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Weight Watchers Quiche Lorraine

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Brand: Weight Watchers / Type: Other Ready Meals

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    3 Reviews
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      21.09.2013 16:16
      Very helpful



      Loved it!!

      I am currently on the second day of my Weight Watchers diet. Before starting the diet I did a big massive shop of just Weight Watcher's items to get me into the whole counting points spirit. One item which I bought and which I had for my lunch today was this Weight Watcher's quiche.

      The quiche is very tempting to look at. It consists of mainly a yellow-y cheesy colour although you can see the little green florets poking out here and there. The quiche is quite small, yet bigger than I had expected it to be from Weight Watchers.

      The quiche is available to eat as it comes (cold) or you can heat it up for 15 minutes in the oven. I decided to heat it up as I was feeling quite chilly around lunchtime and so fancied having something hot. I then served it with salad leaves, carrot sticks, cucumbers and pepper. It went well. I think that it would also go well with hot vegetables such as potatoes and broccoli etc.

      I found the quiche to be delicious. If I am being honest, being a Weight Watcher's product, I had expected it to be tasteless and un-appetising. Yet I was really pleased to discover that it was actually lovely; like something you would get in a restaurant. The pastry was lovely and crumbly and the filling was quite light and fluffy with the cheese and broccoli complimenting each other very well. I found the quiche to be very more-ish yet found it to be quite filling at the same time. To me, it tasted no different to a 'full fat' quiche - so one point for that!

      The quiche will provide you with 283 calories and 2.7g of sugar. There is 13.9g of fat of which 7.2g is saturated, and 0.8g of salt per quiche. So all in all, it is quite high in fat, although if you are on the Weight Watchers diet, then it is nice that you can eat this and not feel guilty as it fits in to your daily points allowance.

      The quiche comes in a small cardboard box. When I bought it I thought that the 8 Weight Watcher's points labelled on the front of the box were probably per portion, and so imagine my pleasant surprise to discover that I could actually eat the whole quiche (all 160 grams of it for those 8 points).

      I would definitely recommend this quiche.

      Thanks for reading!
      September 2013
      Xdonzx / xd-o-n-z-x


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        18.01.2010 10:49
        Very helpful




        This food is worth five and a half points, which, at roughly a quarter of the daily points intake is quite a substantial amount of points. For this amount of points, you do actually get a meal which is quite filling and it can always be bulked up with a no points salad if you've been "naughty" elsewhere and havent got the spare points but still feel hungry.

        There's the obligatory WW advert on the back with a phone number and website address. The quiche can be eaten hot or cold - I've only ever had them cold and can report that they are quite agreeable in this manner and aren't too "eggy".

        Also, considering that the quiche is low on the good stuff, fat, it doesn't taste like a health freak's wet dream and its hard to tell that the pastry wasn't made with a handful of lard.

        There's a good amount of bacon in there, quite tasty too. The melted cheese topping is more for show than for taste however, but cheese = points so I suppose some corners are alolowed to be cut. Well done WW for making a tasty, filling quiche that's reasonably low on points - considering a quiche lorraine is mainly eggs, pastry and bacon which aren't at the top of most peoples lists of healthy foods.


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        14.10.2009 01:49
        Very helpful




        Please note before I go any further on this product review that I am not reviewing 'Quiche Lorraine!'. I am reviewing the bacon, leek & cheese quiche which is another variety of Weightwatchers quiche and the reason I am here is because Dooyoo have directed me to write this review here...so here I am lol!


        The other day out shopping in my local Tesco I was yet again hungry and I love quiche. Just coming out the gym though I decided that no matter what I was being healthy so in my mind I had ruled out any such type of food thinking it wouldn't be healthy until I spotted this and a pound for a whole single serving of quiche I knew I had to try it.

        Now me, I'm no longer a Weightwatcher. I was though for just over a year! I lost 7 stone with the regime though I don't remember when I was dieting this product ever being available because with my love of pastry I would have loved it back then.

        I was never keen on Weightwatchers food stuff however. Sure I liked the brownie slices and carrot cakes but in the main I cooked up my own concoctions and I used to buy alot of Tesco Healthy Living products which displayed the Weightwatchers points so I knew what I was doing.

        However like i say I was hungry and trying to be good and so I decided to give this a whirl!

        The Packaging:

        Square, white cardboard box and on the front there is a photograph of the quiche. I am told it is 'New' Bacon, Leek & Cheese Quiche 'A smoked bacon, leek and cheese quiche, made using free range eggs, and oven baked in a shortcrust pastry', the size is stated which is 165g, I'm told it is 6 points (if following Weightwatchers points), that it heats in 20 minutes in the oven and the best before date is clearly stamped on there. Other information on the box includes nutritional information, storage instructions (it is suitable for freezing), heating instructions are given, ingredients and allergy advice is listed and contact details for Weightwatchers are also given. It's a nice looking box and informative enough.

        The Quiche:

        Well I opened up my box to be greeted with as I mentioned earlier with a rather large single serving of quiche sat in a foil tray. You can eat this hot or cold and I decided on cold.

        Well what can I say? Appearances can be deceptive? Yes it looked the part. Light golden pastry, fluted around the edges with the base of it the same and it was full of like pale cream coloured egg custard and gave off a slight smoked bacon aroma. Yep I was excited!

        However talk about sloppy and messy to eat! The pastry was a little bland but it was thick enough and did sort of melt in the mouth. If we're going to pick at that it wasn't buttery or well seasoned but it held the quiche together well though it had a soggy base.

        That's the only positive I can find really! The filling was plentiful but so bland. Well I say bland it had an odd sweet taste to it and was incredibly salty. It was so sloppy when I cut into it it just caved in making a mess on my plate that really off put me. The egg filling was watery, rubbery and like I said bland. The reformed bacon pieces were small but plentiful and tasted like bacon with a slight smokiness to it but it was a bit slimy and again very salted indeed. The leek pieces were ok, no complaints there but my taste-buds couldn't detect the cheese with the overwhelming onion and salt flavourings going on.

        To me this was quite simply..well rank. It fell apart, looked horrible and tasted not good at all and this to me optimises what diet, low fat food is. Bland and boring and the whole reason people start to eat junk again lol. Not for me this, they've took a heap of stuff out and added the contents of a salt pot to it with some sort of powdered milk. Yuk!

        Allergy Advice:

        Contains: Milk, wheat, gluten, egg, mustard.

        Nutritional Information er Quiche:

        Energy: 308 Kcal
        Protein; 12.2g
        Carbohydrate: 34.7g
        of which sugars: 5.3g
        Fat: 13.4g
        of which saturates: 6.4g
        Fibre: 3.0g
        Sodium: 0.40g
        Salt: 1.0g

        Available in all good supermarkets etc.


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