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Tesco Light Choices Quiche Lorraine

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Other Ready Meals

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    1 Review
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      16.06.2009 18:27
      Very helpful



      This quiche is absolutely the best lower fat option I have found, my diet is saved!

      I am a fan of Weight Watchers Quiches as this is one food I love but being on a diet often means I have to deprive myself of its loveliness as shop bought quiche is full of fat, the Weight Watchers range was really my only option for a long time but I was happy as they're tasty enough and very filling.

      That was until Tesco substituted one of their Light Choices Quiche Lorraine for the same flavour Weight Watchers Quiche in my most recent online order - I am now converted!

      The main difference between this quiche compared to other low fat ones is the fact that this is basically crustless, this means two things: Tesco can use the calorie and fat content saved by not using too much pastry and concentrate on a nice filling, and also that the overall consistency of the quiche is moister thanks to the fact that there is so little dry pastry encasing the filling.

      The quiche is made up of a normal base which gives the flavour of having a full portion of pastry, yet the sides have been merely skimmed enough with pastry just enough to enclose the filling and keep it in place while heating and when it's popped onto your dinner plate. This really is very, very little pastry so their claim of it being 'crustless' is still valid despite the fact they have had to use this small amount of pastry.

      I absolutely adore the flavour of this quiche, considering it's a low fat version I can't really tell the difference between this and it's lardier counterpart! This quiche has a slightly eggier flavour which suggests to me that Tesco have cut down the cheese content to reduce the fat further, this is fine by me as I am not a fan of overly cheesy quiche but just do be aware of this is you prefer the taste of cheese to the taste of egg.

      Not that egg is the only flavour involved in this quiche, I was surprised at the large pieces of bacon floating around in the filling - and more surprised that I could actually taste them! My usual Weight Watchers Quiche Lorraine is tasty enough but I can barely taste the bacon at all, although there is a suggestion of bacon flavour in that the overall filling seems slightly smoked. In this one however I can taste 'real' bacon which mingles beautifully with the egg filling and lends the whole quiche a meaty and flavoursome taste.

      The texture of this quiche is also very good, I had mine warmed through in the oven and this set the egg filling nicely and the whole thing was piping hot with a delicious smelling steam rising from it. I find it's the pastry in quiche that makes it stodgy and this really does benefit from the crustless design as this is a light, yet still filling, quiche.

      For those of you who are following the Weight Watchers programme the whole quiche contains 5 1/2 Weight Watchers points, which is the same as the Weight Watchers equivalent. This equates to 280 calories and just over 6g of saturated fat, which doesn't sound terribly low I know but teaming this quiche with it's natural accompaniment (an undressed salad) and you have yourself a low fat and very nutritious meal.


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