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Tesco Cheesy Mashed Potato

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Potato

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    1 Review
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      18.05.2010 12:24
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      I Won't Bother Again!

      I tried the plain frozen mash from Tesco before and didn't think much of it so I don't know what made me buy a bag of the same mash but in Cheesy flavour..... especially because I'm not mad keen on cheesy mash anyway! lol

      It costs 99p for a 650g bag so if you like it that's a big of a bargain, it's mega rich so you don't need to put all that much on each plate so I reckon you could make a bag last for quite a long time. I said rich but don't expect a rich creamy mash because to me it's rich in a THICK way, it doesn't taste luxurious enough to taste RICH I know but that's the best way to describe eating a bit of this because it's sooooooo filling.

      It comes in little white nuggets that look like Wotsits, you can either pour some onto a plate a nuke them or put them in a pan and stir until they've thawed out and warmed through. The mash tastes EXACTLY the same however you do it so I always do mine in the microwave because it makes the saucepan mega dirty and is a pain to have to stand stirring it for 10 mins.

      When it's done it looks thick and gluey, it doesn't look like real mashed potato but it does smell nice and cheesy. It kind of dollops onto the plate and doesn't look all that nice.

      The taste is weird, it's like a mix of cheese FLAVOURING, instant mash and something else. I thought I liked it at first but after 2 mouth fulls I started not liking it so much. The cheese tastes nothing like proper cheese and is dead powdery tasting, you can't hardly taste the potato even though the taste of cheese is quite weak and the mash is just plain boring I think.

      I did some for my 2 year old sister yesterday and she didn't like it either, she had gravy on hers and the edges of the potato started melting into the gravy and that didn't look very nice.

      Not recommended...... this mash tastes proper cheap. It IS cheap though so if you like it then you can get yourself a bargain.... it's deffo not my idea of cheesy mash though! lol


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