For more Info please visit the Sainsbury's website and please not this pizza contains milk and wheat gluten.

      As I've written this I've consumed one of these pizza's-not sure if I enjoyed eating it or reviewing it best!


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