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Trattoria Verdi Tagliatelle Carbonara

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Brand: Trattoria Verdi / Type: Other Ready Meals

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    2 Reviews
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      29.06.2009 05:15
      Very helpful



      The closest thing to restaurant carbonara, straight from the freezer. £1 !!

      Just enjoyed one of these for tea. And to be quite honest, I expected this to be average. But was I surprised!

      This is a discount brand, and the £1 price tag tells you this straight away.

      What does hide the fact is that when you read the ingrdients, it's all good honest stuff. Even the bacon is good quality.


      Flavour and mouth feel is spot on, thick and eggy just like the real thing. You know you're eating something significant, even though the portion size appears underwhelming at first. Very close to the real thing as per Italy, not a mushroom soup sachet in sight.

      Deliciously cheesy and smoky, pretty well seasoned, although as with everything creamy a little extra black pepper never hurts to liven it up. This is certainly a tasty carbonara.


      Crikey, that's some mamma mia authentic pasta. Nice and fresh.

      Nice eco-friendly packaging too!

      Great ingredients, nutritious, honest stuff - a tasty treat.

      On the other hand, if you're on a diet and find it hard to balance the fat out, pick something with a little total fat per portion. This is ~30g per pack. Which makes it medium-high. But that's how carbonara should be. And this one's made out of the real deal. Cream, stock... nice fresh pasta.

      For only £1 it's going to be a regular back up on stand by in my freezer to cheer me up. Cracking stuff, the real deal.


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      21.04.2009 21:24
      Very helpful
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      A nice meal, handy to have in the freezer for when you can't be bothered to cook!

      Trattoria Verdi is one of Tesco's Discount Brands that they have rolled out across the store. They are easily recognisable by the yellow and red stickers that are included on the packaging.

      Trattoria Verdi make various Italian meals such as pasta and pizza, they also do a range of fresh pasta and sauces.

      I have a thing for any kind of pasta in carbonara sauce so was easily tempted in to trying this meal. It is a frozen meal so can be found in Tesco's freezer compartments for around £1. It comes in a cardboard box with cardboard lid, in the same style as the Weight Watchers range.

      ~The Packaging~

      As mentioned above, it comes in cardboard packaging. I have never had a problem with this type of packaging when eating Weight Watchers meals but when I tried to open the lid on this box, the cardboard split in to two thin layers so I had to use a knife to run around the edges. Not sure if this was a one off or if this is a problem with the packaging - something to do with the 'stickiness' maybe?

      Anyway, you have to remove the cardboard lid, and then place it back on the meal as a cover. It will then go in the microwave for around 10 mins depending on your microwaves wattage. You will need to let it stand for a minute halfway through cooking. Half way through cooking, I went to check on it and found that half of the sauce had escaped and spread out over my microwave plate - great.

      I don't think this would have happened if it had been the usual plastic cover as it would not have been able to escape out of the sides.

      ~Taste Test~

      When it had finished cooking, I took the box out and placed it on a plate (as it was still gooey from the sauce's great escape earlier!). I noticed that the sauce did look a little thin but on stirring the dish it seemed to thicken up and blend in with the tagliatelle.

      The dish looked like it was made with fresh tagliatelle; it was soft and not as broad as usual tagliatelle. There were also pieces that were thicker than others which gave it a lovely homemade feel.

      The tagliatelle was delicious; it was soft, well cooked and tasty. The sauce wasn't amazing and obviously couldn't compare to a homemade version but as far as ready meals go, it was very nice. It was a rich, creamy sauce and complemented the tagliatelle flavour perfectly. There were also 'bacon' pieces, although this was really luncheon meat chopped in to rectangular shapes. It was still very tasty though.

      Tagliatelle carbonara is hardly a 'healthy choice' so you expect a fair few calories in a meal such as this. In a 360g meal you will find...

      540 Calories
      4.2g Sugar
      31.4g Fat (Eek!)
      14.3g Saturated (Double Eek!)
      2.4g Salt

      Scary numbers, although fine in moderation.

      Overall, I would recommend this ready meal as a quick fix meal or 'lazy day' treat every now and again, obviously it's very high in fat and salt so I can't really recommend for everyday consumption. The packaging is annoying but the meal tasted better than other brands versions so it is worth it, just remember to keep an eye on your food while it is cooking!


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