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Tesco Bacon and Leek Quiche

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Type: Other Ready Meals

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    3 Reviews
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      16.08.2009 22:42
      Very helpful
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      I like the odd bit of Quiche served with some Salad and Chips. We picked this up in Tesco yesterday and had for tea tonight. This was priced at £1.89 for the 400g Quiche, or you could buy 2 from the range for £3. This is in the chiller section where the pies and such are.

      The Quche was in a round foil tray which you cook it in. The packaging was alright. It had a picture on the front of the Quiche and you could see bits of Bacon and Leek in the filling of the pastry. The writing on the box looked quite small compared to the picture of the Quiche, but I knew what it was that I was buying, so there is no mistaking what it is.

      You cook this in the oven at 200oc for about 20-25 minutes. It is easy enough to see when this is cooked, as you will find the edges of the pastry darken whereas the rest of it is just cooked nicely. I have put the odd slice of Quiche in the Micro for about 2 minutes (On a plate and not on the foil tray!) but I find all Quiches end up soggy and sort of stuck to the plate. When this is cooked in the Oven, you will find the Pastry is nice and crisp, the inside is creamy, soft and savoury, and the bits of Bacon are Smokey and slightly salty, and the Leek is tasty and chunky. The Cheese in the filling is nice, creamy and melted easy enough. The whole thing didn't taste overly salty. and I just liked the combination of all the flavours and ingredients.

      A nice Quiche for a good enough price. Serves 4 people with some sides, or 2 people if you want a large chunk of Quiche and not much else.


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        22.03.2009 16:28
        Very helpful



        Tesco have turned out a very respectable savoury quiche

        A savoury quiche can make a quick and inexpensive family meal. Ideal for supper served with a jacket potato and salad or equally as good served with some fresh crispy golden brown chips and a side salad. Party buffet meals hardly ever fail to have a couple of platefuls of sliced quiche on offer to guests.
        But anyone who makes a savoury quiche has to get the balance just right, the seasoning is all important and it is vital that the quiche is filled with tasty ingredients. Smoked bacon is ideal for using in a quiche.

        On the whole most supermarkets offer a good selection of quiches at very reasonable prices too. These Tesco Bacon and Leek quiches weigh 400g each and at this very moment are on offer at £1.88 each or two for £3, not forgetting that you will get Tesco Clubcard points added too.
        Take into account that one quiche should serve either two hearty appetites or more often than not provide us with four portions then it is a decent enough financial propostion.
        I did notice that Tesco had a Weight Watchers bacon and leek quiche on offer too, a 165g costing £1.

        Tesco have updated their packaging and the quiche comes in a lightweight and recyclable cardboard box which gives a full picture of what to expect from the contents.
        Seeing as quiche is quite soft and delicate the majority of them come in foil trays which offer some form of protection to the delicate short pastry case.
        I always avoid heating a slice of quiche in the microwave, the short pastry turns all soggy and you just end up with a heap of quiche rather than a slice.
        So I heat the oven to gas mark 6 and put the quiche into the middle of the oven for 20-25 minutes or until it is really hot all of the way through.

        As the Tesco Bacon and Leek quiche starts to heat the smoked bacon aroma starts to fill the kitchen. I must admit that the smell is wonderful.
        The texture of the filling is all important, the egg custard needs to be firm enough to hold the ingredients firmly in place, yet just melt in your mouth.
        I have a bit of a thing for shortcrust pastry and as you slice into the hot quiche the Tesco pastry is lovely and crumbly, even the pastry on the bottom of the quiche remains firm. If I make a quiche I always find that my pastry tends to go a bit soggy underneath the egg mixture.
        The filling is very pale and creamy, Tesco have chosen to use a combination of cheese. Both medium fat soft cheese and hard cheddar cheese have been added to the mixture of egg and double cream.
        The sliced leek is visible and although it has turned a dull shade of green in the cooking process it still manages to look good when mixed with the pieces of smoked bacon.
        Now the bacon, this was where my only doubt crept in.
        The smoked bacon is reformed, if I was making my own quiche then it would be sliced fresh smoked bacon. Reformed meat often tends to ring alarm bells. Overall the colour of the bacon is good, the small chunks look moist.
        Salt, pepper and nutmeg have been used as seasoning.

        Each slice of quiche stays firm even when it is hot, the aroma is extremely pleasant and the texture looks good.
        The quiche breaks well as you slice your knife through it and the knife glides well through the pieces of smoked bacon.
        The combination of the egg and cheese is delicious and as the flavour of leek and bacon is introduced the entire experience becomes a pleasure.
        Although I had some concerns over the use of reformed bacon it doesn`t impair the taste or the texture of the quiche in any way shape of form.

        A quarter of the quiche contains 260 calories, so maybe it is a good idea to serve it with a jacket potato and a side salad. The amount of sugar and salt that are contained in the quiche are minimal but the fats are very high and the saturated fats are moderately high.

        Tesco have risen to the challenge, the quiche is tasty, inexpensive and it makes a very simplistic meal.
        Although the calorie count is high this is well worth putting on the shopping list occasionally.


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          09.03.2008 10:58
          Very helpful



          very moreish and versatile, give it a try!

          Quiche is a french dish that contains mainly eggs and milk or cream that is baked in a shortcrust pastry. Meat, vegeatbles or cheese are also added to the dish to provide colour, flavour and texture.

          Quiche Lorraine is the most common quiche and consists of eggs, milk, bacon and onion, originally quiche lorraine did not contain cheese however these days many quiche lorraines do.
          I am a big fan of quiche and have tried several of the Tesco ones and have never been disappointed, this one is no exception and so I decided to give it the recognition it deserves in the hope that more people will give it a try and enjoy it as I have, well here goes...

          The packaging...*****************************=======
          The box is an eyecatching purple colour with a white and blue strip down the right-hand side of the front section displaying a long term price offer (more about that later) and the barcode. The picture on the box shows a rather delicious looking bacon and leek quiche with some salad in the background, there is a slice cut out of the quiche and slightly offset from the rest of it so that you can get a peek at the filling.

          The words 'Tesco' and the weight and product description are written in white above an dbelow the product picture. There is a lighter purple strip across the bottom of the front section displaying the cooking time, home freezing symbol, nutritional values, storage instructions and the 'display until' and 'use by' dates.
          Both sides of the box are plain purple.

          The back of the box has four coloured boxes on it. Above the first box is a product description.
          The first box contains cooking directions and storage details, the second box contains allergy advice, ingredients and nutritional values. The third box contains the guideline daily amount values for a typical adult and the fourth and final box contains the Tesco promise, contact information and all additional information.

          Once opening the box you are able to slide out the quiche which is packaged in a silver foil tray. The packaging is fully recyclable.

          What is in it?

          This gorgeous quiche contains egg custard, cheddar cheese, smoked bacon and leek all encased in shortcrust pastry.
          The ingredients are as follows:

          skimmed milk, wheat flour, egg (11%), vegetable oil, smoked bacon (10%), medium fat soft cheese, leek (8%), double cream (5%), cheddar cheese (2%), modified maize, starch, butter, dextrose,salt, white pepper and nutmeg.

          Hydrogenated fats are linked to increases in cholesterol, liver problems, diabetes and heart disease so you will be pleased to learn that there are no hydrogenated fats present in this lovely quiche! Also absent are any artificial colours and flavours.

          What does it taste like?

          The egg is soft and fluffy and the double cream combined with the soft cheese ensures that each mouthful that you take is creamy and smooth. There is a subtle undercurrent of cheddar and a fresh taste of leek, the leek itself is soft but still provides plenty of texture and colour to the quiche. The bacon is smoky as described and they have not been too stingy with it, there is plenty of it in each bite and it also provides colour and texture in contrast to the pale, creamy egg custard.This quiche has an air of spring about it and all the flavours blend together perfectly creating a mouthwatering filling for the shortcrust pastry that is neither too crispy or too soft. The pastry is an ideal thickness and crumbles softly as you eat it.

          Serving Suggestions...

          This quiche is incredibly versatile and can be consumed either hot or cold and tastes great with so many different things, it is quick and easy to prepare and everybody in our house loves it, here are some of the things we have eaten it with...

          Try it cold or hot with...

          salad cream, crunchy red onion, cold new potatoes, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes and celery and crusty french bread.

          mashed potato, asparugus, garden peas and cheese sauce.

          homemade oven chips and baked beans.

          southern spiced wedges, salad and coleslaw

          pasta salad, garlic bread and dijon mustard

          It is also ideal cold as a snack on it's own or for picnics and lunchboxes.

          The Nutritional bits...

          This quiche is 400g in weight and one quarter (100g) contains the following...

          Energy- 1085 kj/260 kcal
          Protein- 6.9g

          Carbohydrate- 17.5g (3.5g of which sugars)
          Fat- 18.0g - of which saturates 8.0g
          - mono-unsaturates 7.0g
          - polyunsaturates 2.1g


          Salt- 1.0g
          The guideline daily amounts for a typical adult are as follows...

          Calories- 2000 kcal, 1/4 quiche contains 260 kcal which is 13% of your gda.
          Sugar-90g, 1/4 quiche contains 3.5g which is 4% of your gda.

          Fat- 70g, 1/4 quiche contains 18.0g which is 26% of your gda.
          Saturated fat-20g, 1/4 quiche contains 8.0g which is 40% of your gda.

          Salt-6g, 1/4 quiche contains 1.0g which is 17% of your gda.

          Although this quiche is rather moreish it is always worth remembering that if you decide to get carried away and eat 1/2 of it you are consuming 52% of your gda for fat, 34% of your gda for salt and a whopping 80% of your gda for saturated fats.

          Who can eat it?

          Obviously this product is not suitable for vegetarians due to the smoked bacon however it is also unsuitable for people who are lactose intolerant as it contains milk. This product also contains gluten, wheat and egg making it unsuitable for those that are unable to eat gluten or wheat or suffer from an intolerance or have an allergy to eggs.

          Can I freeze it?

          Yes, you can freeze this quiche as long as you do so on the day of purchase and consume it within one month. As always the box advises that you refer to your freezer manufacturers handbook for guidelines. I have never frozen this quiche as we tend to eat it either on the day of purchase or just after so I have no idea what affect it has on the flavour or quality of the quiche although I would imagine it tastes just as good after being frozen.

          If I do freeze it how do I defrost it?

          You need to defrost it in the fridge for a minimum of 24 hours or alternatively you can cook it from frozen. Once it has thawed you must not refreeze it.

          How do I cook it and is it suitable for microwave cooking?

          No, this product is not suitable for heating in the microwave. You can cook it from a chilled or frozen state in a conventional oven.

          To cook from chilled remove the outer packaging and foil tray, place on a baking tray and cook for 20-25 minutes in a preheated oven at 200 degrees centigrade/ 400 degrees farenheit/ gas mark 6.

          From frozen you can cook it by removing the outer packaging and foil tray, place it on a baking tray and put it in a preheated oven for 40-45 mins at 200 degrees centigrade/ 400 degrees farenheit/ gas mark 6.

          As always cooking times may need to be adjusted to suit your oven, ensure you check that the product is completely cooked and piping hot before serving.

          If I am not freezing it how do I store it?

          You need to keep this product refrigerated and use it by the date shown in the bottom right on the front of the box. Be aware that the display until date on this product is the same as the use by date when you are shopping.

          Contacting Tesco...

          You can write to them at,
          Tesco Stores Ltd, Chesnut, EN8 9SL, U.K.

          or phone them Mon-Sat 9am-6pm on Freephone 0800 50 55 55
          or find them at www.tesco.com

          How much does it cost?

          This quiche can be bought from Tesco stores or online for £1.68 or for £3.00 (this offer is valid from 01/03/08 until the 10/06/08) you can get two quiches from the Tesco range giving you the chance to try another one as well, the other flavours included in this offer are;

          quiche lorraine

          cheese and onion


          cheese and tomato

          bacon, sausage and tomato

          mushroom (this is marked as having a short product life of 1-3days so always remember to check the dates)

          salmon & broccoli

          This is a long term price offer so you should have plenty of time to try the whole range.

          Other bits...

          This quiche is produced in the U.K. for Tesco Stores Ltd.


          I recommend this quiche and the others in the range, they are good value for money, versatile, tasty and enjoyable. They are easy to store and prepare and are great for so many different meals.

          this review also appears on other review sites.


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