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Trattoria Verdi Tortelloni

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Brand: Trattoria Verdi / Type: Other Ready Meals

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    1 Review
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      04.05.2010 23:34
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      A tasty dish that needs very little work and actually tastes pretty good.

      Trattoria Verdi Tortelloni comes in a variety of different flavours - the one shown in the picture above is the spinach and ricotta flavour, another that they do which I've also tried is the sausage flavour. The brand is one of the many varieties of filed pasta which is available in the supermarkets, and costs around £1.50 for a 400g bag.

      My husband seems to think the name has something to do with turtles, but I've no idea why as I can't google anything that even vaguely links the two words. Still we'll probably always call them turtles here - you know how it is when a word sticks!

      The overall texture of the pasta is quite light, and as long as you cook it properly has a good amount of flavour. I wouldn't say it's the best I've ever eaten, but it's certainly not bad, and it's a lot better than some I've had which had very little taste at all. Tortelloni and Tortellini often get muddled up, but it's quite simple, ini means little, and oni means large, so these are basically the larger version. Each one is a little package with a filling in the centre and the pasta wrapped around it to form this shape. (raveoli is similar, but a different shape basically).

      ~*~ Spinach and Ricotta ~*~
      I rather like this flavour, it's kind of creamy and ricotta is a kind of cheese that's very creamy and only just cheesey tasting. Combined with the spinach which has quite a strong flavour but kind of needs toning down this works so well which is why it's probably so popular. For me this flavour needs a tomatoey sauce to serve it with.

      ~*~ Sausage ~*~
      This sausage filling is slightly odd, it's not really quite like sausage, but it's close. It's sort of more like a small piece of spiced pork meatloaf sat inside it's pasta shell than sausage. It's very tasty though, only gently spiced, and quite finely ground meat so that you don't really get a meaty texture any more than you do with sausage or meatloaf I guess. I like this meaty flavour served with a creamy sauce such as Dolmio's creamy lasagne sauce.

      This may come in other flavours, but if it does I've not met them yet, so unfortunately can't comment on them.

      For me, this is one of those really easy dishes that I don't have very often, but when I do, I really enjoy it. I make my own food mostly, buy pasta isn't something I've tried making from scratch for myself (I'm being given a pasta maker by my dad next month so that may change of course!). I guess if I was a pasta connoisseur then I might be able to tell you that this was particularly good or bad, but I have to say I'm not. So all I can do is to tell you that overall I think this stuff tastes really good, and makes a meal that's so simple and quick to do that it's brilliant. I like to add something like mushrooms and chunks of pepper to make this a bit more of a balanced meal, but I guess if you wanted to you could serve it just with a sauce.

      Overall I wouldn't recommend this as something to eat every day, but I think as a change and as something really simple to cook and eat, it makes a nice change. It's also pretty cheap and with only 6g of fat per 100g its not crazy unhealthy either.


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