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Address: Squab Hall / Harbury Lane / Bishops Tachbrook / Leamington Spa / CV33 9QB

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    2 Reviews
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      04.08.2011 16:58
      Very helpful



      Great company, Great service, great Staff. Highly recommend to anyone

      I have recently moved and was worried that the whole experience would be to stressful for not only me but my family as well. We have moved a lot over the last 5 years because of work and every time it has brought nothing but issues. This time round it was completely different.

      The company I worked for wanted me to move from Warwickshire to Lincolnshire, and it was all a bit of a rush thing, didn't know who to call, which companies to trust nothing. I asked some friends from work who gave me some names and I called them. The First I called was Britannia Squab. From the start very polite on the phone, understood my situation and arrange for someone to come round and have a chat with me and my wife. The first thing I would like to point out is that we didn't have to take time off work, the gentleman who came to see us agreed to a time of 7pm. Which was fantastic made it so much easier for us. The whole experience with Squab was amazing. Robb the surveyor turned up on time and he went through everything with us in great detail. He left us feeling very confident that everything was going to be ok.
      I would like to point out that the other 2 surveyors that came didn't go through the moving process with us in as much detail and because of that we had made our mind up on who we wanted to move us.
      The quotes came through and to be honest we were a little shocked when we found out what it would cost. Squab was more expensive that the other 2 quotes by £200 and that upset us. I made a call to Squab there and then and spoke to a lady called Kerry. She made it clear why it was more expensive than the other companies and we understood that. We made the decision to use Squab because of their professionalism and honesty.
      We were over the moon with the whole service from start to finish. The lads turned up on time as we were told. They arrived at eight thirty in the morning and worked so hard getting it all loaded in a morning. They left us at the house so we could clean up and headed off to the new address. We had planned to meet them the next day for delivery and again bang on time. The same men worked hard to unload the lorry and by midday they had emptied the lorry and were ready to leave.
      I have to point out that even though it all seemed too good to be true we never had a single issue with any of the job. The lads Jason and Paul worked there socks off on both days and we are very grateful to them for treating our home with great care.
      Britannia Squab is professional, smart, hard working, and an all round excellent removals company that I wouldn't hesitate recommending to anyone who wishes to move.


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      24.04.2009 12:56
      Very helpful



      Make sure you check and double check everything and obey all the small print

      I hate moving house. There just seems to be so much you've got to try and remember to do. And on top of all that, you have to pack up all your stuff in boxes and arrange to have it removed. However, when I recently got another job in a different part of the country, there was nothing for it but to try and find a removals firm. After speaking to a number of different firms, I finally decided on Squab Hall and am left with somewhat mixed feelings.

      Although Squab Hall is a local firm, they are also part of the wider Britannia Group, so in theory, you get the best of both worlds: the friendliness of a local firm, combined with the infrastructure of a large one.

      The first step was to get someone out to have a look at our stuff and provide an estimate. As both of us work, Squab Hall agreed to send someone out after 5.30pm so that we didn't have to take time off work, which was very handy.

      The estimator arrived bang on time and was very efficient and friendly. He made a careful note of our stuff and explained the various options available to us and how they worked. He even gave us advice on how we should pack certain items to ensure they arrived in one piece.

      We were particularly concerned about one piece of very expensive furniture which we own, particularly since when it arrived, it only just fitted through the door, so extreme care needed to be taken with it. The estimator said they were very used to dealing with such items and explained how they would remove it, giving examples of other similar types of furniture which they had moved. He left us feeling confident that our possessions would be safe in their hands.

      Before he left, he made sure that he had all our details correct and promised that we would have a quote by email the following day. True enough, the next day, I checked my email and there was the quote. Although their estimate wasn't the cheapest we got, having spoken to all the firms, we did feel that Squab would handle our stuff (particularly the expensive items) with most care and decided to go with them.

      It was at this point that I hit the first (small) problem. To confirm the booking, I had to pay a third of the cost upfront (with the rest payable 5 days before the removal date). I rang them up on a Saturday morning and spoke to them, but was told that the office staff didn't work on the weekend. This was a little bit frustrating as time was pressing and we needed to get the booking confirmed. However, they did take my phone number and promise to ring me back, which they did. Payment was then done over the phone by credit card and we had our firm booking.

      No matter how efficient the estimators or backroom staff are, though, it's the actual removal service which counts. We selected the full packing service, meaning they came and packed absolutely everything in boxes for you. Although this cost more (an extra £140 plus VAT), we felt it was worth the extra money to save us a great deal of time and hassle. Boy, were we ever proved right!

      The removals men were due to arrive between 8:30-9am. They actually arrived at around 09:15, giving us a slightly nervous time where we began to. They immediately set to work, emptying cupboards, packing boxes, putting furniture in the van etc. As with all workmen, of course, they drank lots of tea, so we were constantly making cuppas for them. However, given that we had nothing else to do, this wasn't really a problem. Indeed, the most difficult part for us was staying out of their way, since we felt rather like spare parts, watching them rush around like dervishes!

      There were only three of them, but they worked incredibly hard and had it packed in no time at all. By just after 3pm, the only items that were left in the house were the expensive item of furniture and the bed, which they were coming back for the following morning around 08:30.

      Time keeping clearly isn't their strong point, as it was around 09:30 by the time they actually turned up, once more leaving us anxiously hanging around. Once they did arrive, though, they quickly and efficiently moved the remaining bits in the van and set off.

      Once we got to our destination, the efficient service continued. They put down various carpet runners and polythene to make sure they didn't tramp mud into the house (particularly important since it was rented). Once again, they worked incredibly hard and in less than 3 hours had the entire van unpacked. The only downside was that, for health and safety reasons, we weren't allowed to help with any of the unpacking, so once again, were reduced to standing around twiddling our thumbs.

      So given how efficient I've said the service was why do they only get a fairly mediocre score? Simple: they damaged the important piece of furniture we were most concerned about. As soon as it arrived in the house, we inspected it as far as we were able, and it seemed to be OK. However, when we were able to inspect it properly a couple of weeks later, it became clear that a chunk had been knocked out of it.

      We immediately contacted Squab who instantly fell back on the small print in their contract to avoid liability. They said their contract stated any damages had to be advised in writing within 7 days and that we couldn't claim because we had advised them after this time period and had no evidence that they had damaged the item. In vain did I point out that a full inspection had proved impossible within this timescale. Any argument I came up with was simply ignored and fell back on the same point: "it's in our small print and you signed the contract". Legally, they felt they had a water tight case, and that's all that mattered to them.

      Whilst this is certainly true, it points to an appalling lack of customer service. This particular item was the one we were most concerned about and we carefully grilled all the companies about it. Squab reassured us that they were experts in this type of furniture and that they would ensure it would arrive in one piece. For them to cause this damage, and then rely on technicalities to avoid liability is very poor indeed. We weren't even looking for a huge sum of money or threatening legal action against them; we just hoped that perhaps they might make a small contribution towards the cost of repair. Once they'd got our money and passed the seven day time limit, though, their attitude was "you can't touch us, so we don't care."

      In one sense, the service we received from Squab was very good - efficient and friendly. However, the damage they caused and their attitude towards this is a serious problem, making it difficult to rate them. Essentially, if you have only standard items of furniture that are not too expensive, I would recommend them. If you have anything of value, think twice about whether you want to use them and make sure you are able to inspect everything VERY carefully immediately on arrival.

      Basic Information
      Squab Hall Removals
      Harbury Lane
      Leamington Spa
      CV33 9QB
      Tel: 01926 882282
      Web: http://www.squabremovals.co.uk/

      © Copyright SWSt 2009


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