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Tesco Light Choices Beef Lasagne

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Beef

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    2 Reviews
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      14.09.2012 15:50
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      Definitely not substantial enough for a dinner

      This lasagne cost £1.30 and is also available on 4 for £4.

      Asda good for you lasagne 400g - £1
      Weight watchers lasagne 300g - £1.75
      Sainsburys Be good to yourself lasagne 390g - £1.30
      So price wise this is pretty much the same as alternatives. I don't normally opt for healthy choices and usually buy the Asda chosen by you lasagne which costs £1 for 400g.

      CALORIE COMPARISON - How much of a light choice is this?
      This meal contains 350 calories.
      Weightwatchers contains 257 but is 100g smaller so it is similar in calories per 100g.
      Asda good for you lasagne has 357 calories.
      My usual (non low fat coption) has 497 calories. A findus lasagne contains 467 calories.
      So this option has around the same calories as other healthy options and around 100 less than normal options. The lasagne has 7.5g of fat compared with my usual lasagne which has 16g.

      This lasagne is to be cooked from frozen. It takes 45 minutes in the oven or around 12 minutes in the microwave. For me personally, if I was going to wait 45 minutes for a lasagne I would either make one myself or get a family sized one. So I opted for the microwave.
      First you remove the cardboard sleeve, you then pierce the film lid on top of the container and put into the microwave for 7 minutes. You then remove the container and "carefully agitate the tray" and cook for another 4 minutes.
      Remove the film lid and serve.

      Onto the important stuff.... well I was very disappointed in the taste of this product. When the product was halfway through cooking it started to smell beautiful and I thought it was going to taste the same. The picture on the box has a nice cheesy top and the packaging says it is topped with bechamel sauce and cheddar cheese. I could not detect any sign of the cheddar cheese that was there. I couldn't see it and I couldn't taste it.
      The texture was fine but all I could taste was onions in the sauce, the sauce was bland apart from the onions didn't look as rich and tomatoey as the picture on the box.
      I did find a couple of bits of fat in the "lean mince" which is always annoying but I understand that this often happens with all brands of lasagne.
      This lasagne was only okay, I wouldn't buy it again as there wasn't enough flavour, I was still hungry after the lasagne so wasted the 100 calories I had saved by having a couple of biscuits with my tea after it.
      I would much rather stick to my normal lasagne which is higher in calories and fat but leaves me feeling full and has a much better taste. This is the second ready meal I have bought in this light choices range and the second one which tasted of nothing! I wouldn't recommend this one, there are much better options on the market.


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        26.04.2012 22:47
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        Disgusting and I am not happy with Tesco!

        Tesco Light Choices Beef Lasagna

        My dinner last night! Yep, after picking this up a few days ago from Tesco, I decided this would be last nights meal. We were all having different meals as I was having a clear out of the freezer. This was mine and I was ready!

        Price And Availability

        Obviously it is only available in Tesco (!) and is currently priced at £1.30. It has a deal on where you can get 3 things (that are included in the offer) for £3, so you could use it as a family meal. One of these only served me so 3 would probably be enough for 3 people, possibly 4 if stretched.

        The Packaging

        You can see the picture at this link http://www.tesco.com/groceries/Product/Details/?id=268472940 so I won't go into depth about the box and what colour the writing is etc. etc.! I will say though, the box is pretty hardy and didn't break when being transported back in the car and it managed to survive being packed in extremely tight with my other shopping.

        What They Say

        This is what Tesco themselves have printed on the box "Sheets of fresh egg pasta layered with a beef and red wine Bolognese sauce, topped with a creamy béchamel sauce and cheese" Do I agree with this? I don't know ...

        Ingredients and Nutrition

        It Contains
        Tomato (24%) (Tomato, Tomato Juice), Cooked Egg Pasta (17%), Skimmed Milk, British or Irish Beef (14%), Water, Onion, Low Fat Hard Cheese (2.5%) (Colour (Beta-carotene)), Cornflower, Tomato Puree, Red Wine, Carrot, Single Cream, Garlic Puree, Celery, Salt, Beef Stock, Parsley, Basil, Black Pepper, Bay, White Pepper, Nutmeg.
        Contains Celery, Durum wheat semolina, Gluten, Wheat, Eggs & Milk
        May contain Nuts

        What Did I Think?

        I will be honest, I was really, really disappointed! Once I had taken it out of the microwave, the smell hit me quite hard. The thing is, it wasn't a nice smell! Normally it would be of cheese and that béchamel sauce. Instead it was a strong burnt smell! I did it the microwave for the suggested time which was 10 minutes. When I had taken it out, I discovered the cheese had burnt and gone extremely crispy and brown. Despite this, I put it on the plate with some salad and sat down. I tried to cut it with a normal table knife and the layers of pasta were very tough and really hard to separate. I then tried a mouthful of meat and found out that that was really tough and stringy. It also had a nasty after taste to it and I had to have a drink after just two mouthfuls of it. Moving onto the burnt cheese was no better as I couldn't even tell it was cheese! It tasted bland and looked disgusting! I don't know what they were thinking when they made this I must say!


        I thought I was getting a good value quick meal when I brought this, sadly I was wrong! It was a horrible (and I mean horrible!) meal and I only had about three mouthfuls of the disgusting quality lasagna. The quality of the meat is horrible, it leaves a nasty after taste in your mouth and the smell even put of my dog Lola who would eat anything! The only thing that redeemed it slightly (though not enough for a star I must add!) was the packaging which as mentioned above was actually really nice and looked quite like a brand lasagna would! It makes it look much nicer than it actually looks after it is cooked though! Would it taste different if it was cooked? I doubt it and if I was you, I wouldn't give it a go! Personally, I wouldn't even give it a star if I was allowed. So though I have to give it 1 star ... really it is a dire 0/5 stars from me!

        Would I recommend? No definitely not! I trusted Tesco and sadly, they let me down big time! I'm not a happy woman and wouldn't recommend at all!

        Thanks for reading! Please rate and leave a comment :) x
        *Also posted on Ciao under the same name*


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