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Young's Salmon Pie

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3 Reviews

Brand: Young's / Type: Other Ready Meals

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    3 Reviews
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      28.03.2011 13:42
      Very helpful



      A good ready meal, need to add a vegetable.

      Young's Salmon Crumble

      Salmon in butter sauce, topped with mashed potato and cheddar cheese crumble.

      Microwaveable in 8 1/2 minutes, 324 calories (good), 1.7g salt (a little high).

      There is a fair amount of salmon in the meal, and it tastes like salmon, not just "fish".

      I'm not very keen on the cheesy crumble, but that's just because I prefer my mash neat, I'm sure other people like it. I thought the sauce was a little too thick, but that could vary between batches.

      No vegetables, but it's easy enough to zap some frozen peas to go with it.

      On the whole, a pleasant, filling, hot meal.

      And a plus point - for those of us afflicted with the misery of fortnightly rubbish collections.
      The tray is made of cardboard, with a thin white plastic film liner, not the usual rigid black plastic.
      If you soak the tray edges, you can peel off the plastic liner (which isn't much bigger than the wrapper off a chocolate bar), and put the cardboard into your paper recycling. Or just soak the whole tray to soften it an it will sqash up into a much smaller space in your bin. I can't see why all ready meals don't come in trays like that.


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      10.11.2009 09:15
      Very helpful



      A decent meal for just £1.

      I have to admit I've been quite impressed with the Young's fish products lately and tend to keep them stocked up in my freezer. One product I tried the other day was Young's Light & Easy Salmon Crumble.

      Young's Salmon Crumble cost me just £1 in Iceland for the ready meal. It came in a light blue box with an appetising picture of the salmon crumble on the front with the ocean in the background. We are told that this is Salmon Crumble, Pink Salmon in a creamy white wine sauce with mashed potatoe and cheese crumble. It proudly boasts that the meal is just 285 calories and low in fat.

      You can either cook the crumble in the oven which takes around 45 minutes or you can pop it in the microwave for roughly 9 minutes.

      The crumble oven baked contains;
      285 calories
      3.9g sugar
      7.3g fat
      1.8g saturates
      1.8g salt

      Taking it out of the microwave the top had darkened slightly in colour but most of what I could see looked like mash with just a little crumblyness on the middle of the surface which I assumed was the 'crumble'!

      The crumble added a slight crunch, there was nothing cheesy about it though. I soon forgot about the crumble though when I sunk through a thick, smooth and creamy mash which delved right down to the bottom of the tray. It became softer and creamier when I came to the white wine sauce and I was soon greeted by chunky, pink salmon pieces that just flaked in my mouth they were very tender and tasty and actually tasted just like salmon. Most of this meal is the potato in my opinion but I find it satisfying and filling, it's very smooth and creamy especially when mixed in with the white wine sauce which just makes it creamier. For £1 I can't complain, it's not the tastiest meal about but for a quick, convenient meal done in minutes in the microwave it is worth the £1 spent.


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        12.08.2009 18:44
        Very helpful



        A yummy fish pie with a tasty cheesey crumb on top!

        ***SALMON CRUMBLE***
        This Salmon Crumble is made by Young's who are well known for delicious frozen fish products. This meal contains succulent pieces of wild Alaskan Pink Salmon Fillets in a creamy white wine sauce, topped with mashed potato and a cheesy crumble. It's a natural source of Omega 3 which is good for your health and this pie contains 22% of your daily recommended Omega 3.

        Each pie provides:

        * Calories 300 - 15% RDA
        * Sugar 4.8g - 5% RDA
        * Fat 11.4g - 16% RDA
        * Saturates 2.1g - 11% RDA
        * Salt 2.0g - 33% RDA

        ***HOW TO PREPARE***
        You can cook this is the oven simply by removing the outer packaging and film lid and cooking for about 45mins. Make sure the fish is piping hot before serving/eating. You can also cook this in the microwave on full power for about 9 minutes. Then simply leave to stand for 1 minute and then it will be ready to serve.

        When taking this out of the cardboard packaging to bake in the oven it looks quite plain and boring and you can only really see the mashed potato and you can see what looks like breadcrumbs in the middle of the mashed potato as well.

        The pie took a bit longer than 45mins to cook, of course this didn't help me not closing the oven door properly, otherwise it would have probably taken about 45mins to cook depending on your oven! You could easily share this pie between 2 people and would be great with a salad or new potatoes. I how-ever just decided to eat this pie myself on its own without anything else with it.

        When taking this out of the oven you can see the potato has gone a golden brownish colour on top and the crumbs on top are more of a golden colour as well. The potato tastes nice, fluffy and light and the potato with the cheesy crumbs on top gives it a nice taste and a slight crunchy texture to it. There isn't alot of the cheesy crumble on top which was quite disappointing as the picture on the front of the box shows the potato and fish completely covered with the cheesy crumbs.

        When reaching the bottom of the container where the sauce and salmon was I couldn't wait to taste it. The salmon tasted moist and fresh and just simply melted in my mouth. The white wine sauce was nice and creamy but there wasn't a lot of it. It did taste very nice with the salmon and mashed potato.

        As there wasn't much cheesy crumb on top this disappeared quite quick so it was hard to taste what this would have been like with the salmon and mashed potato together.

        (Review also on ciao)


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