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Tesco Spicy Cous Cous Salad

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Other Ready Meals

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    2 Reviews
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      05.04.2010 09:40
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      excellent product

      Recently I decided it was time to go on yet another diet, although I am fed up with the usual low carb, low cal ones. I decided to just change my lifestle.

      I eat a lot of carbohydrates such as potato and pasta, im not a lover of meat and spent my childhood as a vegetarian. I needed something that I could have with my meals that would substitute potato etc, and couscous does the job perfectly.

      I am not an expert on couscous as I have only recently started eating it, although I have tried a few varieties and this is definitely the best so far.

      Tesco spicy couscous, in my opinion, isn't spicy, although it does have a lovely red pepper smell and taste to it. I know peppers are meant to be spicy but I don't think they are but they do give this product a nice kick. The thing I like most about this product is the raisins it has in it, they give the product a sweet taste and all the flavours together taste mouth watering. All the ingredients are then mixed with a curry dressing, although I didn't know this until I looked at the back of the label to write this review, I don't think it tastes much like curry.

      This product goes well with salad, Quorn or meat, although I would have it with anything, such as cheese grills etc. I have on occasion had couscous that it stodgy or dry, but I am happy to say that this product has a lovely texture and consistency.

      You can eat this product just as it comes, I generally do this if I am having it for lunch I just simply add a pitta bread.

      The product contains 250g, you would be able to get three meals from this small tub. It is quite deceiving, all the couscous is tightly packed into the tub, making it seem like there isn't much there but as soon as you get it onto a plate it spreads out.

      The container it comes in is made from plastic and can be reused, the tub is clear so you can see the product, which is good, it then has three basic stickers, one on the lid giving the use by date, one on the front giving nutritional information and finally the one on the back giving you the ingredients. Overall it is very basic but not in a bad way, it has all the information needed on it.

      Nutritional Information per heaped tablespoon

      Calories 65
      Sugar 1.6g
      Fat 1.6g
      Salt trace

      I have heard that you either love or hate couscous, my son and partner do not like any of the couscous I have brought, including this one.

      This is a great product for those who are watching their weight as it is very low in calories regardless of the sauces used. You will probably need about 2 heaped tablespoons and in this product that would only contain 120 cals.

      The product isn't suitable for home freezing although they usually have a very good date on them although it is recommended that you consume the product within 2 days of opening.

      Ingredients include rehydrated couscous (63%), curry dressing, sultanas and red peppers.

      The product is available at Tesco, in store or online at www.tesco.co.uk and costs £1.20 although they are always on offer 2 for £2.00 and are stored near the costlaw which is usually along the side of the fruit and veg isles.

      Overall this is a very good product, it keeps you full and is a great replacement for potato, pasta and rice.


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        03.08.2009 14:03
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        see review

        And again there was this little voice in my ear that made me go to Tescos in my lunch break to have a look for around. I'm a big fan of couscous and was quite happy when I saw that the spicy couscous salad was reduced to 90p - a quick and cheap lunch and some alternation from my typical lunch.

        You can find the couscous salad in the chilled goods section in a clear plastic cup; please note that unlike the pasta there's no plastic fork with the couscous.

        The salad contains of course couscous, curry dressing, sultana and red pepper. The couscous is well cooked and not lumpy or soggy, the sultanas are very soft and to be honest the red pepper is non-existent; once in a while you'll find a tiny piece but that's it.

        It tastes very sweet and not at all of curry flavouring. The lack of vegetables makes the whole salad very heavy and I felt really tired and full the whole day after eating half of the pack for lunch.
        The sultanas are quite nice but for me there are just too many, less of these and some more pepper would be great.

        The allergy advice informs us that the salad contains wheat and gluten and that it is suitable for Vegetarians.
        It is unfortunately not the healthiest food around, well, it probably is quite healthy but it's very high in calories; 100g contain 135 kcal, 5.6g of sugar and 2.9g of fat.


        So, now to the most important question, would I buy it again?

        No, I really wouldn't buy the couscous salad again; not because it was really horrible but purely because it wasn't my taste. I'm not too keen on sultanas and prefer my couscous a lot spicier and with more flavour. This here was just too sweet for me but it might be your taste.

        1.79 for 500g of couscous salad seems to be a decent price and you can have it as a very filling lunch or as part of a Mediterranean dinner.


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