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Southern Fried Chicken Pieces

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Type: Frozen Food

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    2 Reviews
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      01.02.2010 19:57
      Very helpful



      4 pieces of tasty Southern Fried Chicken

      Shopping in Iceland is a relatively new experience for me and as a result we have loads of new and cheaper foods to try. The Southern Fried Chicken is one which my hubby found and as it was so cheap we all decided to give it a go.


      The chicken comes in a cardboard box which is yellow and blue in colour and has a picture of the chicken on a plate with chips and salad. The Iceland logo can be found on the right hand side in an orange rectangle. The back of the box has the same design but is the other way around. The sides of the box contain all the information you need for the chicken, directions for cooking and ingredients.

      The chicken inside the box comes in a plastic bag which ensures it is kept clean and fresh.


      To cook this chicken it is to be done in the oven. For normal oven it should be cooked on gas mark 6 (200 deg.C / 400 deg.F) and for fan assisted oven it should be cooked on Gas mark 4 (180 deg.C / 350 deg.F)

      Place the chicken on a baking tray on in an oven dish and cook in the centre of the oven for 20-25 minutes. The chicken is best cooked from frozen. I do like this idea as it means I don't have to remember to take it out the night before to defrost.


      The chicken pieces resemble a tear shape and they are a good thickness. I would estimate that they are approximately 12 cm long by 7 cm wide and 2 cm thick. I do find them to be a good size for my boys and they always manage to eat a whole portion each, hubby has to have two though!

      When cooked the chicken comes out a lovely dark brown colour which is the seasoning on the skin. When cut open the chicken is a nice white colour and looks very moist and tasty. The smell from the chicken is lovely and not too overpowering. It is slightly noticeable before the chicken is cooked but more so as the cooking process goes on. I do notice a slightly amount of moisture from the chicken portions after they have been cooked on my baking tray but nothing major.

      Upon first taste the chicken is wonderful. The outside coating is lovely and not too crispy. It tastes just like that of the popular and expensive KFC variety. I did not find the taste to sharp of strong and I have to say it made the chicken very tender. I was easily able to eat the chicken inside and at no point did I find it was dry. My boys devoured their pieces and said how nice it was and did actually ask for this again. There was no nasty after taste from eating this chicken and I can honestly say in my opinion it was much nicer than the KFC variety and it was certainly less greasy.


      The packaging for this southern fried chicken claims that it is only made with breast meat, has no hydrogenated fats and no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

      The ingredients for the chicken for those wishing to know are:-

      Chicken Breast (55%), Palm oil, Wheat flour (Gluten), Water, Isolated Soya Protein, Salt, Tapioca Starch, Salt and Pepper Extract, Maize Starch, Stabiliser: Triphosphates; White Pepper, Sugar, Raising Agents: Diphosphates, Sodium Carbonates; Fennel, Yeast Extract, Marjoram, Nutmeg, Acidity Regulator: Citric Acid; Sage, Yeast.

      The chicken does contain Soya, Gluten, Nuts and Sesame so it not for suffers of allergies to these ingredients.

      The nutritional values per breasteak are:-

      Energy - 193 Kcal
      Protein - 12.6g
      Carbohydrates - 8.3g
      Of which sugars - 0.1g
      Fat - 12.2g
      Of which saturates - 4.4g
      Fibre - 1.1g
      Sodium - 0.4g
      Salt - 0.9g

      Whilst these values may seem high to some I can say that they are certainly not as high as the values you would find in other brands and makes of Southern friend Chicken.


      As this is an Iceland own brand product then it is only available in their stores. I comes with the tiny price of £1 per box which contains 4 pieces.


      After having several successful meals with this chicken I can definitely say it is worth a full 5 stars. I tastes wonderful and has a great price tag. It is certainly better value than buying it from KFC. It is also very simple to cook and can be accompanied by either chips or potatoes so different types of meals can be made from it.


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        30.05.2009 20:45
        Very helpful



        Good to eat on a hot night - but not too often...


        Today my son had some friends over for the day and I tried to think of something suitable to give them for tea on such a hot day.

        We get fed up of just salad, so I decided to buy some of these chicken pieces (which we have had before) to have with salad and potato wedges.

        ***What are they like?***

        The pack is 1.3kg in weight and costs £5 - I purchased it from the chilled section. Compared to what it might cost from a certain fast food outlet, I think is tastes pretty good and offers good value for money.

        Calorie wise it is a nightmare! 1 drumstick and 1 thigh contains 675 calories! It contains a massive 41.3g of fat!!!! (which is 59% of the product), 5.1g of which is saturated fat. For that very reason, we will probably eat it only 3 times this summer. If you know this up front then it might influence your purchasing decision.

        The best before date give roughly a week to eat it.

        It comes in a black plastic tray with a picture of the product on a red background on the front - there is also an American flag on the front of the box, to emphasize the southern part.


        It recommends cooking on 180 degrees for around 40 minutes, but I find I get a slightly better result at a higher temperature and an extra 10 minutes. With this type of product you want it to be well cooked, but that is just my personal opinion.

        No matter how hard I try some of the coating always sticks to the tray, which makes it all a bit messy.

        As you might expect you can see the fat all over the tray, which can be a bit off putting.

        Taste wise it is lovely, but oh so greasy. The coating is spicy but not too hot and the chicken is tender and moist. It is extremely filling and so I only needed to eat two pieces, any more would have just been greedy. Everyone cleared their plates and clearly enjoyed it.

        I think £5 is quite a good price, because 1.3kg of chicken goes a long way. However, I know many people will be put off by the unhealthy aspect. I will give it 4 out of 5 stars, knocking one off for the fat content. I think for this type of product and price it does a good job.

        It can also be frozen too.


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