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Brand: Sushi San / Type: Other Ready Meals

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    1 Review
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      10.09.2009 23:25
      Very helpful



      A poor representation of sushi.

      I'll be honest, i am a complete and utter sushi fiend. I love the stuff, but unfortunately there aren't any sushi bars anywhere near me, the nearest one is 2 hours away! So i usually go for things like this to help satisfy my craving. I've had a whole lot worse than these, they are ok. But to be honest, they leave a lot to be desired. The rice doesn't have anything close to the texture of fresh sushi, its more a dry, tasteless and rather solid mass, that you end up using the majority of your soy sauce on just to give it some flavour.

      They come in varying sizes and varieties, from ones with fish - salmon, tuna, prawn and mackerel, depending on which size pack you pick to which fish you get and then they also do a vegetarian tray. I just find the whole thing to be extremely bland, dry and very uninspiring. If someone was trying sushi for the first time, then i'd hate to think that they had formed their entire opinion on sushi through one of these.
      You get a little bottle of soy, a pack of pickled ginger and some wasabi. The wasabi is very strong and has a strange taste, not really like it should taste. I'm not a fan of pickled ginger to be honest so i can't really comment fairly on it.

      If you have a huge sushi craving like i get and want a low calorie but filling lunch then it wouldn't hurt to try one i suppose. But my advise would be to go to wait and go to a sushi bar and try the real thing, but if there's not one nearby then i would recommend M&S sushi trays, they are much nicer and about as near to the real thing as you get.


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