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Tesco Light Cauliflower Cheese

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2 Reviews

Brand: Tesco / Type: Other Ready Meals

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    2 Reviews
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      07.02.2011 22:35



      Its OK!

      I'm writing this review after searching the net to see if anyone else had reported the error in the Calories calculation on the current pack. No luck with that but I saw the first and only review here was bad and I thought the food was fine, so I am giving a balancing report.

      Since the first review, Tesco have changed the packaging and may have changed the ingredients, so we might be comparing chalk with cauliflower cheese (tee hee).

      Described as "Cauliflower florets in a cheese sauce made with reduced fat cheese" now, it no longer boasts about mustard, although the ingredients do list mustard powder - but it still doesn't have a noticeable mustard taste to my palate.

      For heat oven cooking, it says to cook for 25-30 mins at 190C. I have a fan oven and always choose the lower time and reduce the temperature about 10C, so 25 mins at 180C. It was attractively slightly browned on top, not burned, and there was no water to be drained off. It tasted like cauliflower in reduced fat cheese should do. Being on a diet, I didn't help it to wash down with wine or beer. But I would eat it again.

      The calories headline is 150 calories. It does say in smaller writing "per serving" which is half (175gm) of the pack (350gm). However, my diet software (DietPower) calculated the full pack at 200 calories based on the fat, carb and protein contents. The pack itself says 100gm contains 60 calories, so 350/100 * 60 would = 210 calories. Anyway the 60 cals is overstated, so you can eat the whole pack (which is the size of a Serves One pack) for 200 cals.

      Cost on 7th Feb 2011: £1.58


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      12.07.2010 16:41
      Very helpful



      The Worst Diet Meal Ever

      Ive been trying out a far few of these Tesco Light meals over the last few weeks that Ive been on the Slimfast diet. Before that I was eating mainly ready meals from the Weight Watchers range but after eating the same things over and over again for like a month I started to get really bored so I had to search for something new and this is what I cam across "Tesco Light Cauliflower Cheese" along with several other Tesco Light ready meals that Ill review at a later date. This basically caught my eye as it looked so yummy on the box & I hadnt had proper cauliflower cheese in years as none of my family like it so I snapped up two boxes straight away. Before I even continue I have to say the second box of this Ive just found in the freezer and subsqently chucked away - that should tell you everything you need to know really.

      Useful Information:
      Price: £1.99
      Stockists: Tesco
      For 2 People Sharing But Its Quite Small And Low In Calories, Fats & Salt So I Think You Could Have One To Yourself.

      Nutritional Information: [The Whole Tray]
      Calories: 220
      Fat: 10.2g
      Salt: 2.4g

      So really that isnt THAT great for you but I guess its not as bad as some things you could eat. It has 40% less fat now than it used to so I think the fat content used to be really shocking - maybe it tasted better then haha!

      Tesco describe this as "Cauliflower florets mixed with cheese sauce and a small amount of French Mustard With Grated Cheese On Top". Sounds lovely to me apart from the mustard part but as that was only supposed to be a small amount I went ahead and cooked this anyway. I think you simply place this on a baking tray, peel of the pastic and cook for around 30 minutes but believe me this cooks so badly its untrue. After those 30 minutes were up I went to get my dinner out of the oven and it looked really vile. The top was nearly burnt yet all the cauliflower was swimming in water and liquid and trust me it did not look appetising. However I was really hungry so I simply tipped the water down the sink and carried on as everything was cooked and boiling hot.

      Sadly it did not make up for its disgusting appearance with amazing taste. The only nice thing I will say is that you couldnt taste any mustard and it has hardly got any flavour in in at all. The cauliflower tastes dead watery and I didnt even realise where the cheese sauce was supposed to be - I have a horrible feeling that was the watery liquid that went down the sink! The only nice bit of this was the grated cheese on top as that was full of flavour and really tasty there just simply wasnt enough of it.

      In this case Tesco have definately comprimised on taste in order to make this a healthier meal option one which I will not be buying again and one that I want to warn others away from. Just because Im dieting does not mean I want horrible, bland meals. Dont waste your money because its totally vile!

      Thanks For Reading

      x0 Salz 0x


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