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Tesco Finest Classics Chicken Fajitas

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Chicken

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    2 Reviews
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      05.10.2009 01:52
      Very helpful



      These are absolutely lovely.


      OK so the first things that came to my attention with these where:

      The cardboard box they come in, which is rather large and nicely designed. It leaves you in no doubt whatsoever that this will include everything you require.

      The picture on the front of this shows two fajitas which are already fully prepared. You see two tortilla wraps full with chicken pieces and with various yummy looking ingrediants inside including roasted peppers and onions. There is a green leaf placed decoratively on top of them both and a sour cream sauce in a very little white cup.

      The colour of the box which is silver on the front lower half and black and white on the back of the box. The lid is also black and the top half has a big picture of the fajitas on a white plate and the table they are placed on then lastly the wall behind it.

      The well layed out writing on the back, where the instructions and ingrediants are clearly written with reasonably large writing. The writing is very easy to see and the instructions are easy to understand.

      The words classics which is written in gold and tesco finest which is written in white beneath the picture these are a nice touch and they make the box look very fancy.

      Most of the main things you need to know when buying it are written on the front in a small part at the bottom of the box. Including nutritional guidelines, the best before date and how long it needs to be microwaved.

      A tempting description of what is provided in this stylish box.

      That the box says there is enough to serve two people.


      The description provided is as follows, succulent chicken strips in a mexican style chilli, lime and coriander marinade, wrapped in a black pepper tortilla with roasted pepper, onion chunks, and mature cheddar, with a sour creamed dip. This was helpful to me in buying it after reading this i had to try it.



      * Remove the outer packaging, soured cream, cheese and tortillas.
      * Pierce film lid several times.
      * Place on a preheated baking tray in the centre of a preheated oven for 18-20 minutes.
      * Stir well before serving.



      * Remove all packaging
      * Place in a steamer or on a plate and cover with a lid or foil.
      * Steam over a a pan of simmering water for 5 minutes.

      Below these instructions there is a messege telling you that all appliance vary and that these are guidelines only. You will also see a messege saying that you should check that the food is piping hot throughout before serving.


      This is the option i use its fast and easiest to do, my brother thought it was funny to oven cook them because i always microwave them and he had a box of his own. He told me very sarcastically they would be better and taste nicer cooked in the oven, even though he had previously made them in the microwave himself. This however was not the case and it was quite funny to see him have to admit he was wrong.


      * Remove outer packaging, soured cream, cheese and tortillas.
      * Pierce film lid several times.
      * Heat on full power.

      * 650W for five minutes.
      * 750W for four and a half minutes.
      * 850W for four minutes.

      You are then instructed to stir well before serving.


      * Pierce film lid several times.
      * Heat on full power.

      * 650W for 30 seconds.
      * 750W for 30 seconds.
      * 850W for 20 seconds


      * Contains milk, wheat and gluten.
      * Recipe: no nuts.
      * Ingrediants can not be guranteed nut free.
      * Before being prepared for manufacture of this product, the equipment was previously used to make products containing nuts.


      The caution tells you that although every care has been taking to remove bones some still may remain.


      There is also a extremely detailed desciption of every ingrediant and how much of it is present in each box.


      I will write down all of this because i have the box here with me and its important info for most people when deciding weather to buy or not anyway.

      Energy per 100g contains 670kj, 160kcal and per half a pack is 1920kg and 460kcal. The GDA is 23% and the GDA for a typical adult is 2000kcal.

      Protein per 100g is 9.9g and per half a pack is 28.5g.

      Carbohydrates per 100g contains 14.4g and per half a pack is 41.4g.
      of which sugars per 100g contains 4.4g and per half a pack is 12.5g. The GDA is 14% and the GDA for a typical adult is 90g.

      Fat per 100g contains 6.8g and per half a pack is 19.7g. The GDA is 28% and the GDA for a typical adult is 70g.
      of which saturates: per 100g contains 2.9g and per half a pack is 8.3g The GDA is 42% and the GDA for s typical adult is 20g.

      Mono - unsaturates per 100g contains 2.7g and per half a pack is 7.9g.

      Polyunsaturates per 100g contains 0.9g and per half a pack 2.6g.

      Fibre per 100g contains 2.1g and 6.0g.

      Sodium per 100g contains 0.2g and per half a pack is 0.7g.

      Salt equivalent per 100g contains 0.6g and per half a pack is 1.7g The GDA is 28% and the GDA for a typical adult is 6g.


      This was provided on the back of the box and i think it is very handy to know:

      * Place the filling in the centre of the faijita.
      * Fold up the bottom.
      * Fold the right side in.
      * Fold the left side in.


      The storage details tell you to keep these refrigerated and use before the best before date.


      This contains no artificial preservatives, flavours, colours or hydrogenated fat and is produced using chickens from farms operating to tesco's lifestock standards.


      Having got really bored of the usual stuff i get for dinner, i wanted to try something new being the fussy person i am. I like constant variety, so it takes me forever to decide what to buy and then once i do i have to get something completely different the next time but this is something i would not mind getting a couple of times.

      It tastes delicious and comes prepared with everything you need to make perfect chicken fajitas. I was shopping at tesco with my parents looking for something for dinner and this caught my eye. It stood out next to all the other products because of its luxurious design and the description made it sound very nice indeed.

      When i got it home i could not wait to try it and ended up taking my dinner earlier than the usual time. When i opened the box which was easy to open just by peeling back the celotape on the lid which sealed it closed. I noticed how each individual part was packaged so well in nice plastic wrapping or little plastic containers.

      The cheese comes in a little white plastic container when you're heating it up that is if you want to because some people do not but i do. You just place it in the microwave, my mums microwave is a 850g and i only popped the container in it for ten seconds with the lid off and that was enough for it to melt and for the container not to explode either.

      I was quite worried that might happens as it doesn't tell you to do this but i do it everytime i buy them and it never does. The sour creamed sauce also comes in a similar container these containers are very small easy to open and easy to dispose of once you are finished with them.

      The tortillas come in a pack of five if i remember right and the plastic outer packaging is easy to open and to pierce when you are required to do so. The chicken and vegetables come in a black plastic tray and there is plenty of bits of chicken and vegetables supplied. I always manage to get burnt taking it out of the microwave no matter what i try doing to avoid it so i advise others to be careful lifting it out.

      I find it rather hard to peel back the lid of the chicken and vegetables without getting burnt too, this is also a part too be careful with. When making the tortilla if you over pack them they wont close and everything falls out the sides so pack them with enough of the chicken, vegetables and other ingredients but not too much or that happens.

      I have never had chicken that is marinated in lime, coriander and chilli. If someone had asked me to buy it before separately they probably would have gotten a rather unfavorable response, i probably would have said eww but i am glad that i tried these because mixed in these tortillas with all the other lovely ingredients it tastes exquisite.

      I love how clear and easy to follow the instructions are, i am not that great a cook but things like this make it easy for me to make nice food without putting the house on fire. I also really do like the design of the box, it feels like a treat when you are buying this. I think alot of people would like this.

      I think if you are like me and would usually go eww at the sound of the words lime and coriander you should still give these a chance because i am willing to bet my life on it that alot of people will enjoy these. Overall this product in general deserves ten stars instead of five.

      It is extremely well packaged and that is nice i like nice packages when i am buying stuff they make me feel that i have gotten my money worth to a extent and they look good in your fridge too. There is really nothing tesco could have added to these to make them nicer than they are. When it says tesco finest on the box it really does mean it they are of very high quality.


      They can be gotten in tescos for £4.99 this to me would of seemed expensive when buying them but they really are worth every single penny because they are of high quaility and they taste great and they serve upto two people.


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        27.08.2009 16:30
        Very helpful




        When I stay in on a Friday night I love to pamper myself, watch Big Brother and sit and stuff myself with something delicious. That was the case a couple of weeks ago. My folks were going clubbing (I know it's all so wrong) and they left me in my fluffy dressing gown looking forward to my evening! lol.

        I'd picked this up earlier in the day whilst in my local Tesco store priced at £4.50. Everything I needed for tasty fajitas sounded my idea of heaven so I bagged myself a box and felt these were really cheap!

        The Packaging:

        Large silver and brown box with a big picture on the front of the fajitas and then in silver, grey and light brown writing I'm told they are Tesco Finest 'Classics' Chicken Fajitas which are 'Succulent chicken strips in a Mexican style chilli, lime and coriander marinade, wrapped in a black pepper tortilla with roasted pepper, onion chunks, mature cheddar, with a sour cream dip' and then I'm told it serves two people, can be heated up in the microwave in 5 1/2 minutes, the best before date is stamped on there along with a nutritional chart and finally I'm told to keep it refrigerated. On the back of the box again I'm told what it is and how to cook it, ingredients and allergy advice is listed, storage instructions and the weight is stated (575g), contact details for Tesco are given and finally there is a bar-code on there. Within the box there is a large black plastic tray with the meal in it covered with a clear film and 2 small white pots of cheese and sour cream and then a clear plastic square packet containing 4 tortilla wraps.

        to Heat:

        To oven cook 18-20 minutes on 190C/375F Gas Mark 5 in the container it comes in or you can microwave it for 4 - 5 minutes and for the tortillas you can steam them for about 5 minutes or microwave them for 20-30 seconds.

        My Experience:

        Well I went for the lazy cooks option and found the meal itself to cook in my microwave in 4 minutes and the tortillas for 30 seconds. It was easy and fuss free!

        When I pierced the lid to put the meal in the microwave I was met by a lovely, fresh coriander smell and when I peered into the container was happy with how much food was in there. However enough for 2 people? I'm not so sure really unless your people with small appetites unlike me and my family!

        So lets work through what we have here shall we? Well the main ingredients of course are the chicken and the vegetables. They cooked through with ease and there was alot of chicken breast within this dish of decent sized strips and they did appear marinaded as promised. I could detect a limy zesty taste with a hint of chilli and lots of coriander and thought it was lovely against the taste of chicken. Lots of well cooked red, green and yellow pepper are in here too, not soggy but retaining bite and a nice amount of chunks of onions and tomatoes too. It was all in a light sort of brown coloured sauce that had a nice, natural sweetness to it and a bit of heat from chilli flavouring going on in there. It was like a chutney around the chicken and of gloopy consistency but tasted great and rather rich!

        Then as I have mentioned you get 4 tortillas. They are cream in colour with black speckles of black pepper littered throughout them. Quite small and round I found even when cooked they were quite stodgy and thick and why the black pepper in here? Seemed a waste of an ingredient to me because I couldn't taste it but only see it. The tortillas didn't taste bad but were a bit bland in my opinion but when filled they were robust and didn't go soggy and held a lot of filling.

        The cheddar cheese was grated and not too small and as promised is mature in taste. Not enough of it by a long mark but I always think that even if I'm in a restaurant eating these I never think they give enough away!

        The sour cream was quite runny, white in colour but again tasted really lovely, fresh and sour in a none heavy way type of thing.

        Put all of the ingredients into 'rolls' these are a great party/finger food in my opinion! All the flavours mould well together really well and I just really found it all very easy to prepare, smelt and looked nice and above all tasted nice, fresh and tasty! I ate the whole lot, saying that I am a pig and I thoroughly enjoyed them and would purchase them again!

        Allergy Advice:

        Contains: Milk, Wheat, Gluten.
        Recipe: No nuts.
        Ingredients: Cannot guarantee nut free.
        Factory: Before being prepared for manufacture of this product, the equipment was previously used to make products containing nuts.

        Nutritional Information Per Half A Pack:

        Energy: 460
        Sugar: 12.5g
        Fat: 19.7g
        Saturates: 8.3g
        Salt: 1.7g

        Only available in Tesco Stores and is part of the 'finest' range.


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