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Waitrose Farmhouse Cheddar & Onion Quiche

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Type: Other Ready Meals

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    1 Review
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      27.09.2009 15:27
      Very helpful



      A fabulous quiche from Waitrose which makes me wish I had a store closer!

      Although I do enjoy their food, it's not often I get around to shopping in Waitrose. It's not a cost issue as I find the bulk of their products to be well worth the extra few pence in quality terms but I simply haven't got a Waitrose store within a reasonable distance for me to do my shopping.

      This week however I took a trip with my daughter to the nearest Waitrose and came out with several bags of goodies to sample, one of which being this wonderful Farmhouse Cheddar and Onion Quiche.

      I must say that it is easily one of the best shop bought quiches I've eaten and quite honestly the flavour and texture of it isn't far off a home made one. It's a deep filled quiche which is bursting with the flavour of the Cheddar and Red Leicester cheeses that have been used in its creation.

      The pastry case is absolutely delightful; thin, buttery and nicely crisp with a deliciously well seasoned finish. It doesn't melt in my mouth as I usually like a quiche crust to but has a very slight crunch to it that feels so special that I don't think I'll ever look at an insipid Tesco quiche in quite the same light again.

      The filling is one of the best I've tasted in any supermarket quiche. It's firm and wonderfully eggy in texture but the flavour is definitely of cheese and well prepared onions. The box informs me that it is sautéed onions but to me they have the sweet bite of roasted onion and although the onion pieces are only very small they manage to infuse the entire quiche with their sweet rich flavour.

      It's the cheese which really makes this quiche for me though. How many times have I bought a quiche and then been bitterly disappointed by the lack of cheese flavour? Sometimes I wonder quite why the various shops even bother selling cheese quiche when you can rarely taste the cheese above the overpowering egg. In this one, however, the cheese is definitely the strongest flavour in the quiche and is so beautifully blended with the egg that it tastes divine and is not overpowering in the slightest.

      You can eat this quiche hot or cold and as it's a full sized quiche I was able to sample it both ways. When cold it's extremely refreshing because the filling stays delightfully cool and smooth, while warm the flavours of the cheese and onion come through far stronger yet it doesn't become greasy as a lot of heated through quiches can.

      I think this is an absolutely wonderful quiche and I don't think I'll be able to go back to eating bland non-cheesy Sainsbury's or Tesco quiches because I really have been spoiled by this delicious and extremely moreish Waitrose offering.


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    • Product Details

      A blend of mature Farmhouse Cheddar and Red Leicester with sautéed onions oven baked with free range eggs and cream in a golden crisp pastry.

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