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Cambridge Audio Azur 540R

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Manufacturer: Cambridge / 6.1 Channels / Standard Remote Control / Decoders: Dolby Digital / DTS / DTS ES / Dolby Pro Logic II

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    1 Review
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      20.10.2010 14:55
      Very helpful



      Go for it if you have the cash!

      This stylish addition to the Cambridge Audio family has a whole host of
      fantastically advanced, high-quality features which will blow any music
      lover straight into the 21st-century. From the new and improved elegant
      plastic casing to the machines excellent audio power, this is a device
      anyone with an interest in pure sounding music is sure to want and

      This is the area this particular model excels in. The quality of output
      is incredible, a level only found in a machine of this size and perhaps,
      price. Packing 80 watts of RMS across 6-channels, the player is capable
      of destroying ear-drums if you're not careful, and this should really be
      considered before and during a pissed party atmosphere!
      Its just as easy to blow the speakers as is it is your ear-drums with
      this machines high capacity sound output, so be careful!
      Based around a Dolby Digital system, if you're looking to splash out
      on pure quality, this is the player for you.

      The quality of the plastic finish is excellent and very high quality. This
      ensures no rattling or damage to the product with all that sound
      blasting out near-by. One thing I particularly like about the players
      exterior is its light-up digital display which only adds to the intense
      atmosphere of the device.
      The strength of the unit ensures its ability to hold items on top
      (nothing too heavy) and this can be very useful when installing the
      product in a cluttered space with little room.
      Similarly, there is no special requirement for the machines fan to be
      in clean air, meaning it can be pushed to the back of a shelf or
      cupboard without long-term damage.

      The model is supplied with a remote control which gives it a high rating
      in the ease of use and usability section. The control contains all the
      buttons needed for operation (also built into the main device), from
      the obvious play, pause, rewind, fast-forward to the less obvious
      mode and menu buttons.
      The volume control on the main device is very sensitive and operates
      smoothly when turned. It's one of the popular wide heavy units
      found on many Cambridge and other big sound company products.
      The device-to-speaker ports in the back are of a usual standard,

      Overall, a fantastic large device capable of extraordinary sound-based
      achievements. A must buy if you're into your serious music listening!
      Also, works great in public places, such as pubs and restaurants.


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  • Product Details

    The centrepiece of Cambridge Audios stunning new Azur multi-channel range, the 540R has been designed to deliver outstanding picture and sound quality. Elegantly housed in stylish new casework, with a substantial aluminium front panel and acoustically damped chassis, the 540R affords an impressive array of features and functions. The ergonomic remote control which comes as standard, is perfectly contoured and controls all the features of this AV powerhouse. Compatible with the latest Home Cinema formats, the 540R packs a mighty 80 Watts RMS across each of its six channels. The FM/MW tuner offers the convenience of 40 station presets and RDS functionality. The 540R features a host of inputs and outputs to provide flexible connectivity and set-up. A full range of video switching options are also fitted, allowing the amplifier to act as a hub unit for composite S-VHS and component video sources and enabling simultaneous picture and sound control. Its time to say goodbye to yesterdays AV system and hear how the A