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Tesco Frozen Beef Lasagne

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Frozen Food

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    5 Reviews
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      13.02.2010 23:54
      Very helpful



      Frozen Lasagne That Actually Tastes Good!

      I don't eat that many frozen lasagnes because my mum makes a wicked one and freezes it so we have always got a nice fresh one it, this one from Tesco is nice though and it's only about £1.20.

      It doesn't taste very Italian and that's the only thing about it but as a meaty pasta meal I think it's proper nice and mega filling. It takes about 40 mins in the oven, you can nuke it too but I've never tried doing it that way and I think it would deffo dry the top layer up more than oven cooking.

      There's 2 layers of mince and the layers are quite thick, the mince has got a lovely meaty taste and is in a faint bolognese sauce that tastes more of tomatoes than anything but they keep the mince nice and moist. They've got a nice herby flavour and that's what makes it taste like bolognese because you wouldn't eat it and think to yourself how Italian it tastes.

      The pasta cooks nice and the lasagne sheets cover the mince nice, I love the cheesey sauce on the top because I think it's deffo got more flavour than plain white sauce like usually comes on frozen lasagne. The cheese on top goes a wicked golden brown while it's cooking and melts gorgeous into the top layer of pasta. You have to watch your mouth when you eat the top bit though because it gets mega hot in the oven and your liable to burn yourself! lol

      The whole lasange is nice and filling, there's loads more meat in it than I thought there would be and it cooked proper nice too. It's lean mince and there are no bits of fat or gristle in it so it all goes down nice, I think the mince has got a lovely onion taste that goes proper nice with the herbs and actually I can't believe I enjoy this frozen lasagne so much!

      It's always on special offer with the rest of the basic Tesco ready meals, I'm not sure what the offer is at the minute but it's usually 5 different meals for £4.00 or something like that.

      Recommended..... a bargain frozen lasagne!!!


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      08.06.2009 12:39
      Very helpful




      I used to buy the Asda Frozen Lasagne quite often as part of their 5 for £4 meals, but I found their Lasagne got a bit yukky. I found this in the Freezer section of Tesco yesterday and thought it was worth a try. This cost £1.20, but Tesco also do a 5 meals for £4 promotion. There was a lot of other meals to choose from, but I just grabbed this to give it a try.

      The packaging for this is alright. It is a cardboard box and it has the nice picture of the product on the front. I have to say the picture looked really nice, and I thought there is no way that the product will come out like this, which was true. You know how deceptive pictures can be when describing food! The nutritional information is clearly marked on the front as well as this has 590 calories and 25g of fat. Certainly not ideal, but it will be the cheese that's making it bad. The Lasagne is in a black plastic tray, and you just cook in the tray.

      You can cook this in the oven and it takes about 45 minutes. I always just microwave things like these and it takes 8 minutes in a 800 watt microwave. On the back it has other cooking times for different wattages.

      When frozen this just looks like any other Frozen item - not that apprealing. You can see quite a thick layer of cheese and some cheese sprinkled on the top as well, so it looks pretty cheesy.

      So how does this taste? When cooked you can either eat out the tray, which is the easiest way, or transfer onto a plate, which means you will probably lose a bit of the cheese around the side of the tray. The pasta is soft, the beef is quite tender and the cheese tastes nice and fresh and not like a fake plastic cheese. Certainly it doesn't taste totally expensive or made with the best ingredients, but for the price it is a lovely authentic tasting Lasagne. With the Asda version I found some of the bits of Beef seemed fatty and chewy, but the Beef in here tasted tender and none of the bits tasted grizzly.

      I will be buying this again, as it made a lovely meal teamed with a few bits of Garlic Bread and some Salad.


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      28.04.2009 19:22
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A perfectly adequate lasagne for my tea at a bargain price.

      As I am no longer living somewhere permanently I am staying with my sister and like to keep some meals in her freezer ready for whenever I pop home for a night or two to save me worrying about cooking for hours and to save her worrying about food going bad in the fridge. I buy the Tesco ready meals fairly regular and these are a long term price offer. Either £1.00-£1.20 each or 5 for £4.00 and this is just a fantastic price and I probably buy five different meals once a month or so.

      I grab this box from the fresher and once I get through the cardboard (no perforated edge on this!) I am met with a black plastic tray with clear film and 'meat lasagne' on the top in black print so at least they've got some sort of measure to ensure the meat & vegetarian ones don't get mixed up! To cook this in the oven (45 minutes from frozen) I just stab the lid several times and then put it on a baking tray in the oven and then leave it to cook. If I am feeling extra naughty then at this early stage I will add some extra strong cheddar cheese to the top to give it a delicious golden brown crispy topping.

      Once cooked I remove from the oven & peel off the plastic, because I am lazy I don't worry about dishing it up on to a plate as I don't want to have a lot of washing up last thing at night.

      It's relatively easy to cut through as the pasta is lovely and soft. There are a good 2 or 3 layers of pasta with meaty Bolognese and topped with bechamel sauce and a little bit of cheese. I find that this has just the right amount of meat without being too much as I like my lasagne to be more cheesy than meaty and I don't like to have lots of meat left at the end as I like to eat a little of everything in each bite. I quite often will turn the lasagne upside down in the pot and then mix it around a little so that the meat and the cheese get mixed together a little more. I find this product to be very tasty and the lasagne is always one that I find myself coming back to time and time again. I have no complaints with the quality of the meat, sauce or pasta and it cooks very well in the oven with no assistance required. I can just turn the oven on, shove this in & leave it for 45 minutes (50 just to make sure it's cooked well) and not have to check the oven at all.

      Each lasagne has 590 calories & 25.2g of fat so this should be enjoyed in moderation but as I probably only have one of these a week I'm not too worried.

      I am very pleased with the price of the product as well and this is a long term price offer so I always know that I'm going to pick a couple of these up every few weeks and I like knowing that when I go back to my sisters I've got something tasty in the freezer at all times. I am therefore rating this product 5/5, it's an absolute bargain.


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        28.01.2009 20:47




        Lasagnes are a great thing to have in the freezer, I have them on standby for emergency lunches and late night snacks. My questo to find the perfect frozen lasagne has yet to be fulfilled though.

        The taste:

        It is not bad, not the worst frozen lasagne I have ever had, but the sauce does not have much of a kick to it, I like my lasagnes to have a rich creamy cheese sauce that lingers in the mouth. This one lacks depth of flavour. That said, the sauce is of a good consistency and not too watery. The minced beef is adequate and is of reasonable texture, not too chewy and you can taste the beef behind it.


        I would have liked more layers, a true lasagne should be deeply layered. At only a couple of layers, this only just suffices. It is also quite bland in taste and lacks seasoning.

        Suitable for:

        A quick snack, I would have this as a main evening meal as it lacks finesse. That said, for around 79 pence it is cheap and does fill a gap if you're quite hungry.


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        12.09.2006 18:18
        Very helpful



        9.8 / for quality and taste

        Tesco Beef Lasagne

        About the Product.
        Select is the Tesco's own range . Tesco began life as a Market Stall in 1919 by Jack Cohen, from opening that first stall he continued to expand from the success to have many market stalls all over London and expanded into wholesale trade as well. In 1924, the first of the Tesco home brand products emerged in the form of Tesco Tea and began the emergence of Tesco as a trade name. In 1932 Tesco Stores became a commandite company and two years later after purchasing a piece of land in North London the first ever Tesco store was developed and opened to the public. Tesco offered the food-rationing scheme before the government did at the beginning of World War 2 to ensure everybody had equal opportunities to buy his products. This was the start of a huge and profitable company that we now see to this day as it continues to go from strength to strength, continually adding new products to the Tesco's own brand range and Finest range. The Select range are sold in many different ways such as there frozen products range, which they offer at 89p per meal or benefit of five meals for £4.00. Some of the frozen meals available from Tesco are are Beef Lasagne, Cottage Pie, Beef Filled Yorkshire Pudding, Spaghetti Bolognaise and more.

        What You Get.
        For 89p or five meals for £4.00, you get a 450g portion of frozen beef lasagne, which can be either oven, cooked or heated in the microwave. The product is made from fresh egg pasta and contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. This product is available from the frozen ready meals aisle of Tesco or from Tesco.com for home delivery and should be kept frozen and cooked from frozen. The Beef Lasagne is Layers of beef Bolognaise on layers of fresh egg pasta with layers of white cheese sauce, which is then topped with Cheese sauce and grated cheese.

        The packing.
        The Beef Lasagne is served in black plastic tray and sealed with a clear plastic lid. The black plastic tray is fully recyclable. The meal and tray comes in a cardboard box, which is also recyclable. The box is deep blue in colour with Tesco in light blue letters in the top left hand corner of the box. Under this is the Product Title in white letters e.g. Beef Lasagne. Under this is two boxes containing the details that it contains no artificial colour, flavours or preservatives and that the product is made from fresh egg pasta. There is also a clear picture of the Beef Lasagne for you to view. At the bottom of the box front, it clearly shows you boxes containing nutritional information in relevance to your recommended daily allowance and down the right hand side of the box are the long-term offer details of the product, which state any five for £4.00 in a white box. The box bottom is identical to the top except it is printed at a different angle, as is the one side of the box. The other long side of the box gives you frozen guidelines, cooking instructions and the barcode as well as consumer information. The one narrow side of the box is also similar to the top and the other narrow side gives you a full list of ingredients, nutritional information and allergy advice.

        Cooking Instructions.
        Preheat oven to 200'C, 400'F, Gas Mark 6
        Remove outer packing and film lid.
        Place on a baking tray in the centre of a pre-heated oven for 40-45 minutes.
        Note- Adjust times according to you appliance.

        Remove outer packaging.
        Pierce film lid several times.
        Place on a microwaveable plate.

        650 watts: - full power 6.5 mins / carefully agitate tray then / 6 mins / stand for 1 minute then serve. Total cooking time 13.5 mins
        750 watts: - full power 6 mins / carefully agitate tray then / 5 mins / stand for 1 minute then serve. Total cooking time 12 mins
        850 watts: - full power 5 mins / carefully agitate tray then / 4.5 mins / stand for 1 minute then serve. Total cooking time 10.5 mins

        Taste, Smell and Appearance.
        On opening the box, you are actually, only greeted with the layer of white cheese sauce and grated cheese on the top of the packaging before cooking. Upon cooking, you can smell a beautiful aroma of Bolognaise sauce and Cheese. It has a very pleasant aroma and it smell delicious and appetising. When served it is very easy to see the fresh pasta layered with the cheese sauce and bolognaise sauce. It keeps it shape very well when served and looks a very appetising and appealing portion of Lasagne. The bolognaise has a beautiful beef and tomato taste to it which is not overpowering in any way. There is a gentle aroma of all the delicate spices in the product, which are just about right in proportion on your taste buds. The pasta is not hard or chewy in any way and tastes light fresh and delicate but it is not thick in appearance in any way. The cheese sauce is very mild and delicate which is lovely and is not overpowering in any way. It is creamy in texture and taste and looks extremely appealing as well. There is only a thin layer of grated cheese on the top and although this just melts in, in the microwave , when oven cooked it is just right to make the lasagne top go brown but does not make it greasy or to cheesy in any way.

        My Opinion.
        In my opinion, this is an excellent product, which is of the highest quality and taste. It tastes great and looks great too. It is very surprising the quality of this product for only 89p and is great as a snack, or served with boiled new potatoes and a side salad as a main meal. It is very filling and I highly recommend this product for quality, value, taste and packaging.

        Main Ingredients.
        Cooked Pasta 14%
        South American / EU Beef 11%
        Mature Cheddar Cheese 4%
        Tomato Puree,
        Dried Skimmed Milk,
        Cheddar Cheese 2%
        Wheat Flour,
        White Sugar,
        Vegetable Oil,
        Beef Stock,
        Garlic Puree,
        Black Pepper,
        White Pepper,
        Mustard Powder.

        Cooked Pasta contains Durum Wheat, Semolina, Water, Egg White.
        Beef Stock contains Beef Stock, Salt.

        Allergy Advice.
        Warning contains Milk, Wheat, Gluten, and Mustard
        Recipe: - No Nuts
        Ingredients: - Cannot guarantee nut free.
        Factory: - No nuts.

        Nutritional Info. (Per 450g Serving)
        Energy 2475 KJ / 590 kcal
        Protein 33.7g
        Carbohydrates 56.9g
        of which sugars 12.5g
        Fat 25.2g
        of which saturates 13.1g
        Mono-unsaturates 8.4g
        Polyunsaturates 1.8g
        Fibre 3.6g
        Salt 2.2g
        of which Sodium 0.9g

        In my opinion, his is an excellent product, which I recommend with a massive 9.8 / 10.


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