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Thai Coconut Curry Tasty Veg Pot

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Brand: Innocent / Type: Curry

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    5 Reviews
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      03.04.2013 04:19
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      I'd have been even more disappointed had I paid the full price.

      I have tried most of the Innocent Veg pots over the past few weeks as Tesco has had them on offer at half price for a while so I've taken the opportunity to see what all the fuss is about. I certainly wouldn't pay the full price of £3.90 but at £1.60 (what I paid for all of the ones that I bought), I think it's a pretty good deal for a reasonably healthy & very quick meal.

      I am a huge fan of Thai coconut curry and I usually make my own, which is why this flavour is the one that I have only just tried. I was quite looking forward to it as all of the other veg pots are really tasty and I thought it would taste somewhat superior to my own homemade version!

      The veg pot is very easy to cook - just remove the lid and then place it back on loosely, and place the pot on a microwaveable plate. Microwave for three and a half minutes and its ready. It comes with a cardboard sleeve over it which needs removing before going in the microwave,

      The sleeve has cooking instructions and also information about how healthy the ingredients are, and it is made clear on the pot that it contains 3 servings of your five a day and the calorie content etc is also clearly displayed. It also has the vegetarian and vegan friendly symbols on it. The whole pot contains 234 calories. For a curry - especially a coconut curry this is really low but I can see why. It is not filling, or tasty. It is bland, has an odd taste and I was left hungry and dissatisfied after eating half of the pot. I actually couldn't finish the pot it was that unpleasant.

      The pot contains mainly white rice with a tiny percentage of sweet corn, shredded carrot and about 3 edamame beans. It also contains a small amount of pak choi which shrivelled up to practically nothing once I'd cooked the veg pot. The curry of the 'curry' sauce is a mustard yellow colour. It doesn't taste like curry, or coconut. The only thing I could taste was a bitter lemon kind of taste, and I made sure I had mixed it around before eating it.

      I could not taste coconut at all and it was very bland and didn't even smell nice. It didn't even taste like curry - just some rice with a small amount of sour, runny sauce. I am disappointed in this flavour but I am well aware that everyone has their own preferences when it comes to food so some people may like the flavour, though I certainly didn't.


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        11.11.2010 15:13
        Very helpful



        An expensive and dissapointing lunch or snack

        I often find it difficult to eat the five portions of fruit and veg that I should have every day and one of the things that has helped me increase the amount fruit in my diet has been Innocent smoothies.. I know Innocence are pricey too but if you break down the cost and price up how much the fruit would set you back to make your own, the price isn't as hefty as it first seems.

        I've seen a few tv ads recently for the newest product from Innocence which are veg pots and was not only impressed by how tasty they looked but also by the fact that they contain three portions of your five a day. I decided that buying a smoothie and a veg pot every day would be a quick, easy and tasty way to get my five a day, what I failed to think about was how much this would actually cost. I assumed the veg pots would be similar in price to the smoothies but was quite shocked when I spotted the range at tescos to see that they're a whopping £3.62 a pot. There was no way I was going to pay that much for a tub of vegetables so I forgot about veg pots and instead purchased some ingredients to make a similar meal myself.

        Last week when shopping I noticed that the pots had been reduced in my local tesco, instead of £3.62 a pot they were much more sensibly priced at £2.35, still quite expensive but I decided to try one anyway. I purchased the Thai coconut curry version which contains wild rice, edamame beans and lemongrass and sounded delicious.

        Where to buy

        As I mentioned above I purchased mine form tescos but veg pots can also be found in Sainsbury's, ASDA and Waitrose. I've only ever seen them reduced in tesco but I imagine other supermarkets have similar deals.

        What's in it?

        Well as you've probably guessed form the name mainly vegetables, but it also contains sauce, rice, herbs and spices. There are no colourings or flavourings and no nasty additives.


        Carrot, cooked rice (water, rice, wild rice (0.4%)), yellow split peas, water, onion, spring greens, water chestnut, edamame beans (5%) (contains soya), coconut cream (4%), spinach, ginger, red thai curry paste (vegetable oil, water, red chilli, salt, ginger, garlic, galangal, sugar, lemongrass, shallot, spices, kaffir lime peel), coriander, cornflour, soy sauce (water, salt, molasses, sugar, soya bean, wheat) (contains gluten), lemon juice, vegetable oil, garlic, lime leaves, sea salt, lemongrass (0.2%), basil, cumin, black pepper.

        Nutrition information;
        (Per pot)

        Calories 234
        Protein 8.2g
        Carbohydrates 25.7g
        Fibre 12.1g
        Sodium 0.7g

        So as well as containing three portions of vegetables the pot also contains 50% or your recommended daily amount of fibre, is naturally low in fat and has a relatively low amount of calories. Not bad for quite a large pot really.


        The curry is packaged in a clear plastic tub that sits inside a cardboard sleeve. The front of the sleeve contains the inncocent logo, the flavour and a brief description of what's in it and a picture of a pepper telling us that the pot contains three portions of veg. The top is similar but contains the use by date and how much is in the pot (390g). The bottom of the sleeve gives nutritional info, a contact address and states that outer packaging is made from recycled cardboard and gives advice on how to recycle when you've finished with your pot.

        On the inside of the sleeve cooking instructions are printed, we're given a couple of recipe ideas and more info is given on how to recycle the actual pot or what you could use it for (They suggest a mini desktop basketball net) if you can't recycle.

        Cooking info

        The pots need to be heated before eating and you can do this in the microwave or on the hob. I chose to cook it in the microwave which was simple and quick (around 3 and a half minutes) The hob method is also pretty straight forward but takes slightly longer (6-8 minutes) and two tablespoons of water needs to be added to the mix before cooking. The cooking process is really simple so anyone wanting to eat one of these at work for their lunch wouldn't have too many problems with the microwave method.

        What does the curry look like?

        Quite thick, chunky and colourful, the main ingredients are the most visible (rice and carrot) and there are also a lot of edamame beans. The sauce is also quite thick and there doesn't seem to be much of it although what is there smells nice. Overall it looks quite tasty and appealing and also healthy.


        After I'd cooked it and removed the lid, the smell increased quite a lot and the lemongrass and coconut was quite strong. The vegetables cook down a bit when the curry's heated which means there's more sauce to mix the veggies and rice with but in my opinion still not enough. The texture is similar to the curries appearance in the fact that it's quite chunky and a lot of the vegetables (water chestnuts and spring greens) stay quite crunchy. I assumed from the smell of the coconut that the flavour was going to be quite creamy but that wasn't the case and instead I just got a hint of coconut on top of the vegetables. The lack of sauce which I mentioned above really does let the pot down for me and makes the whole thing quite bland and a little bit dry.

        Would I recommend?

        If you're able to pick one up on offer then I would recommend doing so, although I think the curry would work better as a side dish rather than being eaten on its own. One of the suggestions on the sleeve/ packaging suggests adding prawns in to the mix which might be quite nice.

        Overall I was quite disappointed with the pot that I purchased, mainly because it was lacking in the taste department but also because I expected more out of such an expensive product. I understand that the pots are supposed to be healthy but I feel that a few things could be added to make the snack a bit tastier. I may purchase another in the future if I see them reduced again but I'll probably use it as a side dish rather than eating it on its own.


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          09.11.2010 16:13
          Very helpful



          If money wasn't an object I'd be eating these regularly!

          I've always been put off trying Innocent's Tasty Veg Pots because they're so expensive, I can't afford to spend £3.95 on my lunch, so I've always bypassed them in-store. But after spotting one on sale for £1.95 (which is less than half the original price), I decided to find out what these veg pots were all about.

          You'll find Thai Coconut Curry Tasty Veg Pot on sale in Tesco's Waitrose and some Sainsbury's stores. They're usually stored in the chilled section and because of the nature of the product (it's fresh), it goes off pretty quickly, so you'll need to consume it a within a couple of days of purchase.

          These veg pots are on sale for around the £3.95 mark, but if you keep your eyes open then you might be able to snap one up on the cheap, like I did.

          *** Ingrediants ***

          Carrot, cooked rice (water, rice, wild rice (0.4%)), yellow split peas, water, onion, spring greens, water chestnut, edamame beans (5%) (contains soya), coconut cream (4%), spinach, ginger, red thai curry paste (vegetable oil, water, red chilli, salt, ginger, garlic, galangal, sugar, lemongrass, shallot, spices, kaffir lime peel), coriander, cornflour, soy sauce (water, salt, molasses, sugar, soya bean, wheat) (contains gluten), lemon juice, vegetable oil, garlic, lime leaves, sea salt, lemongrass (0.2%), basil, cumin, black pepper.
          As you'll see from the ingredient list above, Innocent Thai Coconut Curry Tasty Veg Pots are full of goodness and they contain lots of fresh ingredients and essential nutrients.
          These pots are also suitable for vegetarians and vegans, they contain three portions of your recommended five a day, they contain less than 3% fat and you'll get 45% of your recommended daily fibre content from eating one of these. Not bad hey!

          *** Preparation ***

          Each veg pot has very minimal packaging, they each come in a plastic pot with a small piece of cardboard around it where the cooking instructions listed.

          To prepare this you put it into the microwave with the top loosely placed on it for two minutes, you then stir it and heat again for a further minute and a half.

          *** My opinion ***

          This veg pot is really tasty, the Thai and lemon flavours compliment the vegetables perfectly. There's an infusion of flavours here - the herbs and spices work really well with the crunchy carrot and water chestnut - and the rice is perfectly flavoured too.

          An Innocent Thai Coconut Curry Tasty Veg Pot really does make a tasty lunch and it's hard to believe there's only 324 calories in each pot! Considering they have such a low calorie value I found this product surprisingly filling. However there's no way I'd pay £3.95 for one of these, I know that you're paying for fresh quality, but this product certainly exceeds my lunch budget.

          I like the packaging and I have kept my plastic pot - I might try to recreate something similar at home!

          Overall I'd say that this product is great - it's just a shame that it's usually out of my price range... I will be keeping my eyes peeled for Innocent veg pot offers!

          Four stars.


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            03.10.2010 14:25
            Very helpful
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            Enjoy a Veg Pot for your lunch - easy to cook and lovely to eat!

            How much...
            There are some Autumn offers on Veg Pots at the moment. They usually retail at about £3.50 in Tesco, and about £3.90 in Waitrose. Sainsburys & Tesco have offers on now up to November 2010.

            It is worth having a look at the Innocent website.

            Where to buy...
            This totally varies. They have them in my local Tesco and Waitrose. You can also get them in Sainsburys. However, they don't seem to sell them in all of their stores.

            The Veg...
            In this pot there are carrots, rice, split peas, onion, spring greens, water chestnuts and edamame beans. It is quite a crunchy veg pot.

            They are low in fat and high in fibre. This one also tastes delicious. Also three of the goverment's '5 a day'

            They need to be kept fresh in the fridge, and because of the lack of additives, have a relatively short shelf life - about 5 days.

            This pot is about 240 calories - they're healthy, tasty and low in calories - what more could you ask for?

            The Name...
            Innocent is generally known for its smoothies.

            I discovered Veg Pots about 9 months ago, and fell in love with them. They are expensive, but you are paying for quality food, ethically resourced and very lovingly put together. I grow my own fruit and veg, and i can taste the difference - this is naturally sourced.

            The packaging is minimal, it is sustainably sourced and recycling is actively encouraged on the pack.

            There are also little quirks on the packaging - like a little note saying "no vegetables were harmed in the making of this product (apart from a little light chopping!)"

            Loosen the lid, stick in the microwave for 4 minutes, stir and eat - the instuructions on the packet are a little more detailed, but that's the basics. You can also cook it in a saucepan.

            I was working in a new office this week, and couldn't work the micro, so had to use a saucepan - this is the first time i've used them this way, it was just as easy, only involved more washing up than usual!

            My opinion...
            These are the best lunches i have. I pop it in my bag, pop it in the microwave, give it a stir and pop it in my mouth - filling and yummy.

            I'm not as keen on this one as some of the others. It is nice, and i cannot knock it at all. But fairly bland this one, the Butternut Squash one and the Mousakka are certainly tastier, i'd start with one of them.

            I usually take them for lunch, but will occassionaly have them as a side dish with dinner.

            Expensive but worth it.

            No meat versions, which is a disappointment, but understandable and actually OK.

            They don't always look great - this one isn't too bad, but i had a mushroom one that tasted gorgeous, but looked a bit bad!

            Try one.

            Summary: Smart packaging, good for you and lovely with it.


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              14.10.2009 11:53
              Very helpful



              Better than plain veg, but too expensive to buy regularly

              My fiancée has done a review of this Innocent Thai Coconut Curry Tasty Veg pot, and I felt the need to give a mans perspective. This 400g consists of 11% rice, and the rest is vegetables, and coconut curry sauce. The curry is very moist, and tastes like a proper curry. But you can't hide the fact its made almost exclusively of vegetables! Every mouthful is so crunchy, and I just want to enjoy my curry not have a warm feeling inside because I'm doing my body good.

              Given this curry is not vegetarian (it contains Thai fish sauce) why is there no meat in it? To make a proper meal I would do this pot with a steak or chicken breast.

              At only 288 calories it is a healthy alternative to most packaged meals, and I can't see any additives, flavourings or colourings on the label, which is good. However for me no amount of goodness overcomes the fact that vegetables are basically water, this did not fill me up, and making them a bit spicy did nothing to hide the taste!

              At £3.99 per pot this is also a crazy price for a fairly small amount of food. My fiancée does tend to pick them up in the reduced section on an evening, but they don't freeze, so she can only pick up one or two anyway.

              Sorry Innocent, I won't be buying this again.


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