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Gordon¿s Removals;
Unit 14;
Lindon Road;
West Midlands.

Telephone ¿ 01543 373264

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    1 Review
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      12.11.2007 23:27
      Very helpful
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      A great removal firm if you live in the Midlands

      I have been reading some of the reviews about various removal companies and it made me remember how good our firm was when we moved from Walsall in the Midlands to Llandudno on the North Wales coast.

      We had a few problems with things going wrong and people not doing what they were paid to do, but this opinion is about a real success – Gordon’s Removals.

      When we were at the stage to book a removal firm we began by looking at the main national firms like Pickford’s, but we had heard some bad reports about them and decided to check out a few of the locally based firms as well.

      Gordon’s Removals are based in Brownhills in the West Midlands although they do travel all over the country and into Europe.

      One of their vans was off to France the day that we moved, so Llandudno seemed quite close after all! Sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself here.

      Dave made the first contact with Gordon’s and spoke to the boss who is a guy named Malcolm and he was superb! Within minutes Dave and he were laughing like old friends as they sorted out all the details for our move and we both felt comfortable and confident right from the start.

      At this stage we were given a quote of £680 which was for the moving of our furniture and effects from Walsall to Llandudno – we would do the packing ourselves. When we were initially looking round we had got a couple of other quotes both of which were higher than this, so we were happy with £680.

      There was also the option to purchase extra insurance cover for an extra £10 to cover us for things such as not being able to gain access to the house, in which case the insurance would provide up to three days in a hotel. We decided to take out this insurance just in case of unforeseen problems, which thankfully did not occur.

      The next step was for a couple of the removal men to come to the house and just have a look at the things that we were taking to Llandudno with us so that they could get a feel for what sized removal van they would need, as they have a fleet of vans of various sizes.

      Two copies of the contract were then sent to us to show the breakdown of the quote were sent to us and we had to sign and return one of them once we were happy that it was correct.

      We also received details of the insurance and a full breakdown of what cover we were purchasing for our £10.

      Gordon’s do provide a packing service for those people who would rather leave the packing to someone else, but I don’t know how much they would charge for this. They will also provide storage paid for by the week or by the day if it’s needed.

      We also agreed with Malcolm that, if the removal men wanted to come the day before the removal, they could pack most of the things onto the van to give us an earlier start on the big day.

      They arrived at 2pm on the day prior to the removal and we had to send them away again for an hour, as we weren’t expecting them quite that early! They didn’t mind – they were happy to have the break I think.

      Anyway they returned at about 3pm and began loading as much as possible onto the van. At this stage there were three men working for us and they were all polite, hard working, good fun and really helpful. Of course we kept the tea and biscuits on hand to keep us all going!

      One extra service that was provided at this stage was the packing of the televisions, microwave and large pictures and mirrors ready to go into the van safely.

      The day of the move dawned bright and dry, thank you God, and two of the removal men that we had met the previous day arrived at about 9am as arranged. We were all packed and ready to go well before 10am so we locked up; posted the keys back through the letterbox and off we went. By the way the estate agent had the set of keys to give to our buyers!

      Naturally we soon passed the removal van on the motorway and we got a head start on them. We did stop at a roadside café just outside Llandudno to get a bacon sandwich and it was there that our furniture passed us!! They had made brilliant time and we all eventually arrived in Llandudno together.

      Unfortunately we had a slight delay at this stage of about an hour as the money transfers hadn’t all been completed so the removal men went off for a lunch of fish and chips while they waited – well we were by the seaside weren’t we?

      The estate agent drove round to deliver the keys personally once the transfers had all been completed and we were back on track. Incidentally that’s what it’s like living here – everyone is so friendly and helpful.

      Dave and I went into the house which was a former guest house and as the sellers had told us they were emigrating they had agreed to leave us all the furniture although it wasn’t as good as we thought it was going to be but never mind!

      We moved one or two things around to make space for our own furniture although we had left quite a bit back at ‘home’ for our buyers. There were a couple of heavy items that Dave and I couldn’t move on our own so when the removal men came back from lunch we asked them if they would mind helping us. They were great and moved the stuff to where we wanted it before starting to bring our own furniture in.

      The unpacking of the van took about 3 hours. We’ve bought a three storey house and mom and dad have now got the ground floor as a flat for them and we have the two upper stories as our ‘house’, so of course as all of the first lot was ours it all had to go up at least one flight of stairs.

      Again a good supply of tea and biscuits were on hand during the proceedings, but by the time they’d finished we were all exhausted. I have never seen two men work as hard as they did that day.

      Dave gave them a good tip for all their help as we stood having a final cup of tea. They then told us that they should not have done any moving of stuff other than what was on the van, but that they had wanted to help – note this comment was made after they had received their tip so they weren’t just saying it in the hope that we might tip them! They also told us that if we had the same firm to move mom and dad’s furniture that it would be done at as discount as we were already customers of theirs!

      When mom and dad did move up to join us they charged us £610 for their move and they had about the same amount of stuff as we did.

      When it was time for their move circumstances conspired against Gordon’s and they couldn’t get to my parents house on the day before the move to begin loading so Malcolm himself came with them on the morning of the moving day to help pack the van – the boss helping out, now that can’t be bad can it?

      The address and telephone number in case you’re interested is:

      Gordon’s Removals,
      Unit 14,
      Lindon Road,
      West Midlands.
      WS8 7BW
      Telephone – 01543 373264


      I would recommend these people to anyone without hesitation!

      In fact we are moving again soon (within Llandudno) and I wish we could call on Gordons but I think it might be a bit far for them to come! LOL!


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