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Weight Watchers Sweet & Sour Chicken

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Brand: Weight Watchers / Type: Chicken

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    3 Reviews
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      09.05.2011 09:40
      Very helpful
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      A super little meal, fairly healthy; excellent for dieters.

      I frequently buy Weightwatchers foods/meals; particularly at the moment and sometimes just for that purpose, to watch my weight. This Sweet & Sour chicken with long grain rice from Weightwatchers is great.

      I often find that other sweet & sour dishes can be a bit fattening, so i was pleased to be able to find a low calorie one. This is also a low calorie one that tastes nice. I have tried many types of sweet & sour chicken; including stores own brands and this one, in my view tastes better than some of the ones i have eaten before.

      On the box, the meal is described as ' Succulent pieces of chicken breast covered in a delicious sweet and sour sauce with juicy pineapple, red and yellow peppers and crisp water chestnuts, served with fluffy long grain rice'.

      I really like the mixture of the ingredients. Whilst there is ample chicken and sauce for me, there isn't very much rice. Then again, if you are on a diet, you wouldn't really expect to get very much rice otherwise it wouldn't be low calorie! Hence, the meal does fill me up for a little bit but not greatly.

      What is also good about this meal is that you can cook it in two ways from both chilled and frozen. If you cook it from chilled it will take about 30 minutes in the oven or about 6 minutes in the microwave (depending on microwave wattage). If you cook it from frozen it will take about 50 minutes in the oven or about 11 minutes in the microwave. I cooked it from chilled in the microwave and it turned out well.

      If you choose to freeze the product, you will need to consume it within one month.

      I bought this 400g box from Morrisons for £2.37 which i thought was a bit expensive at the time! You can buy it at Tesco currently for only £1.78.


      Cooked long grain rice (33%)
      Cooked chicken (16%)
      Pineapple (4%)
      Water chestnut (3.5%)
      Red peppers (2.5%)
      Yellow peppers (2.5%)
      Red wine vinegar
      Tomato puree
      Ginger puree
      Light soy sauce
      Garlic puree
      Paprika extract

      Cooked long grain rice contains water; rice

      Cooked chicken contains; chicken, water, salt

      Ginger puree contains; Ginger, vegetable oil, sugar, salt

      Light soy sauce contains; water, salt, Molasses, sugar, soya beans, wheat

      ~~~Allergy Information~~~

      Contains Wheat, Soya, Gluten

      This is a great meal for dieters or anyone who loves the sweet & sour flavour meals and is concerned about calorie intake.


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        01.09.2010 16:09
        Very helpful



        Weight Watchers Sweet and Sour Chicken

        Here I am again with another Weight Watcher ready meal to add to my tried and not keen list! After being to the dentist for a root canal filling I wasn't in any mood to cook anything, so on the way home I popped into my local Tesco's and visited there chilled foods section. Wanting something easy to do and soft to eat I spotted a sweet and sour chicken with rice so in the trolley in went!

        Weight Watchers Sweet and Sour Chicken with Long Grain Rice:

        'Succulent pieces of chicken breast covered in a delicious sweet and sour sauce' (sounding yummy to me!)

        Well I have to say I was rather disappointed with this ready meal, it lacked in flavour the sauce was very runny and next to no vegetables at all within the dish. I cooked this meal via the microwave and even taking it out and plating up there was hardly any smell from the sweet and sour sauce.

        I have tried the bottled sweet and sour sauce that the Weight Watchers range do and really liked it so I was hoping this would taste the same. How wrong was I! The sauce was like a sweet sugar water taste with a mild after taste of tomato and pineapple nothing at all like I was expecting. The whole taste was incredibly weak and runny, a total let down in my eyes.

        One thing I did like however was the rice it was light and fluffy very nice texture, the chicken pieces also tasted like nothing. The chicken pieces was nice and tender with a fair few pieces too just a shame it lacked so much it taste.

        On the description it also states there will be pineapple, red and yellow pepper plus crisp water chestnuts. Where were they? Because I only had some peppers and I didn't taste or see any pineapple or chestnuts!

        How to cook:

        Hence why I picked this type of meal the ease of how to cook it. All you have to do is remove the card sleeve and pierce the film lid, place on a microwavable plate and microwave for three minutes (based on a 850w microwave) Once the three minutes are up give it a shake and place in the microwave for a further two and half minutes. You can eat it out of the plastic tray if you wish however I prefer to put the meal on to a plate.

        This meal can also be cooked from frozen - you have to freeze on the day of purchase and use within one month, do no refreeze after already been defrosted.

        Allergy Advice:

        Contains - wheat, gluten and soya.

        Nutritional Information:

        Per Pack (400g)

        353 - Calories
        21.4g - Protein
        61.9g - Carbohydrates
        15.8g - of sugars
        2.2g - Fat
        0.4g - of saturates
        5.5g - Dietary fibre
        0.40g - Sodium
        1.0g - Salt equivalent

        Total Weight Watcher Points = Five Points

        Price and Availability:

        As I said this Weight Watchers ready meal was purchased from Tesco's it was on offer at £1.18 from there normal price of £2.29. I have also seen this meal in the chilled section of Asda and Morrison's also.


        Overall I will not be purchasing this meal again it was very bland a complete lack of taste, the price of £1.18 I find a fair price for a Weight Watchers ready meal but personally I think £2.29 would be expensive for what you get. I wish I cooked my own now!

        One out of five stars from me!

        Thanks for reading :o)

        Additional Information:

        Storage - keep refrigerated below 5C, unless you decide to freeze.
        As many of you will know about Weight Watchers but just incase - Weight Watchers is a point system eating plan which I have found very easy to follow so far. You are allocated so many points per day, and everything food/drink wise has a point value. Your aim is not to go over your set points!

        Incase you would like to find more out about Weight Watchers they have a very handy and useful website.


        Weight Watchers Customer Service
        Millennium House
        Ludlow Road
        SL6 2SL

        Telephone: 0845 345 1500

        Email: uk.help@weightwatchers.co.uk


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          25.03.2010 11:24
          Very helpful



          A tasty meal that's probably more healthy than a yummy chinese!

          I have to admit I enjoy near enough all of the weightwatchers frozen meals. I'm not convinced they are the healthiest mind you but they are quick and convenient meals that are small portions which is what I need at the moment. One of the many meals I've tried is the Sweet and Sour chicken. Now I've tried two types, the one pictured above which I purchased in Tesco on a 2 for £3 offer and just the 'normal' version. The difference being the one pictured above is the new 'oriental' version, which basically means it includes a few peppers. There is actually not that much difference between the two. The one I am concentrating on here though is the normal version, which can be bought in Iceland for £1.50. It is basically the same as the one above but without the green peppers but with the same taste.

          The weightwatchers sweet and sour chicken comes in the usual purple cardboard box with a picture of the meal on the front. This is probably one of the only pictures I think actually looks nice, as for me personally the pictures don't usually do the meals justice. The Weight Watchers from Heinz logo is boasted on the corner of the box and we are told that this is Chicken breast pieces in a sweet and sour sauce served with rice.

          This particular meal contains 300 calories and less than 1% fat and if you are following the weight watchers points plan this has a 4 1/2 points value.

          The meal comes in a small, microwaveable black tray, half white rice and half the sweet and sour chicken. To cook the meal you can simply pop it in the microwave for roughly 8 minutes and leave it to stand for one. Tucking into it I was straightaway impressed, the sweet and sour sauce is considerably thick for what I would call a 'cheap' meal. It is thick and sweet but doesn't offer that much sour, so if you do like your sweet and sour sauce to offer just as much sour as it does sweet you probably won't be so impressed. It is tasty though, and it also contains large chunks of pineapple which make it that extra bit sweeter and fruitier. The chicken pieces vary in size, they do taste of chicken slightly, but it is the sauce that offers most of the flavour. They are tender pieces of chicken though and blend in with the sweet and sour sauce perfectly. The rice is white, soft and fluffy, but it looked quite soggy which surprised me. Despite the meal looking quite small it was surprisingly filling and really tasted good to. I wouldn't compare it to your typical chinese sweet and sour chicken but for a cheap, microwaveable meal it was good.


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