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Weight Watchers Sweet Chilli Chicken

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Brand: Weight Watchers / Type: Chicken

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    6 Reviews
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      20.12.2011 00:17
      Very helpful



      4 stars because of small portion

      My sister joined weightwatchers after her summer holiday in 2010, originally thinking it wouldn't be up to much but worth a shot. After much consideration and encouragement from her I couldn't resist going along. I am only a size 8, but I wanted a more healthy lifestyle - with a 6'4 tall partner who despite being skinny eats a house full of food in an evening its hard to be in shape (especially as he won't touch anything healthy!).

      Having a busy lifestyle, I don't have much time to sit down and eat so I prefer ready-meals during the week. Weekends are for cooking! I know ready meals aren't very good for you and there is lots of discussion about how cooked meals are a lot better, but sometimes I just don't have time!

      I am quite fond of chinese/indian style dinners, so on my first supermarket trip after the meeting I decided to pick up this meal along with another couple of curry style dishes. I don't eat any other meat but chicken which made this perfect for me to try!

      To sum up the meal, it is basically chicken chunks in a sweet chilli sauce and rice. It comes in your average plastic container which is split in two with a plastic cover.

      The box does look very scrummy and once it has been cooked, the aroma is mouth watering! On the box is all of the information you would expect with a weight watchers meal. Such as how many points, calories, nutritional information, how to cook, etc.

      When it came to cooking the meal, you need to cook from frozen (or defrosted if you keep it in the fridge but be careful with the raw chicken). You can either put the plastic carton (pierced) in the microwave for 6-9 mins depending on your microwave strength (mine is 800W so I do it for 6.5mins). Alternatively you could cook it in the oven at 200 degrees for 40 minutes. I personally prefer to use the microwave as a ready meal is supposed to be quick and not time consuming! My only issue with ready meals is that they always land on your plate in a messy fashion - never neat at all!

      I have to admit, this is now my favourite meal. I love the sweet chilli sauce as it isn't too sweet or spicy from the chillis at all! Its perfect and tastes almost like the sweet chilli sauce you can buy to dip your prawn crackers into. I quite like that the sauce has chunky bits in which are peppers, onions and carrots - giving it a much more healthy feel.

      The meal however, isn't very big which I suppose is the point of it being a weight watchers diet. I wouldn't recommend going from large meals straight to this as it would feel more like a snack - go to this gradually. I only normally eat a small portion anyway but this was a downgrade still but it filled me up nicely - other women in the group said these ready meals never fill them so they use the recipes to make their own meals!

      Weight watchers meals are normally around the same price as ordinary meals. I find them to be of similar price to supermarket own brands. I have Asda closest to me which happens to be where the meal came from and it cost me £5 for 4 meals (I got two of these and two chicken currys). As they can be frozen I don't have to rush to eat them and can have them gradually from the freezer over a couple of weeks.
      As I liked this so much I can't wait to try some more meals and get healthier. I love that I can still enjoy guilty pleasures such as chinese food but without the horrible calories or fat content!

      I would recommend this meal to anyone even if you're not on the weight watchers diet but if you are then definitely give it a go! Its the first ready meal I have tried by the company and I will definitely be back for more.

      Weightwatchers is really working for me and my sister, we both feel much healthier and like we are controlling our weight (my sister is a size 12 aiming to be a 10 by the summer).


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        04.07.2010 20:51
        Very helpful



        Weight Watchers Ready Meal

        As noted from the reviews I have done previously; I'm doing the Weight Watchers healthy eating plan I have decided to give some of their ready made meals that they produce a go. I'm not generally a fan of ready meals, due to the bad reputation they seem to have with to much salt, sugar, fat etc. On the hold looking at the nutrition information on some of the Weight Watcher packets they don't seem too terrible.

        Weight Watchers Sweet Chilli Chicken with Rice:

        'Tender pieces of chicken in a delicious sweet chilli sauce, served with red pepper strips and white rice'

        I was quite eager to try this one as I'm extremely fond of sweet chilli sauce, well in fact I'm kind of addicted to it at the moment. Second there's chicken the only over meat I eat apart from fish and rice, all the things that I liked so what could go wrong? Well not a lot really, I have to say I really enjoyed eating this one! On the box this meal also looked particularly appetising, but they always do on the box, but it still sucked me in.

        The Meal:

        There was no real tang to the sweet chilli sauce, it is more like sweet tomato sauce but was still a nice taste. The rice was beautifully tender along with the many pieces of chicken and red pepper. I also noticed there was diced onion and strips of carrot too.

        In the plastic container is comes in it didn't look to bad whilst cooking, but removing from the container to the dish was a different story. It slid out the container with ease but ended up looking rather messy on my dish, however it was only for me so I didn't mind at all.

        I was very happy with the meal, it didn't manage to fill me up as there is very little rice within the meal itself; what this dish just needed was a little more rice and it would have hit the spot nicely. However I would certainly eat this meal again!

        How to cook:

        (Easy bit) I guess this why people like ready meals so much, as they are so easy to prepare. For this meal all you have to do is remove the cardboard packaging (obviously), pierce the film lid and place on a baking tray in a preheated oven for 40-45 minutes at 200c (need to adjust temperature for fan assisted ovens)

        Or if you wanted it sooner rather than later you can microwave your meal, remove film lid like before. Microwave; cook on full power for 8 minutes, leave to stand for 1 minute and jobs done. (Based on 750w microwave)

        As this can be microwave much sooner than using the oven I still opted for the oven, microwaving meals for me have always gone wrong. Being cold in the middle and burnt round the outside or it's made the meal rubbery. So the oven was the best option for me.

        This meal is to be cooked from frozen.


        I had this meal from my local Asda store as they were on offer 'Weight Watcher freezer meals and desserts' 4 for £5.00. This is a good price I think for 4 meals. However I have seen Weight Watchers ready meals in pound freeze too. My third ready meal I have tried now, one more to go!

        Nutrition Information:

        298 calories
        16.8g of protein
        54.3g of carbohydrates (16.4g of which sugars)
        1.5g of fat (0.5g of which saturates)
        1.2g of fibre
        0.7g of sodium
        1.8g of salt equivalent

        As stated on the box this product contains no artificial colours or flavours and no hydrogenated fats.

        Allergic Advise:

        Contains - Gluten, Wheat and Mustard.

        I know this is not wonderfully healthy still, but going on nutritional information from other ready made meals this isn't too bad either.


        I'm especially happy with this meal more rice would have given it five stars as it would have filled me up more. I would recommend this meal to all who like the ingredients and for those on the weight watchers plan as this has already been pointed for you and you don't have to work it out. (Lazy I know!)

        Additional Information:

        As many of you will know about Weight Watchers but just incase - Weight Watchers is a point system eating plan which I have found very easy to follow so far. You are allocated so many points per day, and everything food/drink wise has a point value. Your aim is not to go over your set points!

        Incase you would like to find more out about Weight Watchers they have a very handy and useful website.


        Weight Watchers Customer Service
        Millennium House
        Ludlow Road
        SL6 2SL

        Telephone: 0845 345 1500
        Email: uk.help@weightwatchers.co.uk

        Thanks for reading :o)


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          03.03.2010 11:44
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Quick and Easy to make and tastes great.

          When I joined Weight Watchers I was worried I would spend most of my days starving and biting my nails just to stop me eating, but after a few months of doing it I find it a really good diet, there are plenty of meals and snacks to choose from.

          One particular meal I really enjoy is Weight Watches Sweet Chilli Chicken with Rice, it has a points value of 4 1/2 and is packed with delicious flavour. The chicken is tender & tasty in a delicious sweet chilli sauce. It also contains red pepper and a serving of white rice. It tastes great.

          I sometimes tend to bulk it up slightly with a little extra rice, but I also enjoy it with a jacket potato and salad (but that might just be my taste).

          Its great value at only £1.63 from Tesco Supermarket but I expect other supermarkets sell them too.

          A 330g Portion Contains 298 Calories, 16.4g Sugar, 1.5g Fat, 0.5g Saturates and 1.8g Salt. This meal is suitable for freezing which I always find useful.

          I really enjoy this at weekends instead of a chinese take away because it tastes just as good with a lot less fat.


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            02.03.2010 14:36
            Very helpful



            A good meal for dieters

            I love weight watchers and often have a weight watchers meal for dinner, this is because i'm either on a diet or i'm gonna be really naughty afterwards (dessert i mean, not, kill a hooker or something)
            and last night I wanted some chocolate cake :)

            This sweet chilli dish cost £1.63 from Tesco's (although they are often on special - 2 for a quid usually) I've always loved sweet chili and have it quite often, sometimes on weird things (to some) like on toast.

            The product contains the following nutrional elements:

            298 calories. less than 1% fat and is only 4 and a half weight watcher points. it has no artificial colours; artificial flavours; hydrogenated fats.

            This was a very nice meal although as always there wasnt enough for me (lucky i had some cake nearby) the product tasted nice but not as i expected , it was too sweet and sour-y with hardly any chili coming through at all. There was also way too much sauce in comparison with the rice that came with it and could of done with more than just red peppers on the vegetable side of it

            But on the other hand there was a fair amount of chicken which was good. and ofcourse is easy to cook in the microwave

            A nice meal but not one of weight watchers best



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              05.02.2010 07:47
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              A nice tasty meal from the new oriental range by weight watchers

              I have been doing Weight Watchers on-line for about a month now and am working my way through lots of their ready meals.

              I purchased this particular meal from the Weight Watchers new oriental range. It's usual price is quite expensive at £2.08 from Asda if you buy just the one but I got mine on a 4 for £5 offer.

              ~ Packaging & Instructions ~

              The Sweet Chilli Chicken is a frozen meal & comes in the usual purple coloured Weight Watchers packaging with a picture of the chilli chicken printed on it. In the top right hand corner is a little red box saying 'New Oriental'.

              The meal is in a plastic heat proof tray and covered with clear film.

              I always microwave meals like this because I find oven baking makes the rice go a bit crispy sometimes. You can either oven cook for 40 - 45 minutes or microwave for around 7 minutes.

              ~ My Opinion ~

              Described on the box by Weight Watchers as 'Tender pieces of chicken in a delicious sweet chilli sauce, served with red pepper strips and white rice'.

              When I had cooked and served up this meal I noticed that there was a nice balance of rice and sauce and I was pleased to see there was plenty of chicken, carrot and red pepper in the sauce.

              I had previously purchased one of these meals for my husband to eat when I was going out one night and not bothered to get one for myself as the word 'chilli' always puts me off. I do not like food that is too spicy which I thought would be the case with this meal. When I asked him if it was nice he said it was really good and that he thought I would have liked it which is why I decided to give it a go.

              I started eating my meal to find that the rice was soft and fluffy and mixed in really well with the sauce. The sauce was really tangy and sweet tasting with hardly any spice to it at and I thought it was absolutely delicious. I counted 8 pieces of chicken in my meal which is a good amount and it was lovely and tender just like it says on the box!

              I think that the Sweet Chilli Chicken is a perfect size for a lunchtime meal but a bit small on its own for dinner but it was certainly really tasty and I will definitely be buying it again if I see it on offer. I think the price is too high otherwise and would not pay full price for it.

              ~ Boring Bits ~

              The Weight Watchers Sweet Chilli Chicken is less than 1% fat and 298 calories per 330g serving.

              The meal is 4.5 points if you are following the Weight Watchers diet.

              Nutritional Information (per meal):
              Energy KJ: 1264kJ
              kcal: 298kcal
              Protein: 16.8g
              Carbohydrate: 54.3g
              of which sugars: 16.4g
              Fat: 1.5g
              (of which saturates): 0.5g
              Fibre: 1.2g
              Sodium: 0.7g
              Salt equivalent: 1.8g


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                20.01.2010 13:11
                Very helpful




                This is 1 of the New-er Weight Watchers Meals out there. I do like the old favourites such as Lasagne and Chicken Curry, but it's as if Weight Watchers is trying to shake up their image and provide a Deit alternative to some of the nice Fast Food Takeaway food out there.

                This is found in the freezer section and costs a whopping £2.29. I wouldn't be prepared to pay that for a standard frozen meal, but it was on offer for £1.50 when I first tried it. This also seems quite expensive for a 320g Meal, but it is a Diet brand name, and they are always a rip off.

                The meal is in a plastic tray so you can just chuck in the Mircowave and it cooks in 7-8 minutes. The box looks alright as well, with the Weight Watchers from Heinz branding and the purple colouring which is on the Weight Watchers brand.

                This meal only has 298 calories and 1.5g of fat in the whole meal, so it was certainly pretty good for you! But would the portion size be any good?

                This has some nice fluffy white rice in it which is over 1 half of the tray, and the other side I could see a good few chunks of Chicken Breast with some Waterchesnuts and the odd Green Bean, and a nice quite thick sweet smelling Sauce.

                Once cooked I put the Rice on the bottom and tipped the Sauce and Chicken over the top of it. This allowed the Sauce to soak into the Rice and this made the Rice even softer and jsut a lot nicer. I like Rice, but I usually eat it with Sauce over it anyway. There wasn't a huge amount of Chicken in this, and for the right price of this I would perhaps expected that bit more. There was 4 strips of Chicken in total, 2 longer bits and the other 2 were stumpier. The Chicken was tender and tasty as well. The Sauce had a little bit spice to it, but not too much. It was just a nice sweet tangy Sauce with a little twist to it.

                This was lovely and the portion size was alright. I would probably be able to eat 2 of these if I was hungry and not trying to watch my Weight, but this little taster made me feel like I wasn't on a Diet and able to eat real food.

                A very nice meal, but shame about the proper price as that will put me off buying in the future.


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