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Tesco Healthy Living Chicken Korma and Rice

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Type: Chicken

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    2 Reviews
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      15.05.2012 21:15
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      I nasty low calorie korma ready meal

      I love a good korma, either from the takeaway, made at home or a ready meal but I am very aware of how many calories are in a korma (a lot!) not surprisingly since it is a creamy curry. So when I spotted tesco light choices chicken korma and rice (I'm guessing its been renamed this instead of healthy living) I was excited to give it a go!

      I have tried several other light choice and healthy living things from tescos in the past and have been pleased with how good they were, I expected the same from this chicken korma. The korma comes in a microwave safe plastic tub with 2 sections, 1 for the korma and 1 for the rice. The plastic tub has a cardboard sleeve with a nice picture of a korma on it. It also gives the nutritional information on the front:

      Calories: 450
      Sugar: 5g
      Fat: 9g
      Saturates: 5g
      Salt: 1g

      I felt this was very good as other chicken korma ready meals I have had have had about twice the amount of calories so I went ahead and bought it.

      The korma ready meal can be microwaved or oven cooked, it can also be frozen. I chose to cook the korma in the microwave as it only takes 5-6mins, while oven cooking takes 25-30mins. Once the korma had finished I gave it a good stir to make sure it was heated all the way through and I decated it onto a plate.

      The smell from the korma was pleasant and I noticed before I started eating it that it seemed to have a lot of onions in it, this didnt fuss me because I like onions but it might put some other people off. Upon tasting the korma, it was less than pleasant....in fact the taste was not very pleasant at all, the korma really didn't have much of a taste to it, the amount of onion in it was over powering (maybe had more onion than chicken to reduce the number of calories?) it didn't taste of korma at all and it was really really bland and boring. I persevered for a while but I think I ended up eating less than half and then binned the rest of it.

      Over all I would not recommend this to any one. even though it has less calories than a normal korma ready meal, it is not worth it. I'm just going to stick to my normal kormas and maybe just have less because I am certainly never buying this korma again!


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        13.12.2008 02:02
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        more a mild curry than a korma, hardly edible

        In the search to find edible microwave meals for work, I again trawled the shelves at Tesco. this time I thought I would try the Light choices Chicken Korma and rice (the photograph above is Healthy Living package which I believe is the forerunner of the Light choices) Before I start I'd better make it clear that I'm not a curry expert, but I do enjoy a curry occasionally.

        The packet tells me this is pieces of chicken breast in a mild sauce made with low fat yogurt served with basmati rice. The photograph on the packet is of a dish of rice with heaps of chicken on top, a nice golden colour. When you slide the dish out of the packet it is in two sections, the rice in one section, the chicken and sauce in the other.

        The instructions say for best results heat in a microwave oven. As we only have a microwave at work, I was pleased to see that. It tells you to pierce the lid several times, and to cook on full power for 3 minutes in a 850 watt oven ( times vary for different wattages) then you take the film off the rice stir in a teablespoon of water, then recover and continue to heat for a further tow minutes. I followed the instructions religiously.

        The meal can be cooked in the oven , gas mark 5, 190c for 20-25 minutes, but I used the microwave.

        I tipped the meal onto a plate and was pleasantly surprised to see the amount of rice, it was a reasonable portion, not huge, but quite good for thse type of meals. I was surprised to see spices in amongst the rice, as the packet had said basmati rice, but on closer inspection the ingredient list mentioned Pilau rice. I quite like Pilau rice so that wasn't a problem. I then turned my attention to the chicken and sauce. There were 8 small pieces of chicken in a very unappetising looking mustard yellow watery sauce, but altogether with the rice, it looked an adequate portion.

        All through the cooking there had been a strong aroma of curry, which seemed somewhat strange for a Korma, as it usually smells sweeter, and different from a regular curry, but it didn't smell too bad, so I took a forkful. It was awful. I understood korma to be a gentle mild combination of flavours, one of the main ones being coconut. This was mild, in fact so mild it had no flavour at all, not the chicken or the onions or anything else, much less any coconut. All that I could taste was the hot spicy aftertaste. I don't ask for much in microwave meals, edible will do, but I'm afraid this one came close to being inedible. I certainly won't be buying this one again, not recommended

        nutrition Information per pack
        calories 495 calories
        protein 32.3g
        carbohydrates 71.9g
        fat 8.9g
        salt equivalent trace


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