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Tesco Finest Chicken Breasts with Roasted Onions, Bacon & Mascarpone

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Chicken

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    1 Review
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      15.02.2010 14:26
      Very helpful



      One of the Meal Deal choices from Tesco

      Tesco have recently introduced a 'meal deal' similar to the one advertised by Marks and Spencer where you have the choice of a main meal for two, side, desert and a bottle of wine for £9.00 all in. When you consider that the bottle of wine if purchased by itself costs £8.00 this is a very good deal and one we participated in last week.

      This 'Finest' Chicken Breast with Roasted Onions, Pancetta (rather than bacon as originally sold) and Mascarpone was one of the choices on offer for the main meal and as you can't really go wrong with chicken this is what we decided upon. The packaging is now different from the one illustrated as Tesco Finest products now come in a sleek, black, rectangular box that has a quality look and feel to it. There are clear illustrations on the box as to what the contents are and it does indeed look a premium product that demands a premium price when not included in the meal deal offer.

      Cooking instructions are pretty much the same as you would expect from a ready meal and for best results it is recommended that these are cooked in an oven for around 35 minutes. Removing the cardboard sleeve and looking at the chicken breasts in their uncooked state doesn't really fill you with inspiration, they are simply two largish pieces of chicken in a sauce, the onions and pancetta are evident but honestly look nothing special.

      Once cooked and removed from the oven the chicken and sauce give off a lovely aroma, the onions give off a rich roasted smell and together all the components make for a visually appealing sight. Cutting the chicken you notice how thick the breast actually is, wonderfully moist white meat enveloped in the mascarpone sauce it does indeed look upmarket and premium. Taste wise this is a dream, the slight saltiness of the pancetta works nicely with the usually tasteless chicken and together they taste rich and meaty. The onions give a slight tang which only adds to the overall taste experience, I can't say the mascarpone is a strong flavour and to be honest I didn't even notice it was there taste wise, however all together the ingredients made for a delicious meal that was thoroughly enjoyed.

      This is definitely a meal that looks better on your plate rather than sitting rather limply in its box and when served with some vegetables and a side dish does look and taste perfect. My only slight criticism is that as the box serves two you don't get a lot of onions or pancetta and the sauce is rather on the tight side for feeding two. It is a difficult balance to get spot on though and although for me I didn't have enough sauce I suppose too much could potentially ruin the chicken itself.

      Nutrition wise a single portion (1 breast plus half of the sauce etc) will provide 325 calories, 19.4 grams of fat of which 9.6 grams are saturates 4.4 grams of sugar and 2.0 grams of salt. Ingredient wise they are listed as being: Chicken (59%), Onion (24%), Double Cream (10%), Pancetta(5%), Medium Fat Hard Cheese, Mascarpone Cheese (0.8%), Vegetable Oil, Wheat Flour, White Wine, Corn flour, Chicken Stock, Salt, Garlic Puree, Black Pepper, Rosemary, Thyme. And Allergen information warns that these do contain Gluten, Wheat, Wheat Flour & Milk so if these are a concern then please be aware.

      Overall I did enjoy this meal from Tesco, I thought it was tasty, filling and had some wonderful flavours that went well together. At £4.50 when not included in the meal deal it is a higher price than the normal ready meals you can buy and I can't say I would buy them again when not on offer. If I had the shopping budget to spend on luxuries like this then I would shop and Marks and Spencer to be honest, but for a once in a while treat and when on offer with the other parts of the meal deal it would be something that I bought in again.

      For me an overall rating would be 4/5 Dooyoo stars, delicious, but not enough onions, pancetta and sauce for me personally. It certainly gets the thumbs up though and is definitely recommended. Thanks for reading my review.


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