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Sony STR-DB 840 QS

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    1 Review
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      06.10.2001 05:48
      Very helpful



      This is in fact the second Sony AV amp I have purchased - the first being the STR-DE445. That particular machine did not stay in my home for long due to the "python effect" (see my review of this machine for full explanation). I'm glad I took the gamble and got this machine ? I had considered giving up after the disaster of the STR-DE445 but I took my heart in my hand - along with another 100 notes and upgraded to the STR-DB840. Never mind the quality - feel the weight -=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=---= When you first get your STR-DB840 out of the box you will be struck by the size and weight of this animal. I have not looked inside but I get the feeling there's a block of lead inside this for added value. Its quite hard to believe that this is towards the "budget" end of the Sony Range of AV amps. Connecting this AMP is straightforward and I found I did not need to refer to the manual at all. The controls on the front were fairly intuitive (to me at any rate) and I was able to go through the set up process in about 30 mins. You need to tell the amp what kind of speakers you have connected (Large or Small) and their locations relative to the amp and the listener (e.g. High or Low on the wall and the distance in m from front to rear speakers). At this point you can now play around with the test signal - this plays a standard "white noise" through each speaker in turn so that you can get them all evenly balanced. Start Me Up -=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-= As with the STR-ES445 when a digital source is playing through this bit of gear the AMP exudes a blue strip of light reminiscent of the lights from Kitt in Night Rider. A nice novelty but it soon fades and sometimes I wish I could switch this gimmick off. My first audio test of this was Jurassic Park - a film with lots of excellent surround effects. I have to say I was well impressed - the separation was exce
      llent and the effects so convincing. It completely blows away pro-logic sound. The difference is like night and day - I urge you to check it out if you have not done so already. Having had bad times with this amp's little brother I was more critical than usual (and I'm usually a right picky sod). I tested with every source I could find - TV films, Music, Documentaries etc as well as Dolby Digital and DTS. The amp performed flawlessly with loads of power to boot. It never felt strained or overworked. All in all a top piece of kit Spec : Dolby Digital, DTS, RDS Tuner, 5* 100watts, Loads of DSP effects (Hall Arena etc), 5.1 Inputs Optical and Coax Digital inputs


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