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Tesco Spicy Potato Wedges

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Frozen Food

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    1 Review
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      17.02.2010 11:39
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      Excellent, good value product

      We recently reverted to type and - both being of Scottish descent - bought a deep fat fryer from Argos. This was - and probably, now I think back on it, motivated subliminally but no less directly by the government's dreadful patronising 'get off your sofa' campaign (the one that currently sponsors the TV show 'The Simpsons') - a purchase made with a view to incorporating home-made chips as a more regular component in our family's diet.

      The thing with deep fat fryers though, is that you have to turn them on at the mains, and then wait ages and ages for them to heat up, and of course once they've gotten to the correct temperature then there's the terror involved in dealing with boiling hot oil to contend with once you actually start to use them....and home made chips always have that sort of pale green / brownish unhealthy tinge to them when they come out, and they aren't nearly as good as the shop-bought ones, are they?

      (AND I regularly have to get up in the middle of the night to make sure the deep fat fryer is switched off, so that the oil won't heat to flash-point and burn our house down while everyone's sleeping).

      So why bother with deep-fat frying when, for a mere 56p, you can buy a big 750g bag of pre-made frozen oven-bakeable potato wedges from Tesco, that taste far better than anything you could rustle up in your deep-fat-fryer in any case.

      The Tesco potato wedges are coated with a faintly spiced covering and notionally come with their own (sunflower) oil, so they can go straight in the oven, but I find I get immeasurably better results if I put some extra sunflower / olive oil in the bottom of the baking tray (and a sprinkle of extra seasoning over the wedges) before I start to cook them. They should take 20-25 minutes in a 220 C oven - which is pretty hot for cooking ready meals - but you also get quite acceptable results cooking them at 180C for longer, which is handy if you want to heat up anything else at the same time.

      Cooked with extra oil like this they're soft and melting in the middle, yet pleasantly sticky / crunchy textured on the outside. (Unfortunately I can't comment on the calorific / nutritional content of the wedges as I never eat them just as they come out of the bag so don't bother reading the info on the back of it.) They're not vastly spicy however, no matter what it says on the packet, the spiciness barely comes through so that's a misnomer, really. The Tesco wedges aren't huge wodges of unpeeled potato like you get with some other similar brands; they're thinner in general, with more size variety (so there're some pretty small wedge-ettes in there to deal with) but I find this size variation makes for a better surface areas over which they can soak up all the extra oil I've put over them, and is in general a good thing.

      The 750g provide a very generous four to five portions of potato wedges. I only fear that this product, being so good and such surprisingly good value, has slipped under Tesco's in-house price-monitoring radar and they'll soon yank up the price of it.


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