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Tesco Indian Chicken Balti Meal

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Chicken

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    2 Reviews
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      10.12.2009 20:14
      Very helpful
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      Tesco Indian Chicken Balti Ready Meal...Done :)

      People sometimes screw their nose up when 'ready meal' is said and people always presume they are very bad for you and must be fattening! I can honestly say this is true to Tesco Balti.

      I was surprised at the calories and I don't want to have this again!


      This meal comes in a 350g plastic container with a cardboard sleeve around it. On the front of the pack there is 1/2 of logos and information and the other 1/2 is a picture of the meal itself! On the back of the pack there is some nutritional information and other useful bits of information!

      In a nutshell this is 'marinated chicken breast pieces in a tomato and red pepper sauce with Balti spices and coriander'.

      How to Cook...

      From Frozen:

      Oven 35-40 mins in the centre.

      Microwave for 5 mins, peel back, stir and a further 3 mins...READY :)

      From Room Temperature:

      Microwave for 5 mins then stir before serving.

      Oven for 25-30 mins in the centre!

      Nutritional Information:

      Each pack contains:

      415 kcal
      22.0g carbohydrates
      19.5g fat
      2.5g salt

      (I regret this now...)

      Price and Place

      These are on offer in Tesco for £1.00, only get them if you find it hard to put on weight or you don't mind having 21% of your daily allowance in calories in one go!


      *This tastes quite authentic and not too spicy
      *Not too expensive if you look for bargains like me!
      *Ready in 8 mins in the microwave!
      *Makes a quick meal.

      More Con's than Pro's:

      *The amount of calories- I was SHOCKED
      *The sauce stains your lips
      *Not like normal Balti, not as spicy
      *Sauce was way too thick
      *Chicken was hard not soft and tender!
      *Made me thirsty!

      I will not be recommending this to fellow DooYoo's, poor effort by Tesco. No wonder its £1.00- poor quality!


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        28.10.2009 21:18
        Very helpful



        Rich balti lovers paradise in a dish iIm sure!

        I really do love a good curry and although I make my own sometimes I do like one I can just bang in the microwave! I spotted this one in my local Tesco store and decided at the price of £1.35 but usually £2.69 I really must indulge myself with it!

        The Packaging:

        Well the curry comes in a black plastic tray with a clear film over the top of it. Over that there is light burgundy coloured sleeve that pulls off it with ease and to the top of that there is a picture of the curry and I'm told it is Tesco Indian... Chicken Balti 'Chunks of tikka breast in a tomato and red pepper sauce with balti spices and coriander' and that it contains 'No added preservatives, flavours, colours or hydrogenated fat' and then to the bottom of that I'm told it serves 1 person, microwaves in 6 minutes, is 2 chillies in the hotness stakes, is suitable for home freezing, there is an at a glance nutritional chart on there and the best before date is clearly displayed. On the back of the sleeve other information includes heating instructions (like I said 6 minutes from chilled in the microwave or 25-30 minutes from chilled in the oven or 9 minutes in the microwave from frozen or 35-40 minutes in oven from frozen), ingredients and allergy advice is listed (Contains: milk soya), storage information is also given, there is a full nutritional chart shown, the size is stated which is 350g and contact details for Tesco are given. Nice packaging this is and it's very informative indeed.

        The Meal Itself:

        Well I'm very lazy and I cooked mine through in 6 minutes in the microwave from chilled and all I had to do was pierce the lid and that was so simple! This meal doesn't come with rice it's just the balti.

        The meal itself is a rich orange coloured sauce and you can see herbs and spices in there with about 6 pieces of chicken of decent size. When heating it I could really smell curry and a blend of coriander, garlic and ginger along with tomatoes and pepper. It smelt great.

        When I served it up I was immediately impressed with the portion size and the sauce was nice and thick though not stodgy looking.

        Taste wise well I found this far too rich in flavour actually. The first few mouthfuls were fine but after a while all the strong ingredients and flavours overwhelmed me. The sauce is well seasoned and contains tomatoes and red peppers, onion, garlic and is spicy though not hot. The garlic was strong, the hint of chilli was nice and it wasn't a sweet sauce but the blend of powerful spices along with the ingredients was really mega strong. The tikka chicken was nice and juicy and tasted and looked like chicken breast to me and was chunky and had a bite to it and there was enough in the dish.


        Excellent quality and if you like strong curries/baltis then maybe this is more up your street that mine. For me too many ingreidents and herbs and spices made me feel a bit ill and even though usually I'm a real greedy guts I couldn't for the life of me continue eating all of it!

        Nutritional Information Per Meal:

        Calories: 415g
        Sugar: 16.8g
        Fat: 19.5g
        Saturates: 3.3g
        Salt: 0.5g

        Only available in Tesco and on offer at the moment, you like flavoursome and juicy give this a go by all means!


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