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Tesco Vegetarian Bean Burgers

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Vegetarians

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    3 Reviews
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      26.10.2011 17:51
      Very helpful



      favourite of mine

      I am currently tucking into one of these burgers, meaning when I signed on I couldn't help but pick to review this over any other product! I flit between being vegetarian and eating meat (chicken only - I refuse to eat any other meat). Currently I am a vegetarian and these are one of my favourite indulgences.

      I am an incredibly fussy eater too which makes buying food an absolute nightmare. If I could live off Fajitas - I would. I never add variety to my meals because I don't like much food. (You'd hate to be my parents when I was younger right?!).

      === Packaging ==
      The burgers come in a pack of two in a foam black 'bowl' with a plastic seal. There is a green cardboard sleeve around the packet. The burgers inside are in the fridges in the supermarket so they are not frozen - but you can freeze them if you wish.

      The green sleeve shows a cooked burger that is garnished with lettuce and other treats. They are Tesco own, meaning the only logo is the Tesco sign. All nutritional information is on the front with brief instructions on how to cook.

      On the back is full ingredients, recycling instructions, cooking instructions and all other information that you need. I like the way Tesco include so much information - there is not a single answered question.

      === Cooking Instructions ===
      The burgers are best cooked from chilled which is how they come in the supermarket. To cook you need to simply pop it in the oven for 16-18 minutes at 190 degrees (gas mark 5 or 375 Fahrenheit). I have not yet cooked these from frozen as I tend to eat them within 3 days of food shopping, but you simply need to given them 20-25 minutes from frozen.

      You cannot microwave these burgers.

      === The Burgers ===
      When you cook the burgers, they do not look overly different to how they did before they were cooked. The colours of all the foods inside pop out and give it a nicer appearance than your average beef burger. The colours and textures are incredible once you cut the burger open to eat. I thought it might fall apart when cut, but the ingredients blend well together and don't let the burger crumble.

      When cooked, it smells very mexican and the onion is promenent. I have to say, it might sound weird but they taste how they smell - delicious!

      You can definitely taste each flavour differently in each bite, which is lovely as it gives you a lot more to enjoy rather than just one food. I ate mine with mash potato and the two blended well together. The outside of the burger is a little crunchy as are the ingredients inside. I like that they haven't been forced in a food processor and have clearly just been mixed together and squashed.

      I love the fact you can tell it is made with high thought and quality. When you can tell a food has just been thrown together it does not appeal to me. I am sure that this burger would appeal to anyone - whether you're a vegetarian or not!

      === Price & Availability ===
      Being a Tesco own product, you can only buy this product in Tesco stores. One pack costs £1.29 which is quite expensive for two burgers but they are much higher quality than others of its kind.

      === Ingredients ===
      When you look at the ingredients list, you can see that there is not a great deal in the burgers - nothing artificial either which I love. I can taste most of the flavours and I understand the whole ingredients list. Being allergic to cheese it is nice to find a vegetarian dish which doesn't contain cheese like most do.

      The ingredients are:
      Potato, chick pea, onion, cannellini, kidney beans, sweetcorn, red pepper, tomato puree, jalepino peppers, garlic, red chilli, egg, celery, vegetable stock.

      Despite there being jalepino and red chillies in the burger, they are surprisingly not spicy. But I can handle my spice and other people may find it tickles their taste buds a little.

      The burgers do contain egg and celery and may contain traces of nuts.

      === Nutritional Information ===
      Per burger:
      Energy: 191kcal
      Protein: 3.9g
      (of which sugars) 2.6g
      Fat: 10.9g
      (of which saturates) 1g
      (of which mono-unsaturates) 6.2g
      (of which poly-unsaturates) 3.2g

      === Verdict ===
      If you like vegetables, you will love these burgers. It doesn't matter whether you're vegetarian or not. I would recommend these to anyone as they are a firm favourite in my household. The flavours will send your taste buds wild and ensure you have a marvelous dining experience at home.


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      10.10.2009 21:45
      Very helpful



      Fanatastic Veggie Grub

      Tesco Vegetarian Bean Burgers are just one option available in their vegetarian range. The packaging has changed since the above picture! A pack of 2 bean burgers are priced at £1.49. I am not a vegetarian; I used to be and picked up some lasting habits and enjoy things like this.

      The burgers are made with potato, onion, chickpeas, kidney beans, cannellini beans, sweetcorn and red pepper, with each ingredient easily identifiable in the flat round burgers. They are slightly spicy and this comes in the form of jalapeno peppers (hot hot hot!!)

      They oven cook in 16-18 mins and turn a dark brown colour and smell divine, both before and after cooking. They are obviously suitable for vegetarians and contain 191 calories.

      They taste wonderful, the jalapenos adding a slight kick, each veg is there to taste, they combine well and this burger is very flavoursome. I served mine in a burger bun with salad, sliced tomato, mayo and a dollop of hot relish. They were perfect. I will definitely be buying these again. In fact, I wish I had bought more at the time as I picked mine up in the reduced chiller, down to 55p an dthere were loads in there. Bummer! But still £1.49 is not a bad price at all for a very enjoyable burger.


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      18.01.2008 10:51
      Very helpful



      A decent stab at a veggie burger


      I have previously reviewed vegetarian sausages, and I thought it would be nice to review the burger in the same Tesco range. I had a choice between mushroom burgers and vegetable burgers and plumped for the latter on this occasion. Maybe Ill do the mushroom burgers another time. In any case, I was quite heartened by the comments I got on my veggie sausage review; it seems I'm not the only non-vegetarian who likes this kind of thing.


      A green cardboard sleeve with picture of a cooked burger (uncannily accurate to the real deal) contains a black plastic tray covered in film. 2 burgers are 180g in weight.


      These cost me £1.29 in a Tesco Metro in Wimbledon.


      There are lots and lots of small amounts of ingredients in this. Potato, chick pea, onion, cannellini and red kidney beans, sweetcorn and red pepper are the most prevalent ingredients. Flavourings include tomato puree, jalepino chillis, garlic puree, coriander, red chilli and vegetable stock. So clearly this is a potential mish-mash of many tastes.


      The burgers contain egg and celery. There are no artificial preservatives, flavours or colours in them.


      Here is a summary of what I think is the most relevant information per burger:

      Energy - 191kcal
      Protein - 3.9g
      Carbohydrates - 19.5g
      Of which sugars - 2.6g
      Fat - 10.9g
      Of which saturates - 1g
      Of which mono-unsaturates - 6.2g
      Of which polyunsaturates - 3.2g


      From chilled the burgers are cooked in an oven for 16-18 minutes at gas mark 5 / 190 degrees Centigrade, 375 degrees Fahrenheit.
      From frozen, the cooking time is adjusted to 22-24 minutes.


      Using my handy tape measure, I found that the size of the burgers is 9cm in diameter and 2cm thick - so quite substantial.

      Before cooking, the burgers have the appearance of blended vegetables as you'd expect; red sizeable chunks of red pepper and beans can be clearly seen. Cooked, they are a dark golden colour on the outside, and when opened, have a lovely lentil-like dark yellow tinge to them. The consistency of the burger is firm and holds together firmly after a surreptitious prod.


      Uncooked, they have a pleasantly strong smell of onion. Cooked, they lose this somewhat and it's more of a subtle hint.


      I broke off some of the burger to taste unfettered. The taste is very much of beans. The contrast of the cannellini and kidney beans is extremely pleasant and mouth watering; it really hits you in the first bite. The coating is pleasantly crunchy and the consistency in the mouth is very nice indeed.

      The rest of the burger was consumed in a white seeded burger bap with tomato sauce. And very nice indeed it was, too! The softness of the roll, sweetness of the sauce and beany crunch of the burger; brilliant. I also detected hints of the sweetness of red pepper and some potato mushiness and adhesion, holding the burger together. But that strong beany taste really carries these burgers.


      I'll be succinct here; if you like pulses you will love these burgers, as that is the dominating taste, which is interesting given that beans are only about 14% of the total ingredients. Which just goes to show the moniker of bean burger is wholly appropriate!


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    • Product Details

      2 mildly spiced bean burgers made with kidney beans, cannellini beans, sweetcorn and red pepper.

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