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Weight Watchers Chicken & Mushroom Pie

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Brand: Weight Watchers / Type: Frozen Food

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    1 Review
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      27.01.2010 14:47
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      4 stars

      These are surprisingly hard to find on the Internet! In fact, I was convinced they were an end of line product as Google kept returning lots of useless stuff, and then I finally found them on the Asda groceries section. So you can buy them online from Asda, and I've also found them in my local Sainsbury's, but they don't seem to be as popular as the steak and mushroom version.

      I've gone semi-vegetarian recently, but one of the few meats I'm still eating is chicken. I wanted some warm, comfort food without too many calories, and Weight Watchers' Chicken and Mushroom pies fill the bill perfectly. I can't remember the exact details, but they were within the levels of fat, saturated fat and sugar (for one meal) that I'm keeping on my diet, so no more than a third of the RDA. I think salt was one to look out for, and as with all Weight Watchers food products they are filled with lots of weird sounding unnatural ingredients as well as the chicken and mushroom.

      Each pie comes in a pack of 2, with a purple box and a picture on the front of a pie. Inside you get two anaemic-looking small pieces in a foil tin base. I was instantly surprised by how small they look, and wasn't convinced one would be satisfying. But I went ahead anyway.

      You can't cook these in the microwave, presumably because of the foil and/or thick pastry, so in the oven they go for around 20-35 minutes (in my experience), depending how browned you like the pastry. They smell nice whilst cooking, and they brown well. After taking them out of the oven, I always separate them from the foil tin using a fork or knife. However, I've found that although the top is solid, the bottom of the pie often falls apart a bit, and so it can get a bit messy. It's not that kind of thing you'd want to serve to visitors, or people who like their pies whole! Having said that, the less time you cook it for (i.e. the minimum suggested), the more likely you are to get it out of the case whole. I think this is because the sauce inside heats up too much for the thin pastry on the bottom to support it for longer periods of time.

      I tend to team my pie with some roast potatoes and lots of veg, and I find that bulking it out with veg makes it a pretty big meal. The pie adds flavour so you don't need salt or sauces. Cutting into it, the top is very thick, and sometimes I just push it off and leave it for fewer calories as I'm not a massive fan of pastry anyway. The top of the pie is quite thick and flaky though compared to the smaller, thinner bottom, so it's quite nice. Inside you get a greyish mushroom sauce with bits of mushroom and chicken in. You don't get tons of chicken, but I find that the pie as a whole is quite filling with the rest of my meal accompaniments and the sauce is strongly and nicely mushroom flavoured.

      These cost around the £2 mark, and I think this is fairly reasonable for what you get, especially as there are very very few low fat pies out there. I've bought these a few times now, and they are a warming and filling winter food. If you are a big fan of protein then these probably aren't for you, and you may as well make chicken in mushroom sauce and forget the pie part. But they're great to cook at the end of a long day and add flavour to veg and potatoes - just don't cook them so long the bottom gets soggy!


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