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Wanchai Ferry Bo Luo Dinner Kits

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Brand: Wanchai Ferry / Type: Other Ready Meals

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    2 Reviews
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      05.02.2010 10:43
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      I wasn't very impressed

      I am staying in Edinburgh with Dave at the moment as he is working up there and renting a house. Before I arrived he did some shopping for some of my favourite things to eat and also one or two things that we had been meaning to try. Amongst the latter were a couple of boxes of Wanchai Ferry which a friend of ours had tried and enjoyed.

      The one that we tried last night was the Wanchai Ferry Bo Luo Pork Recipe Kit and the idea is that, in the box, you get the sauces, spices and noodles and you just have to get the pork and vegetables to add to it.

      These boxes normally cost £3.28 each from Tesco's but are currently half price at £1.64 until 9th February so I am guessing that this is what prompted Dave to get them to try! He is as bad as me where special offers are concerned!

      The box looks very smart being bright red with a picture of the completed meal on the front. The meal is described as a Bo Luo Pork Recipe Kit with sweet pineapple in a fruity, tangy pineapple sauce. There is a list of the contents of the box together with a list of what you will need to get in order to make the meal, so you understand clearly what you are getting and what you still need to get. I liked this as it would be no good getting halfway through making the meal and then realising that you didn't have one of the ingredients!

      There are three symbols on the bottom right hand corner of the box - one to show that the meal will be cooked in 20 minutes, one to show that it serves up to three people and the final one to show that the spice level is mild. There is also the basic nutritional information expressed as a percentage or recommended daily allowance.

      On the back of the box there is a description of the meal and clear, easy instructions on how to cook it. The detailed nutritional value is on the side of the box.

      Inside the box you will find the following:

      A paper packet of noodles
      A foil pouch containing marinade seasoning
      A foil pouch containing fruity, tangy Cantonese sauce
      A foil pouch containing pineapple pieces

      To make the meal you will need 400g of pork, an onion, a carrot and a pepper.

      The first thing to do is to cut the pork into strips, mix the marinade seasoning with two tablespoons of vegetable oil, coat the pork with the seasoning and leave to stand for ten minutes.

      While the pork is marinading prepare and chop the onion, pepper and carrot into evenly sized small pieces so that they all cook at the same time.

      Now you are ready to stir fry! A wok would be ideal for this but a large frying pan will do.

      Put a tablespoon of oil in the wok and add the marinated pork cooking for three to four minutes on a high heat. Then add the prepared vegetables and the contents of the pouch containing the pineapple pieces together with the syrup and cook for a further three to four minutes still on a high heat.

      Whilst the meat and vegetables are cooking you also need to cook the noodles in a saucepan of boiling water for four minutes, stirring them to keep them separate from one another.

      Finally you need to add the Cantonese sauce to the meat and vegetables and cook for a further two minutes making sure that everything is coated in sauce.

      To serve Dave put the noodles in a pasta bowl and poured the Bo Luo Pork over the top.

      Whilst it was all cooking it smelled very appetising and the final result looked appealing, but the real information that you need now is how did it taste?

      Well it was OK which isn't exactly singing its praises is it? The meat and vegetables tasted nice enough in the sauce although I prefer the sweet and sour sauce that you get in a Chinese restaurant. I have read another review where the reviewer said that the sauce was far too sweet but we didn't find this. The sauce was tasty but nothing really special and it was nice that all the added ingredients were fresh.

      I wasn't very impressed with the noodles and think that the meal would have worked better with rice. The noodles were quite slimy and I didn't feel that they really complimented the meal.

      We ate all the meal and there was enough for a decent sized meal for two but I wouldn't really want to bother having this again as it wasn't really my sort of thing at all. Having said that it was certainly a cheap meal for two costing £1.64 for the box of sauces, £2 for the pack of cubed pork and a few pence for the vegetables.

      So in conclusion I would say that this was ok and we did eat it all but I wouldn't bother buying it again.


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        14.10.2009 14:47
        Very helpful
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        would not buy again to sweet and noodles bland

        I have been wanting to try one of these kits since i first saw them.
        All major supermarkets sell them and they cost around £3.50. It is currently cheapest at sainsburys

        The box includes chinese marinating powder, pineapple pieces in juice, bo luo sauce and chinese noodles.

        Where to start, i used chicken instead of noodles and it was some of the juicest, succulent chicken i've ever had. The portions of sauce, pineapple and noodles were genorous. As for the rest of it i was very dissapointed.

        It was so sweet sickly. The noodles tasted like bland supernoodles. I could not believe i had wanted to try this so much. It was easy to cook and followed it to the T but after tasting i had to sprinkle it with chilli powder.
        Each serving which is a 3rd contains 263 Calories, 20.6g Sugars, 1.9g Fat, 0.8g Saturates, 1.8g Salt. although its alot healthier then a takeaway its more expensive and a lot harder to stomach. I am far from a fussy eater but this is the worsst dinner kit meal i have had. The others maybe nice but i dont want to risk the best part of £10 finding out. Its on par with a version of sweet and sour just alot more sickly and sweet.


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