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Tesco Stuffed Crust Pepperoni Pizza

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Type: Frozen Food

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    1 Review
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      15.05.2008 11:05
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      One of the best supermarket pizzas I have come across

      I like a slice of pizza occasionally and am particularly partial to the stuffed crust variety. I have found a nice stuffed crust pepperoni pizza from Tesco that is only £2.78 which is a fraction of the cost of one from Pizza Hut.

      This pizza comes in an attractive box that is open at the centre to show the plastic wrapped pizza and there are plenty of pepperoni slices and a generous sprinkling of cheese. These pizzas can be frozen so I took advantage of the 2 for £5 deal and put them both in the freezer until my grandaughters came to visit so we could sit and watch a DVD with some pizza and Coke.

      We had one last night and it was lovely and I would say as good as any stuffed crust pizza from Pizza Hut or Dominoes. In fact I prefer this Tesco stuffed crust pizza because it was not as greasy tasting as take-away pizza. I cooked it straight from the freezer, preheating the oven to gas mark 6 and cooking for 25 minutes. If it was not frozen it would only have taken about 15 minutes so good for when you want something quick to eat.

      I could smell the pizza cooking from all over my bungalow and it smelled so good that I could not wait for the timer to go off so I could tuck in. It is very easy to slice into triangles using a sharp knife and it did not tear into pieces the way some supermarket pizzas do.

      The taste of this pepperoni pizza was lovely. I shall describe all the different components of the pizza to you because everything is super quality and together they all make for a very interesting pizza. The base and crust is lovely and doughy with a nice floury texture and taste that has a definite fresh pizza dough quality to it. I like the cheese that has been used to stuff the crust because it is nice and mellow with a good stringy texture that melted in my mouth each time I had a bite of the crust.

      Onto the pizza itself, Tesco have used a lovely spicy tomato sauce on the base. My grandaughter does not like anything too spicy or hot and she said it was a little bit too much for her but I liked the fact that there was such a kick to the sauce because I find supermarket pizzas are often very bland tasting but the herby spiciness of this one really added an extra dimension to the pizza. The mozzarella cheese used for the pizza topping was nicely sprinkled over the entire pizza and it stretched and went stringy as I bit into the pizza just like I would expect in Pizza Hut. The bland taste that is typical of mozzarella cheese cooled the spicy sauce down and the two flavours mingled nicely together, I like the combination of textures as well because the sauce is spread quite thickly so my teeth squidged down through it and then met the semi solid layer of mozzarella which then sunk into the sauce with my teeth. It is lovely.

      There was quite a lot of pepperoni on the pizza and if I had one criticism I would say that it is the fact that the pepperoni was all stuck in one place and before I cooked the pizza I had to separate clumps of pepperoni slices and spread them out properly. The pepperoni added a little bit of greasiness to what would otherwise be quite a dry pizza and as you know there are two kinds of greasiness - the lovely greasiness you find yourself left with after you have eaten something lovely like a thickly buttered crumpet, or the nasty grease you get on top of bacon sandwiches when you have eaten in a not terribly good café. This pepperoni is greasy in a nice way, it is quite spicy and tastes lovely and meaty.

      All together the flavours in this pizza combine to create a pizza that is at least as good as any I've eaten from a take away pizza restaurant. It has a very nice fresh taste and all of the ingredients are tasty and surprisingly flavourful. You've probably all eaten a pizza from the supermarket that has had as much flavour as a slice of cardboard, I think it is the special spiciness of the sauce that brings this pizza from Tesco to life.

      There are 650 calories per half a pizza and 30 g of fat. This is a lot because the pizza is so moreish that I could easily have eaten half and not even thought about it, I am torn about whether to have another one or not now because I really enjoyed my slice of pizza but I could have a whole Weight Watchers ham and pineapple pizza for less than this and those pizzas are very nice as well. I will definitely buy this Tesco pizza again because it was such a lovely meal but not very often because there are too many calories and fat.


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