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Tesco Corned Beef Hash

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Beef

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    1 Review
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      25.05.2010 19:24
      Very helpful



      A nice ready meal which provides a good meal

      I don't normally buy ready meals but when my partner works till about 8.30pm a few nights a week the last thing I really want to do is cook a meal from scratch for myself. So occasionally I will use a ready meal as they are handy to keep in the freezer and once they are in the oven (or microwave) you don't need to do anything to them. My mother has always made a great corned beef hash as a quick and simple dish and as I spent a lot of time in America visiting family it's a dish served for breakfast and I really enjoy it so when I saw it in Tesco it was put in the trolley!

      *** Packaging ***

      The corned beef hash comes in a plastic tray and is housed in a cardboard sleeve. On the front of the sleeve it depicts a plate of the corned beef hash which as cubed potatoes on the top. The front also in big bold font says what the item actually is. Its simple, basic packaging but the picture says exactly what the product is.

      *** Cooking ***

      The corned beef hash can be cooked in two ways. It can be cooked either in the microwave or the oven and can be cooked from chilled or from frozen. I cooked mine in the oven and from frozen and it takes around 40 - 45 minutes.

      I found that by 40 minutes the potatoes which are laid on top look brown and the corned beef hash also has a brown tinge to it.

      *** Taste ***

      When the corned beef hash came out the oven I was greeted by a wonderful smell which reminded me of the corned beef hash my great aunt in America cooked and I was instantly desperate to eat the food!

      The corned beef hash has cubed potatoes already sitting on the top and I tried these first. Unfortunately, the potatoes are completely bland and there is no taste whatsoever to them. Even though they are cooked well (soft in the middle) they actually taste of nothing. So I had to take them off and put them to the side of my plate as for me they were inedible.

      So the corned beef hash...after a few mouthfuls I found that I needed to add salt and pepper to give it a bit of seasoning. The corned beef is quite thick in consistency and is full of tiny pieces of potato which are edible! Even though the corned beef is quite thick in consistency it makes it easier to eat and even though I had to add seasoning I found that it actually tastes quite nice. Not as nice as my great aunt's but it provided a good meal for me.

      One issue I did find was that the corned beef had burnt at the bottom of the tray so when I was putting it onto a plate I did find the odd black bit so I'm guessing next time should I buy it and cook it I don't leave it in so long. It's hardly a problem but the burnt bits don't taste so great!

      Overall I found the whole ready meal was slightly too much for me but corned beef hash is quite a stodgy, hearty meal which will fill anyone up. Overall, I felt this was good value for money and after seasoning it myself I found that I had an enjoyable ready meal. The only thing I would change would be the potatoes which sit on top. I think they should either turn it into mash potato or put the potatoes within the corned beef hash.

      *** Ingredients ***

      Potato, Corned Beef (27%), Roasted Potato (21%), Onion, Butter, Tomato Purree, Pepper.
      Corned Beef contains: Beef, Salt, Sugar, Preservative (Sodium Nitrite).

      *** Nutritional Information ***

      Per 100g:

      Calories - 115
      Carbohydrates - 14.1g
      Fat - 3.4g
      Fibre - 1.9g
      Sodium - 0.3g

      *** Price ***

      £1.80 and only available from Tesco. Can be found within the chilled ready meal section.

      *** Overall ***

      It has a few issues as I mentioned above but the ready meal provided a nice tasting meal which filled me up. I never expect wonders with ready meals but I would definitely buy this again and would recommend it to others for a quick and easy meal.


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