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Tesco Mushroom Stiry Fry

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Other Ready Meals

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    1 Review
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      07.06.2010 19:29
      Very helpful



      A great selection of stir fry vegetables

      I'm a big fan of stir frys as they are quick and easy to make and relatively healthy. My partner works a few evenings in the week (well till about 8.30pm) and he generally brings himself something in. For me, I'd rather be money saving and cook what is in the fridge or cupboard. Something I tend to always have in the fridge is a pack of stir fry vegetables as it creates a great meal, I always have a sauce in the cupboard together with rice or noodles so I'm hardly breaking the bank!

      I quite like Tescos range of stir fry vegetable packs as they come in different sizes and plenty of choice. One of my usual ones is the mushroom stir fry as I love mushrooms! My partner doesn't like stir frys so when he is at work it gives me a chance to have a meal which I enjoy!

      *** Packaging ***

      The mushroom stir fry comes in a white tray with clear wrapping so you can see all the pre-sliced vegetables. It's also handy to see how fresh it all looks as sometimes mushrooms can look a bit bad after a while. The packaging is incredibly simple but has all the information you should require.

      *** Cooking ***

      We all know stir fry vegetables are incredibly easy to cook! Simple heat some oil in a wok or frying pan, throw in the vegetables and they take all of a few minutes to cook through. They are sliced so thinly that cooking doesn't take long at all. For me I cook my chosen meat first (normally chicken), add the vegetables then a sauce and noodles if I'm not using rice. I like my vegetables to have a bit of a bite to them not soggy or overcooked.

      *** The Stir Fry ***

      The fact that I've bought this stir fry several times for me means it is great! I find that before I cook the vegetables that they are all fresh and are not limp. The stir fry contains more mushrooms than anything else but it also contains a good helping of shredded cabbage, sliced carrot, beansprouts and onions which all go well with the mushrooms. I like the fact that there is plenty of crunch in the vegetables and when cooked they stay fresh and taste fresh too!

      It doesn't take long to cook the vegetables as I said above and the vegetables all have their own flavour. I've bought stir fry vegetables in the past and they don't taste of anything but the Tesco mushroom stir fry has plenty of flavour and taste rather than all the vegetables blending together. All in all the vegetables are all fresh and tasty which give great texture and variety to a stir fry dish.

      *** Ingredients ***

      Beansprouts, Mushroom (20%) ,Cabbage ,Carrot ,Onion.

      *** Nutritional Information ***

      Per 100g:

      Calories - 31
      Protein - 2.6g
      Carbohydrate - 3.9g
      Fat - 0.5g
      Fibre - 2.0g
      Salt - trace

      *** Price ***

      The Tesco Mushroom Stir Fry is obviously only available from Tesco and costs a bargain £1.00!

      *** Overall ***

      A great pre-packed selection of mushrooms and vegetables. They always look and taste fresh and have plenty of flavour which for me makes the perfect meal. They don't take long to cook and provide a healthy meal. I would recommend to anyone!


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