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Tesco Take Away Aromatic Duck with Pancakes

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Pancakes

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    1 Review
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      28.11.2010 12:43
      Very helpful



      A tasty offering but could be so much better....

      One Saturday we decided we fancied a wee aromatic duck and pancakes while driving back from a wet and very muddy walk in one of Glasgow's many parks. One of the girls had fallen asleep in the back of the car, so I said I would run into Tesco while Hubby sat in the car, listening to the football and chatting to daughter #2.

      Trying to get and out of Tesco as quickly and unobtrusively as possible with my muddy wellies (not even Hunter's I'm afraid, but Matalan zebra-striped) and my wet and windswept hair, I probably rushed my purchasing decision and, for that, I only have myself to blame.

      I saw "aromatic duck", "pancakes" and "hoisin sauce" and thought "That'll fit the bill" (if you'll pardon the pun...)

      WHAT IS IT?
      Part of the Tesco Takeaway Range, sold in a brown Chinesey-design cardboard box and found in the chiller cabinet.
      The box contains a plastic tray with a film lid containing shredded aromatic duck, a cellophane bag with shredded spring onions, a plastic pouch of hoisin sauce and 12 cellophane wrapped pancakes.

      Duck in oven for 16-18 minutes or microwave for 1½ - 2 minutes
      Pancakes can be heated in microwave or can be steamed
      The packaging actually recommends the microwave for best results, but I don't really like cooking anything (other than my porridge) in this way, so I opted to use the oven.

      I'll be honest - I wasn't knocked sideways by overwhelming, gorgeous aromas emanating from the Rangemaster...but it did smell appetising after the allocated cooking time.

      The duck looked grey/brown and was shredded quite finely. The spring onions were bright green and fairly fresh looking, the hoisin sauce thick and glossy and the pancakes looked, well like these kind of pancakes usually look - pale yellow and virtually translucent.

      My previous experience with supermarket duck and pancakes has been the half duck from Asda which comes on the bone and requires to be cooked for 30-40 minutes. Because this particular offering from Tesco is already shredded (and this is the vital piece of information my brain failed to register as I made my hasty purchase), you don't get those tasty, crispy, fatty bits that are usually so delicious in aromatic duck. The meat in this case was slightly bland and lacking in the variation in textures that I normally enjoy so much. Disappointment No.1.

      In my opinion, there also a total disproportionate comparative quantity of the ingredients - too many pancakes, not enough duck and a tiny portion of spring onions. Disappointment No.2.
      Realistically there was probably enough spring onion for 4-6 pancakes and enough duck for about 8 pancakes. Half the fun is rolling up your pancakes and trying to eat them without the contents falling back on to your plate. In my book, you are not supposed to fill them with a tiny quantity of duck so that you can roll them up to the size of a small cigar. (or is that just me..?)

      The hoisin sauce was good though and there was enough of that to go round - hurrah!


      Tasty enough, but Tesco should address the disparity in the quantity of duck and pancakes. Next time, I'll go the extra mile (quite literally) and return to Asda! I'll give it 2½ stars, rounded up to 3 as the hoisin sauce was delicious and it is reasonable value for money. And I suppose because you are just getting duck meat without the skin or fat, this is probably a lower-calorie version.


      Price £4.19 for 410 grams
      Contains Duck (44%), Pancakes (27%), Hoisin Sauce (20%), Spring Onions (5%), Soy Sauce, Szechuan Pepper, Ginger, Salt, Star Anise, Cinnamon Powder, Clove Powder.
      Contains sesame seeds, wheat, gluten, soya
      No nuts but not guaranteed to be nut free
      May contain bones
      100g contains 225kcal, 7.6g fat
      No artificial preservative, flavours, colours or hydrogenated fat

      (This review has been previously posted by me on Ciao under the same username. If the title means nothing to you, ask your Mum (and congratulate yourself for being too young to remember the legend that was DLT....))


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