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Young's Fish Fingers with Omega 3

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Brand: Young's / Type: Frozen Food

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    2 Reviews
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      06.01.2012 13:52
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      A yummy lazy tea

      Since I've not been well over Christmas, I've not had much of an appetite for food, and also when I get home from work I tend to snooze all evening and have no energy to cook from scratch. Last night, we both dozed off when we got home, and didn't wake up till 8pm so we decided a quick and easy tea was in order.....what else can you have in these situations apart from fishfinger butties?!

      We had these Youngs fishfingers with Omega 3 in the freezer, and I seem to remember picking them up at Asda a little while ago because they were on offer and worked out cheaper than any of the alternatives. Looking on the Asda website they cost £1.65 for a pack of 10, so it might have been on rollback at the time for £1 possibly.

      Youngs are an ethical company, who ensure their fish is of the highest quality and responsibly sourced. They are a natural source of Omega 3 and are made with 100% fish fillets which is always reassuring to hear because you never really know what goes into these things until you read the packaging.

      The fishfingers come in the usual style box, which opens at the end and doesn't reclose which makes it tricky storing the fishfingers if you have a chest freezer because they always seem to end up all over the freezer as the box gets moved around! The box is blue and looks like a premium brand, but this is of little interest to me as it's going to end up in the recycling bin.

      The fishfingers take 12 minutes in the oven, and between 8 - 10 minutes under the grill. We always oven bake ours, mainly because we have more oven trays than grill trays so there's more chance of one of these being clean! They took over 12 minutes to cook all the way through, but I find this often happens with frozen food and it ends up taking longer than it says on the instructions. After about 15 - 20 minutes we were happy that the fishfingers were cooked, and they were used to create the most comforting fishfinger buttie with tomato sauce.

      The fishfingers went a lovely golden colour when cooked, and we could tell they were ready when the breadcrumb covering started splitting a bit to reveal the lovely white fish underneath. The breadcrumb covering was lovely and soft, but not quite soggy. It had juices coming through from the fish and was the perfect consistency in my opinion. Like everyone else, I choose the non-branded versions when they work out cheaper, but I find the cheaper ones either have a soggy covering or the breadcrumbs are too hard and crispy. These were perfectly soft and made each bite into the buttie absolutely divine.

      The fish itself was a lovely white colour, no grey or horrible bits in sight. If you were to cut the fishfingers open (which we did to make sure they were cooked), the fish just flaked nicely, and tasted....well like fish really! I'm never any good at recognising what kind of fish they use in fishfingers, but I could tell this was quality because it was so flavoursome and had a lovely flaky texture and pure white colour.

      Nutritionally, these aren't bad for you at all, with 3 fishfingers giving 160 calories, 10.1g fat, 1.1g saturates and 0.6g salt. As far as lazy teas go, this is a pretty good option for many reasons.


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        10.10.2011 19:39
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        fish finger sandwiches tomorrow :)

        Young's Fish Fingers with Omega 3.

        After enjoying my lazy day I decided to be lazy about my dinner as well and made myself fish fingers and chips. The chosen fish fingers were Young's Fish Fingers with Omega 3 and I enjoyed them so much I decided to give them their own review.

        *** Packaging ***
        Young's Fish Fingers with Omega 3 are packaged in a blue cardboard box. The box has a picture of a fish finger on a fork across the front, along with a large 'Young's' logo. There is a statement saying "now with 20% more fish" and "more kids prefer Young's"

        On the side of the box there is storage information, recycling information, a contact us address and telephone number and also a description of the fish you have purchased "100% wild Alaskan Pollock fillet, coated in light golden breadcrumbs"

        On the back of the box you are given cooking guidelines and nutritional information along with a list of ingredients and a couple of paragraphs about Young's fish and why fish is good for you.

        There are 10 Fish Fingers in the box.

        *** How do I cook them? ***
        The guidelines on the back of the box state that you can cook Young's Fish Fingers in 8-10 minutes in the grill or 12 minutes baking in the oven. I chose to cook mine in the oven due to the fact that I was also cooking my chips in the oven and this was the easiest option.

        I spaced my 3 fish fingers out on the baking tray along with my chips and placed them in the oven on gas mark 7. I left them in for around 10 minutes before I went to check on them, I could see they were starting to cook but were not quite ready so I turned them over and put them back in for a further 8 minutes. By this time they were going a lovely golden colour and had little bubbles of juice at the sides of them. I gently stabbed a knife in the centre of one of them to check if it was cooked and it was. My total cooking time was around 18 minutes which is slightly longer than the box tells me, however my oven wasn't pre-heated so this could be the reason.

        *** Taste ***
        After putting my fish fingers on the plate along with a bit of ketchup I left them a moment to cool down. Upon cutting into the breadcrumbs I could see lovely white fish in the middle, I dipped it in a little bit of ketchup and enjoyed my first bite. The breadcrumbs tasted fresh and thanks to my cooking skills or rather my ability to remember I had food cooking, they weren't burnt. The fish also tasted rather fresh and was pure white all the way through the fish finger, which I found a pleasant surprise as I have often found with other brands that the fish can be either too dry or too soggy and also have darker patches of fish rather than white all the way through. This fish is different though, it is mouth wateringly moreish and tastes delicious. I may even have a new addiction as I am now thinking of fish finger sandwiches for tomorrow!

        *** Nutritional Information ***
        The nutritional information is displayed in a chart on the back of the box and also the key information is displayed separately for quick reference.

        For every 3 fish fingers you will be eating 161 calories, 1.1g of sugar, 7.1g of fat, 0.9 grams of fat which saturates and 0.7g of salt.

        I'm not a health expert but from what I can see I would say this all sounds pretty healthy.

        *** Price ***
        We purchased Young's Fish Fingers with Omega 3 from our local Tesco at a price of £1.99, however I believe they are currently on offer at £1 per box of 10.

        *** Overall ***
        I would definitely recommend Young's Fish Fingers with Omega 3. They taste so nice and even though I was left feeling full up from my meal I feel like I could always fit in just one more as they taste so good. They are a good price for the quality of the fish and even better at the moment while they are on offer!

        Thanks for reading :)


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