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Videologic DRX601ES

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    1 Review
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      06.03.2008 06:59
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Great tuner

      As a fan of a wide range of music I like to listen to my music with quality products and have a very satisfying Sony Amp and CD player Combination with Mission standmounted spoeakers. As a music lover I like to listen to it through all the means I can, CD's MP3S and of course Music on TV shows yet Digital Radio is becoming one of the other ways to access music and over the past four or so years there have been some fantastic digital tuners which have been very well received by the HiHi magazines.

      Digital Radio works just like Digital TV to give a clearer more detailed sound. With a good digital tuner you will be able to hear cd quality music through the tuner. As the years have passed there are more and more all in one systems that feature digital radiio along with a cd player. These are still very hit and miss unless you pay hundreds of pounds for them.

      Videologic are now known as Pure and are the market leader in digital radio tuners for both the home and portable tuners. With the DRX601ES They took their reputation to the next level and left the competition for dust.

      It comes in Black or Silver and has a sleek stylish look and the thiness of it is a plus when you are wanting a tuner that doesnt look out of place with other kit you may have on your hifi stand.


      You can setup this tuner very easily as there is an option to do an automatic search where the tuner will do a search itself for available stations and will set them to their presets. You can do it manually aswell if you want the stations in a particular order.


      Specifications for the VIDEOLOGIC DRX601ES

      Frequency Range Band III (174 - 240 MHz), with fast auto-tune feature.
      Tuner Sensitivity -98 dBm
      Integrated DAC: 24-bit 96 kHz stereo DAC

      Frequency response (limited by broadcast - DAC capable of higher responses).
      20 Hz to 20 kHz (±0.5 dB) for 48 kHz Mpeg decode. 20 Hz to 12 kHz (±0.5 dB) for 24 khz low sample frequency (LSF) decode.
      THD (nominal output): Less than 0.005% at 1 kHz
      S/N Ratio: 100 dB
      Input connectors: RF F-connector 75 ohm for DAB aerial connection (aerial supplied). Dual phono for external line level audio input (from FM/AM/AUX tuner unit) with auto pass-through to output at power off.
      Output connectors: Dual phono for stereo analogue audio output. Optical Toslink connector for digital S/PDIF output (IEC958 @ 48 kHz). Coaxial connector for digital S/PDIF output (IEC958 @ 48 kHz). Optical connector for digital RDI data output.
      Cables supplied Stereo phono to phono cable and DAB 'T' indoor aerial.
      Power supply: 230-240V AC 50/60 Hz
      Dimensions Width 430mm
      Height 59mm
      Depth 270mm

      The Screen

      The fascia on the front will show you information about the radio station you are lietening to and will be able to give you information on each track that is played so you won't be thinking I love this track but who's it by. The screen looks very sleek on the front of the tuner.

      What can you listen to?

      There are more and more digital radio stations coming on all the time and so you can listen to just about any type of music, You have the likes of the stations that are on freeview and sky and also some DAB only stations. There are an amazing 99 presets available with this tuner so you won't run out of presets for different stations.

      The Sound

      As I mentioned this is one of the best digital tuners for the price range around and it is a great sounding tuner. Once you have connected this with a good aerial it will give you a crisp detailed sound that will be far superior to normal radio. There's also a great bass performance on offer with bass laden music being reproduced with no trouble at all.


      This is a superb digital tuner that still performs well against the tuners of today and I will be on the lookout for one when I decide to upgrade my hifi setup. A real bargain can be had if you shop around, these can be found for under £100 which is a great bargain as they were over £250 when they were released.


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