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Thai Kitchen Red Curry Kit

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Type: Curry

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    1 Review
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      16.03.2010 16:21
      Very helpful



      Not your average ready meal!

      I bought this on special offer at Tesco a few weeks ago, half price and with 50 extra Clubcard points too. I'd been fancying a Thai curry, so bought it out of curiosity.

      The kit comes in an attractive red box, with the contents, number of servings it contains (2), the chilli rating of hotness (also 2, medium),and the additional ingredients that you may wish to add clearly stated on the front, along with the approximate cooking time and an attractive photograph of the curry and rice in a bowl ready to be eaten. On one end of the box is a 'visual list' of their range, with small photographs , including the Green and Yellow Curry Kits, and examples of their rice, noodle and pasta products. On the other end is a lyrical description of Thailand, aimed at tempting you even further to try out their cuisine. On the back, you find the simple and straightforward cooking instructions for a red Thai curry with chicken, and also a direction to their website ( www.thaikitchen.info ) "for more inspiration and great recipes". Having looked at the website, I can't find any recipes at present, however there is a very interesting brief history of the brand, and a detailed look at their entire range.

      The contents of the box are:
      a small bag of Jasmine rice
      a vacuum-packed sachet of curry paste
      a 250ml carton of coconut milk.

      My immediate reaction was to wonder how this would transform into a meal for two, however I followed the aforementioned simple instructions to see what would grow from this small box.

      The instructions for cooking the rice were the biggest surprise as I have always added rice to boiling water, however it tells you to add the rice to the measured amount of cold water and to bring it all to the boil, cover, remove from heat, set aside for 20 minutes and DO NOT OPEN THE LID! So I obeyed, and happily it was perfect. Meanwhile the curry was taking shape, having cooked the chicken, you fry the very richly aromatic curry paste in the same pan with some more oil, then add the coconut milk, bring it to a gentle simmer, add your choice of vegetables and cook for 8 - 10 mins, then re-add the chicken to the mixture and leave to simmer for a couple of minutes more. I actually left it at least a further 5 minutes to ensure that the chicken was thoroughly re-heated. There was plenty of rice and curry for both of us, and it was a genuinely delicious and very authentic-tasting Thai red curry! Although we chose to use chicken this time, I reckon that this curry would be very nice indeed with prawns, so next time around some tiger prawns will be getting the Thai treatment.

      The full price for the kit is currently £2.99 in Tesco, obviously to that you have to add the cost of the additional ingredients - they recommend vegetable, beef, chicken or prawns. Having explored all the sides of the box, the ingredients are on a sticker on the bottom, and are as follows:

      270g bag Jasmine rice (Thai Hom Mali Rice)
      80g pouch Red curry paste: Water, garlic (14%), red chillies (12%), shallot (10%), fresh lemongrass (10%), cane sugar, salt, fish sauce (anchovy extract, salt, sugar), fresh galangal, fresh kaffir lime, spices (coriander seed, cumin, cardamom), citric acid.
      250ml carton Coconut milk: Coconut extract (60%), water

      May contain traces of peanut, nuts, sesame seed and soybean.

      It has a fairly long shelf life - this one could have sat safely in the cupboard until November. It is a lovely meal - interestingly we tried the green curry kit too, and although it has a 3-chilli rating, didn't find it to be all that significantly hotter than this one. It is pleasantly tingly as far as the chilli content is concerned, I'm not a great fan of very hot curries and this one is probably at the upper end of my tolerance, but was very nice indeed - we will definitely be using it again!

      8/12/13 - this product has sadly left the shelves of our local Tesco, as often happens with the best products. If you can track it down though, do. It's the best Thai meal kit we've ever used, and it's sorely missed!


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