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Snacksters Premium Doner Kebabs

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2 Reviews

Brand: Snacksters / Type: Other Ready Meals

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    2 Reviews
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      25.03.2012 23:23



      Na, spend your quid on something else , honestly

      during a busy week sometimes i just want food on the go, something quick and easy but most of all tasty !
      i came across these snacksters premium kebabs in iceland in the ready meal section and was instantly drawn to the tasty looking kebabs pictured on the box, all this doner meat oozing out the pitta breads with onion and salad , for a pound i thought wow lets give these bad boys a whirl !!!
      Then came to trying them and what can i say ? what a total disapointment honestly i have never seen something look as wrong as this, on the box like i say you had these lush looking kebabs and in reality you get two so called premium kebabs in bags that you whack in the microwave for 3 mins, the pitta looks naff and there was no sign of oozing meat in the packet but i risked it and threw it in for the 3 mins, each kebab comes with a chilli sauce that you run under hot water to defrost it.
      i got the kebab out opened the pitta (which the edges of the bread had turned to brick rock hard) and discovered some sort of strange smelling meat with a few bits of soggy diced onion chucked in the corner of the pitta , i was gutted lol !!!!
      Nearly breaking a tooth on the stale hard pitta i came across a mouthful of meat it was greasy limp and lame not tasty at all infact i closed my eyes while i ate it trying not to think what the meat is actually made of, On the box the meat is mutton (old sheep then).
      Ok i know what your thinking ,,,, what did he expect for a quid but thats not the point, The box was almost like an add for mcdonalds, where on the tele you see a lush looking big mac with the salad all perfect and not a thing out of place wheres in reality you get a big mac and it looks nothing like it does on the television its falling apart in the box chucked together by someone who couldnt care less. well this is what i thought about the kebab when i looked and it and tried it ,
      For the money (£1) there are plenty of other ready meals that are a million times better than this sad excuse for a kebab, i most certainly wont be going back for seconds, i gave the other kebab to a friend because i felt in an evil mood that day lol


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        03.07.2010 17:25
        Very helpful



        Not bad, I wouldn't avoid them!

        When it comes to convenience foods it's not one of my most favourite things to eat however with moving into a new flat and only owning a freezer and a microwave at one point and not even a saucepan to y name I was relegated to having to fill my fridge and freezer up with food to go!

        I love kebabs so when I spotted 2 in a box in Asda costing only a pound (usually about £1.29 a box in all good supermarkets etc) I couldn't wait to try them out!

        The Packaging:

        Yellow box of which the front and the back of it are the same in appearance. There is a photograph of a kebab on there and I'm told that they are Snacksters '2' Doner Kebabs 'Two pitta breads filled with reformed, cooked and sliced seasoned mutton and chopped onions served with two sachets of hot and spicy tomato chilli sauce' and that they cook in 3 minutes (in the microwave) and that the weights of both kebabs is 310g. Other information on the box includes ingredients, storage instructions (these are freezable and should be cooked from frozen by the way), there is a nutritional value chart shown and cooking instructions are given (these are only microwavable) and contact details for Summit Foods (the manufacturer of the product) are listed. Inside of the box you get 2 kebabs in see through sealed packets and 2 sachets of the tomato sauce in clear packets too which are rather generous portions to be fair.

        The Kebabs:

        Well all you do with these is pop them one at a time into the microwave and you heat them through in the sealed packets that they come in for a total of 3 minutes each and serve...it couldn't be more simple and with the sachet of sauce you run that under a warm water tap till it defrosts which literally takes me less than a minute and is no problem to do at all.

        What you get is a pitta bread (x2 of course but lets review 1 lol). It's anaemic looking and sliced to one side of it and filled with about 4 very thin rounds of smooth and dark meat and a lot of cubed boiled onions which make the inside of the pitta rather soggy really.

        Taste wise this isn't bad however. The meat is wafer thin mutton with a hint of garlic and chilli to it and tasty enough and the onions although soggy are at least cooked through though don't taste all that much really and make the whole thing a wee bit mushy.

        The sauce is like a thin tomato sauce really. It has no real substance to it but does at least taste of tomatoes and does have a hint of chilli to it but it really isn't hot or anything.


        Simple to cook, looks ok, a little soggy in places but tasty nice enough though nothing like a doner kebab I have ever tasted before and the meat actually reminds me of warmed up sandwich meat lol. These are a snack but of course you can tart them up a bit with some salad and that if desired and all in all I find them tasty enough. Not bad!

        Nutritional Information Per Kebab:

        Enerrgy: 361Kcal
        Protein: 12.3g
        Carbohydrate: 48.4g
        of which sugars: 7.5g
        Fat: 13.1g
        of which saturates: 7.0g
        Fibre: 2.3g
        Sodium: 0.9g


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