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Tesco Light Choices Tomato & Cheese Pasta Bake

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Other Ready Meals

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    2 Reviews
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      06.04.2011 17:24
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      A good meal for those watching their weight

      Last week when shopping in our local Tesco, I noticed these Light Choices tomato and cheese pasta bakes, I don't know if they are a new product but I certainly hadn't noticed them previously. I like to keep a couple of these pasta ready type meals in the freezer just for times when we have to rush out in the evening straight from work, and only have time for a quick bite to eat.

      As a Light Choice product I knew this pasta bake would contain less calories and would also have the weight watchers points on the label - which is a bonus for someone like me who keeps an eye on the nutritional content!

      ~ The Packaging ~

      This pasta bake came in a black plastic tray with a clear film lid, which was then wrapped with a cardboard sleeve detailing what the product actually is and an appetising picture of the pasta baked cooked.
      With the white colouring of the sleeve, I quickly identified it as a Light Choice product. It was clearly labelled with the nutritional values (which I shall detail below for those interested).

      I thought the packaging was fairly attractive, the image used looked appealing and the text was clear to read at first glance. The plastic tray served it purpose for holding the pasta bake, which was suitable for both microwave and oven use, depending on how you wished to cook.

      ~ Price and Availability ~

      This pasta bake was only £1 for a 350g pack which serves 1 person. In comparison to many other ready meals this was really reasonable and I certainly didn't mind spending such a small amount for a quick tea!
      As this is a Tesco product you can obviously only buy from Tesco stores and through their online grocery store.

      ~ Nutritional Information ~

      For a 350g pack which serves 1 person, this serving contains:

      Calories 375kcals
      Sugar 3g
      Fat 4g
      Saturated Fat 3g
      Salt 0.5g

      The pasta bake equates to 10 weight watchers pro points for those interested.

      This product is suitable for vegetarians and can be cooked straight from the freezer.

      ~ My Opinion ~

      As my partner and I had one of these pasta bakes each on an evening when we were pushed for time, I heated them in the microwave straight from the freezer. I found that when I followed the instructions on the pack, the pasta needed a little longer so cooked for 1 more minute.

      When I pulled the foil lid back there was a good quantity of penne tube pasta mixed with a tomato sauce. The bake smelt really nice with the tomato smelling quite strong - I was pleased as at least it wouldn't be bland!
      The sauce tasted as good as it smelt, with there being a nice after taste too. I did find that the sauce tasted quite sweet, my partner thought it was ok so it may have just been me, but it did taste a touch too sweet for a savoury dish.
      I found that there wasn't a great amount of mozzarella cheese in the pasta bake - I suppose this was to keep the calories and saturated fat levels lower. I personally thought it could have done with a little more to balance out the sweet tomato taste.

      Overall I was impressed with this pasta bake and enjoyed my quick tea that evening! I would buy these again, both myself and my partner liked them, however they are quite sweet tasting which may not be to everyone's taste.


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      20.07.2010 21:36
      Very helpful
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      Yummy Yet Diet Tomato & Cheese Pasta Bake.

      Im still on the Slimfast diet after 2 long months and now Im actually finding it much easier to control exactly how many calories I have each day BUT I am getting bored of eating the same foods all the time so lately Ive been searching for things I can eat for dinner that arent what I would normally have and dont cost the Earth. So that brings me to the Tesco Light range which I have been trying loads of meals from lately as they are all under 600 calories and they do mostly taste pretty great and this is the latest one I tried "Tomato & Cheese Pasta Bake" and this is one Ill be trying again!

      Useful Information:
      Price: £1
      Stockists: Tesco
      Contains: Wheat, Semolina, Gluten, Milk & MAY Contain Nuts.

      Nutritional Information: [Whole Meal]
      Calories: 375
      Protein: 11g
      Carbohydrate: 73g
      Salt: 0.5g
      Fat: 4.4g
      All those values are very good and low apart from the carbohydrates but I expect that from a pasta dish anyway and because everything else is so low I think it cancels that out. You arent going to eat this everyday anyway so its not too bad for you.

      To make this you simply take it from the box, peel off all the plastic covering and place in the oven on around 200 (I cant remember exactly) for 20-25 minutes until the cheese has totally melted and the pasts is soft. Wait before you serve as it is super hot!

      Surprisingly in reality this looks much better than it does on the box. There is loads of pasta covered in tomato and cheese sauce with loads of melted cheese all over the top. Looking at this makes it hard to believe that this is a diet meal and it smells just as nice. It suggests on the box that you mix some chicken into this or have a side salad but to be honest I think it is enough on its own as pasta is very filling only add something extra if you want to bump the calories up a bit.

      This to me tastes exactly like lasagne but without the meat as the cheese sauce tastes exactly like the one that lasagne is made from really creamy and tangy and the melted cheese on top is yummy and tastes like full fat cheddar rather than rubbery diet cheese. The tomato even though it is a kind of sauce actually tastes proper fresh and not artificial at all the only thing I didnt like was that there was small bits of the tomato skin left in with the pasta that had a really weird texture to them but as a whole the meal did taste really yummy and nothing like a diet pasta dinner. My mom loved hers as well and she hardly ever like pasta even ones that we cook ourselves so you know it must be nice!

      This is yummy, filling (filled me up for the rest of the night), doesnt have many calories and is very cheap. I fully recommend this to everyone whether your on a diet or not as I think this will make a nice and very quick meal for everyone. Pick one up next time your in Tesco! Thanks For Reading.

      x0 Salz 0x


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