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    12 Reviews
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      13.10.2014 22:13
      Very helpful
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      • "Better BBQ food"


      • "Nothing "

      BBQ cooking!

      There is nothing better in the summer than having a BBQ, outdoor cooking and a few drinks to me equals a perfect summers evening. I will admit that I will buy quite a bit of BBQ food ready prepared but I still like to make the odd item myself so here are a couple of my BBQ recipes.

      Homemade burgers
      500g minced beef
      1 onion
      Chilli powder
      Garlic clove crushed
      Salt and Pepper

      1. Place the minced beef in a bowl and using a cheese grater, grate the onion into the mince.
      2. Add in a pinch of chilli powder, the crushed garlic, and a some salt and pepper and mix thoroughly.
      3. Shape the mixture into patties and cook on the BBQ as desired.

      You can all different herbs, spices and seasoning to these burgers. You can even put some cheese in the middle to make them into melt in the middle burgers or just cook them in the oven if it is not BBQ weather.

      Chinese Pork Kebabs
      Pork ribs
      Chinese seasoning

      1. Place ribs in a slow cooker or pan of boiling water and simmer on a low heat for 3-5 hours.
      2. Once cooked and tender drain the ribs and cover in the seasoning.
      3. Once the ribs are covered cook them on the BBQ to give them a nice char-grilled tastes.

      This is a little bit of a cheats recipe by using the seasoning which you can find in most supermarkets or can normally buy from a local butchers but this makes fantastic ribs. By purchasing your own ribs they have much more meat on them and cooking them slowly first makes them extremely tender with the meat just falling off the bone.


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        26.09.2014 10:47
        Very helpful


        • "There are not very many ingredients "
        • "These are very delicious"


        • "There are no disadvantages"

        Surf and turf kebabs


        This is my favourite BBQ recipe and I make it alot even when we are not using the BBQ because it tastes very nice also when it is cooked under the grill. I have not given you any numbers in the list of ingredients because you should make these to suit how you like them and not with the amount of foods that I use to suit how I like them.


        Cooked king prawns
        Cherry tomatoes
        Metal kebab skewers


        Cut the steak up into small bite size pieces. Get the kebab skewers and thread a cherry tomato onto each one then a piece of steak and a king prawn. Do this until your kebab skewers are full or until you have used up all of your ingredients. You should not put a cherry tomato between every piece of steak and prawn because this dish is a meat one and it is better when you have the meat and prawns without too many vegetables.

        When all of the food is threaded on the kebab skewer use a pastry brush to brush honey onto the prawns. You should avoid getting honey onto the meat because the flavour is beautiful when you have got honeyed prawns but plain meat.

        Put the skewers on the BBQ or under the grill and cook until the meat is cooked all of the way through and the prawns have started to char and change colour. You can add more honey if it looks like the prawns are going dry but try not to use too much because if you do you will cover the taste of the prawns.

        5 Dooyoo Stars.


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        13.03.2012 12:30
        Very helpful



        a couple of quick bbq recipes

        As we have been lucky enough to have had a few nice days so far this year maybe the bbq season will be on us earlier than usual, or maybe not!!
        Anyway in anticipation of warm summer days I thought that I'd share a couple of our quick and easy bbq favourites.

        First - burgers.
        We never buy pre-packaged or frozen burgers, I'm not a fan of these, I like to know what is going into my food. I'm shocked when I see the additives and presersatives that have been added to things like this. So basically I always make my own burgers, I buy my minced beef from the local butchers and he normally minces the meat for me there and then.

        I allow 125g minced beef per burger, this makes a nice substantial filling burger.
        For every 250g of mince you will need to add 1tbsp buttermilk, 1tbsp soy sauce, 1tbsp worcestershire sauce, and a good grinding of freshly ground black pepper.
        Put the minced beef in a large bowl, and add the correct quantities of the other ingredients according to the weight of your mince. Smooch everything together with your hands until everything is well combined. Shape the mince mixture into burger shaped patties, squashing them together fairly compactly, you don't want them to fall apart when they are on the bbq. Place the burger patties on a sheet of greaseproof paper and place them in the fridge for an hour or so to 'firm up'.
        When you are ready to cook them remove them from the fridge and bbq as normal.

        These make absolutely delicious burgers, the added ingredients make even cheap mince taste so tender and divine. You cannot taste any of the added ingredients in the finished burgers, no-one will know what your secret to tender, tasty burgers is! Everyone that we have served these burgers to has commented on how delicious they are. Try them you won't be dissapointed, I promise!

        Second - bananas.
        I always struggle with bbqs and desserts, but I've found that these chocolate bananas are the best bbq dessert ever. They are so quick to prepare, and they taste absolutely divine.

        I allow 1 banana per person, I find that this is normally enough after everyone has had all of the savoury bbq food. You will also need some chocloate buttons or chopped chocolate pieces. I've made these with chocolate buttons, milky bar buttons, mint chocolate, bournville, any chocolate of your choice works really.
        Peel the bananas and discard the skins, slice the bananas vertically from the top to the bottom - but do not slice all the way through, just about two thirds of the way. Fill the slit that you have made with your chocolate. Wrap each banana tightly in tin foil, creating a little parcel that stands upright with the part of the bananas that has not been sliced through on the bottom.
        Once you have finished cooking all of the savoury food on the bbq then place your little banana parcels on the bbq to heat through, the residual heat from the bbq will be enough to warm the banans through and to melt the chocolate.

        When these are ready remove them from the bbq and serve in the tin foil on a plate, the chocolate will have melted, the banana will be warm - delish!! These are so quick to prepare, and you can just leave them on the bbq to heat up, no need to turn them or tend to them. They are such a simple idea, but they are really really delicious. You could also serve these with ice cream or whipped cream if you wanted to make a more substantail dessert out of them. Everyone always comments on how these are such a good idea, once again try them, you won't be dissapointed!


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          14.05.2011 13:34
          Very helpful



          Some lovely ideas for a vegan BBQ

          Being vegan is not easy in any form, way or shape. Depending how strict you are milk chocolate, wine and even some brands of sugar can be off-limit. Not being vegan myself my typical BBQ would include burgers, bangers and chicken wings - maybe the occasional mushroom and tomato to give it some colour. Coming from Germany BBQs are quite a serious business for me with my father introducing me from childhood on how to grill the perfect steak, how to keep chicken moist and how not to burn sausages.

          Having vegan friends and loving BBQs put me in an interesting position this summer - how to create the perfect BBQ menu that would be suitable for them to eat as well as taste delicious and satisfied my meat hungry housemates. Read on the get a taste for healthy yet delicious vegan food that is as healthy as it is tasty!

          - - - - - Grilled Spring Onion - - - -

          All you need for this simple dish is

          - fresh spring onion
          - olive oil
          - a tiny bit of vegetable stock powder
          - tin foil

          Prepare the spring onion by washing them thoroughly and removing the roots at the bottom. Do not peel off the outer skin but do chop off the top bits of the green leaves as they can be fairly bitter. Place the spring onion on the tin foil, sprinkle with the vegetable stock powder and olive oil; let it marinate for 10min.
          Remove the spring onion from the tin foil and place on the BBQ until the outer skin starts to brown. Depending on how thick the bulbs are this should take not more than 7 to 10 min.

          To serve, simply remove the outer skin and dip the spring onion in a spicy salsa sauce of houmous. The slow roasting brings out the natural sweetness of the spring onion that goes very well with both mild and spicy sauces.

          - - - - Roasted Portobello Mushrooms with houmous topping - - - -

          Portobello mushrooms are a popular ingredient for any kind of vegetarian BBQ and often served with stilton. the blue cheese version is delicious but unfortunately not suitable for vegans. A tasty yet cheap alternative is houmous which can be either shop-bought or home-made.

          - Portobello mushrooms (2 per person)
          - Houmous
          - Olive oil
          - tin foil

          Place each mushroom in a small nest made out of the tin foil and drizzle olive oil on top as well as coating the sides and bottom. Season with salt and pepper if you use plain houmous. Spread some of the houmous on top of the mushroom, close the tin foil and place on the grill. After 10 to 15min you will be rewarded with a delicious mushroom dish that is not as heavy as the conventional version with blue cheese.

          - - - - Banana & Chocolate - - - -

          This is such a simple and genius BBQ dish that everyone will love! For a non vegan version you can easily substitute the dark chocolate with any other type. My favourite is milk chocolate but that's just a question of taste.

          - Bananas ( 1 per person as it is quite a rich dish)
          - Chocolate of your choice - dark chocolate without milk for vegan
          - cinnamon
          - tin foil

          Slice the bananas lengthwise through the peel to form a small pocket but tale care not to make the cut too deep and do not remove the peel. Break the chocolate into small pieces and place inside the pocket. Wrap the banana into tin foil and place on the grill. Let it heat up for roughly 5min, open the tin foil and sprinkle some cinnamon on it before serving. This dish is very simple but always the highlight of every BBQ.

          To create an adult version of the pudding simply add a shot of Amaretto or Baileys into the banana peel instead to the chocolate.


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            07.06.2010 15:36
            Very helpful



            Quick and simple BBQ recipes.

            It's that time of year when, dare I say it, the weather is usually good enough for a BBQ. There is no better way of cooking on a summers evening and then eating alfresco.

            I thought I would share with you a couple of my favourite recipes that have been tried and tested and are sure winners with my family.

            I never buy burgers any more. You never know exactly what is in them and the 'good' ones are not cheap either. So with the help of my Burger Press, courtesy of Lakeland, I make my burgers from scratch.

            My Brilliant Burgers
            500g lean minced beef
            1 small onion
            1 heaped teaspoon of whole grain mustard
            A dash of Worcestershire sauce

            1) Chop the onion finely ( I use my food processor)
            2) Add the minced beef, mustard and seasoning.
            3) Mix thoroughly. (Again I tend to whiz it in the processor - but using your hands works just as well, although this is very messy!)
            4) Shape into patties - I use my burger press which is fantastic and ensures the burgers don't fall apart on the BBQ.

            Makes 4 -6

            That's it - it's so easy even the kids can do it. I usually double this recipe. Any burgers that are not needed are popped into the freezer for another day.

            I also make lamb and mint burgers, and pork and apple. They are all yummy and are guaranteed to get the thumbs up from guests.

            BBQ Chicken Kebabs
            4 large chicken breast (skinless) cut into chunks
            1 red pepper
            1 yellow pepper
            1 onion

            For the marinade...
            100ml tomato ketchup
            50ml soy sauce
            50m1 olive oil
            25ml Worcestershire sauce
            1 crushed clove garlic
            1 egg yolk

            1) Mix together well the ketchup, soy sauce, oil, Worcestershire sauce and garlic.
            2) Stir in the egg yolk (This helps to bind it all together).
            3) Put the chicken pieces into the marinade and leave preferably over night, or at least a few hours.
            4) Thread pepper, onion, chicken etc onto skewers, pour over the remaining marinade and refrigerate until needed.
            5) BBQ turning regularly.

            Delicious!!! The great thing with kebabs is that you can make the meat go a lot further by adding lots of vegetables. I made this yesterday and made 10 kebabs and each had plenty of chicken on them.

            Happy BBQing!! :o)


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              16.01.2010 16:07
              Very helpful



              Yummy bbq recipies

              One of my favourite things to do is to organise a huge barbecue for my friends and family. I enjoy cooking and always put a wide variety of food to be sure to please everyone. Barbecues are great for entertaining and social interaction with your friends and family.

              Here are the things I tend to do:

              Always, and first priority on my list are spare ribs. Personally I think a barbecue wouldn't be the same without them!

              2lb of pork spare ribs
              2x tbsp of dark soy sauce
              3x tbsp of hoisin sauce
              1x tbsp of Chinese rice wine, or you can use a dry sherry
              1x pinch of Chinese five spice power
              2x tsp brown sugar
              ¼x tsp chilli sauce
              2x garlic cloves (crushed)

              1 - Put all your ingredients (except for the meat into a large bowl and mix together well. Add the meat using your hands mix the ribs around, making sure they are coated well.

              2 - Cover the top of the bowl and allow the ribs to stand over-night (if you want to do this on the day you will need to marinate the ribs for at least 1 hour).

              3 - Remove the ribs from the marinade and arrange them, single layer on a wire rack over a roasting tin, half filled with water (putting water in the pan will give lovely soft ribs without them getting hard and dried out). Keep your left over marinade.

              4 - Bake the ribs in a pre-heated over for 30 minutes. I do this at 180c. After 30 minutes, coat them back in your marinade bowl (don't worry that you had raw meat in before as the meat is still not cooked).

              5 - Take the ribs straight to the barbeque to finish them off for around 15-20 minutes, then serve and enjoy!

              This recipe and method has never failed me. I find part-cooking beforehand in the oven keeps the meat soft so you don't end up with tough ribs. They smell mouth-watering as the aromas wave off the barbecue and not surprisingly, they always seem to be gone quickly! You will most likely need a wipe for your fingers as they're rather sticky.


              Another one that always goes down well is my honeyed chicken wings. I do two lots of these, one with chilli and one without - both are delicious. It's also great because you can make in advance and defrost when the barbecue is ready (always make sure they are totally defrosted before cooking).

              1lb of chicken wings
              2x tbsp of peanut oil
              2x tbsp of light soy sauce
              2x tbsp of hoisin sauce
              3x tbsp of clear honey
              2x of garlic cloves (crushed)
              1x tsp of sesame seeds (optional - I really just think this sets the dish off)

              For the chilli and honey you need the same ingredients as above but plus:
              1x tsp of chilli power or fresh chilli and grated rind off 1 lime.

              1 - Add the soy sauce, hoisin sauce, honey and garlic into a large bowl and mix together.

              2 - Put the chicken wings into the bowl and set aside for around 2 hours. After 2 hours, heat the peanut oil in a wok.

              3 - Pour the chicken and sauce into the wok and fry for around 10 minutes until golden and crisp, adding the sesame seeds if you wish. Drain off the excess then finish them off for another 10 minutes on the

              For the chilli and honey wings, add the chilli powder or fresh chilli and lime rind to the sauce at the start and do the same. Very easy and simple wings to do. The chilli ones having that lovely tang of lime is really a treat to any pallet.

              To make them in advance - follow step 3 but continue cooking in the wok for another 10-15 minutes, allow to cool completely and then freeze. On the day of your barbecue, defrost thoroughly and heat them up on your barbecue and they will be just as delicious! Simple party favours that will go down a treat at any barbecue.


              Thai-Style Chicken Skewers:
              This is a simple recipe but looks very effective - perfect for the barbie!

              4x chicken breasts (to make this vegetarian, simply use Quorn pieces instead of chicken)
              1x onion peeled and cut into wedges
              1x large red pepper, deseeded and cut in large chunks
              1x large yellow pepper (same as above)
              2x tbsp sunflower oil
              2x tbsp lime juice
              1x tbsp Thai red curry paste
              150ml canned coconut milk

              1 - Put the curry paste in a small saucepan and gently heat for 1 minute. Add half the coconut milk and bring the mixture to the boil. Boil gently for around 2-3 minutes until the liquid reduces to two-thirds. Remove the saucepan from the heat and stir the remaining coconut milk. Set aside to cool.

              2 - Cut the chicken into small 1-inch pieces. Add the chicken to the cooled marinade cover and chill for around 2 hours.

              3 - Cut the onion into wedges, and the peppers into 1-inch chunks. Remove the chicken from the marinade and alternate the chicken and the vegetables onto the skewers.

              4 - Combine the oil and lime juice into a small bowl. Mix well then brush the mixture over the kebabs. Barbecue the skewers, turning and basting for 10-15 minutes until chicken in cooked. Serve and enjoy!

              Be careful as the skewers get very hot so mind your hands!

              This will make 4 large kebabs or 8 small ones.

              So there are my three must-haves for a barbecue. There are many more fun recipes for the barbie and hopefully I will add some more in the coming months.

              Hope you will find these useful in anticipation of the warmer seasons. Your guests will not be disappointed!


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                17.07.2009 13:51
                Very helpful
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                Delicious banana melts for the sweet tooth!

                This is a scrumptious desert for a bbq! My girls love it - and so do I of course!! for those especially with a sweet tooth!

                The indredients below are for one, so if you have 6 guests you'll need six of everything!

                Ingredients - makes 1!
                1 banana
                1 small mini mars bar (or large one cut in half)*

                *can substitute for any chocolate bar, milky bar, plain chocolate, also marshmallows work!! the options are endless but mars bars are by far my favourite

                method -
                Take the banana but DON'T peel it! slice it carefully length ways (from one end to the other) cutting almost through but not all the way through.

                Open the mini mars bar, cut it in half length ways also, open the banana and squish the 2 halves of the mini mars down inside it.

                Wrap the banana (skin still on!) in a piece of foil and place on the BBQ after you've finished doing your meat. Leave it there for approx 20 to 30 mins - enough time to let the burgers go down! in fact i've left mine there for 45mins before.

                Test them by carefully opening one (mind they're extremely hot!) by having a look and checking the mars bar is melted. If it is then it's ready to eat.

                Keep them in the foil and share them round, using a spoon scoop out the banana and mars together - umm!! so delicious!

                Let me know if you have a try! I'd love to hear if you like them! My hubby is a savoury - he doesn't eat them!

                Have fun!


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                  17.04.2009 13:23
                  Very helpful



                  Rain or shine. BBQ or Grill


                  As we rapidly approach the end of April, Easter holidays and Easter eggs all under our belt my thoughts turn to May. May Bank Holidays to be more precise. There are only 20 working days in May if youre lucky enough to not work weekends or Bank Holidays.
                  Undoubtedly the weather will be poor.
                  Undoubtedly a huge percentage of us will be attempting DIY.
                  Undoubtedly we shall battle against the elements and the BBQ will be aired!

                  Now, not being a huge fan of black, hard, unedible sausages or burgers(funnily enough) I always think of the kebab as the posh persons BBQ favourite!
                  And who doesnt like good old British Mushrooms and Bacon? ....

                  Ingredients to make 4-6 skewers

                  15ml/1tbsp olive oil

                  15ml/1tbsp wholegrain mustard

                  15ml/1tbsp clear honey

                  1 large yellow pepper, seeds out and chunked

                  6 rashers of smoked streaky bacon

                  salt and ground black pepper


                  Soak the bamboo skewers in water to prevent them burning.
                  In a large bowl mix together the oil, mustard and honey with a little salt and plenty of ground black pepper. Add the mushrooms and pepper and toss to mix.
                  Leave to marinate for 10 mins.

                  Cut the rashers of bacon in half and roll.

                  Thread a piece of pepper, mushroom then bacon roll onto the skewers.

                  Brush any remaining marinade over the kebabs.

                  Cook on the BBQ for about 10 mins, turning the kebabs so that they are golden brown (not black) on all sides.


                  Alternatively cook under the grill if weather so dictates!


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                  17.03.2009 18:36
                  Very helpful



                  Tasty with anything!

                  I think this fits into the BBQ recipes category as its great on all barbeques food aswell as anything else you fancy it on!

                  Another of my mums recipes.
                  I've been trying my best to get my fiance eating a healthier diet, one of the things he eats far too much of is BBQ sauce..on everything! I was appalled at the amount of junk in a good quality barbeque sauce, theres preservatives, artficial colours and flavourings!

                  While around at my mums the other day I remembered she used to make a mean barbeque sauce and so asked her for the recipe, my fella is really fussy too so he wasn't even keen on trying this but he loved it and I know he's getting more goodness from it than bottled stuff (I know I sound like his mum...)

                  An added bonus is it contains no faffy ingredients, probably stuff you already have in your cupboard so it won't cost extra to make.

                  To serve about 6 people-

                  1 tin of chopped tomatoes (any brand you prefer)
                  1 tablespoon of corn flour (to thicken)
                  3 tablespoons of malt vinegar
                  A dash of worcester sauce
                  A pinch of cayenne pepper
                  1 tablespoon sugar
                  Salt and Pepper- season to taste.

                  * All these amounts are approximate, my mum has never been one for measuring ingredients out. Ad lib as you go along if you want it more tomatoey, sweet, spicy etc...

                  There is method in my mums madness.......

                  Add the tomatoes to a hot pan, let them simmer in their juice for a minute while you add the corn flour to a bit of water and mix until its smooth.
                  Add the corn flour mixture to the tomatoes, stir so its mixed in.

                  Add all the other ingredients to the pan and simmer for about 5 minutes.

                  You can eat it as it is, lumps and all or if like me you prefer a smoother sauce 30 seconds in a blender will sort it out.
                  The sauce is more red in colour than most shop bought barbeque sauces but has a very cimilar taste if a bit more tomatoey and fresh.

                  Gorgeous eaten hot or cold, up to you depending on what it's accompanying.

                  My mum originally made this sauce as a marinade for ribs.
                  My fella loves this with burgers and sausages (not barbequed yet obviously, done on the George Foreman grill)
                  I enjoy it slathered on corn on the cob or as a dipping sauce for chips and potato wedges.

                  A versatile sauce with no added crap :)


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                    24.02.2009 11:29
                    Very helpful



                    Bit better than bangers or a burger!

                    Next time we get some sunshine (perhaps June 2011) why not wheel out your BBQ and have a go at these delicious "Shashlik" {s-hash-lick} Russian style kebabs. This partiuclar variant hails from the caucus area.

                    To correct myself slightly, calling them Shashlik is a little bit of a red herring, because Shashlik just actually means "kebab style" in Russian (i'm told), but anyway disregarding that boring bit of trivial information these kebabs taste excellent, and together with the accompanying sauce make a nice change from the cremated chicken wings, or undercooked sausages.

                    For this culinary delight you will need:

                    FOR THE SHASHLIK
                    15-20 chunked pieces of chicken, pork, beef, or lamb. (mouthsize chunks)
                    1 lemon cut into eights. (8 segments).
                    1 sprig of parsley chopped stalks and all.
                    1 tsp ground cumin
                    1/2 tsp chilli flakes
                    1/2 tin chopped tomato (or enough to coat meat)
                    1 sliced onion
                    salt an pepper
                    water soaked wooden skewers

                    FOR THE ACCOMPANYING SAUCE:
                    2 fresh tomatoes, skinned, de-seeded and diced.
                    1 tbsp Tomato puree (concentrate)
                    1/2 finely diced red onion
                    Salt an Pepper.

                    THE NIGHT BEFORE (or at least 8 hours)
                    Throw all the ingredients for the Shashlik into a bowl. (minus the skewers of course). Give it a good mix, squeeze the lemon segments a bit to release some juice. Then leave in a fridge overnight. Simple that eh!

                    THE BIG DAY!
                    Step 1.
                    Mix all the sauce ingredients together in a small bowl, loosen with some water if its looking too "thick", think Salsa consitency and you will be spot on. The place in the fridge.

                    Step 2.
                    Remove the meat from the marinade, and place the meat onto the skewers.
                    Leave them to sit at room temperature for at least an hour prior to cooking on a HOT barbecue. When I say HOT, I mean one where the charcoal has started to whiten, or if using gas one that has been ignited and allowed to heat up properly. You should not be able to hold your hand over it for more than a few seconds, or its not hot enough.

                    Once cook, serve while hot with another wedge of lemon, and a dollop of the sauce. Can be put inside a Pitta bread, or served with a side salad.



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                      25.07.2008 00:47
                      Very helpful



                      2 no- nonsense BBQ sauce & marinade recipes

                      In many parts of the world marinading food seems to be a part of life, but sometimes I think in the UK and the USA we seem to want really fast food and forget the value of marinading.

                      The whole idea, I suppose, is to allow the flavours to penetrate the food so it tastes much better and is more tender when cooked.

                      Marinades and sauces are abundant now on supermarket shelves so it is becoming much more popular.

                      They can be bought in sachets , jars or tubes but the prices vary a good deal as do the content.

                      They are always useful to have in store as it is not not always possible, nor economical, to buy the ingredients separately, so a good convenience food to have in the cupboard.

                      However, there is nothing like a freshly made marinade/sauce so it is well worth making your own if you have time as the taste is so good.

                      I don't like to give recip[es out unless I've made and tried them myself - so these have been roadtested and approved by myself, friends and family.

                      A. TIPSY BBQ SAUCE

                      175 ml ketchup
                      22 ml rum
                      1/2 tsp seasoned pepper
                      2tsp Worcestershire sauce
                      1 -3 dashes Tabasco

                      Mix all the ingredients together. Seasonings can be adjusted according to taste.

                      Brown the meat on the BBQ and then brush on the above sauce and continue cooking.

                      This sauce is great for steaks, ribs and prork chops.

                      B. TERIYAKI MARINADE


                      60 ml vegetable oil
                      60 ml soy sauce
                      60 ml sherry or white wine
                      1-2 garlic cloves, minced
                      30 ml minced onion ( 2tbsp)
                      15 ml grated orange peel ( 1 tbsp)
                      5 ml fresh minced ginger ( 1tsp)
                      black pepper to taste


                      Combine all the ingredients in a shallow bowl or pan - or use double plastic bags (with no holes!) in a shallow pan.
                      The plastic bags allow you to turn ingredients easily in the marinade.

                      Use the marinade for beef, pork or chicken.

                      This is wonderful with flank steak.

                      Marinate meat overnight in the fridge.

                      Drain off the marinade and barbeque the meat on the grill to your own taste.

                      It's so much more tasty making your own BBQ sauces and much cheaper than buying them>

                      Although it's more time-consuming these can be made the night before and just left in the fridge.


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                      18.07.2008 22:20
                      Very helpful



                      Enjoy the Summer!!! Have a barbecue and a nice cool Beer

                      The barbecue season is on us now, well almost if it would ever stop raining. So here are a few ideas for some home made burgers that I use.

                      Cheesy Beef Burgers - makes 4 - 6 burgers depending on the size you want

                      450g Minced Beef - I always use fresh minced Steak Beef - £3.00 for 880g from Tesco which I divide in half for 2 meals.
                      1 Onion - Finely Chopped - approx 18p
                      2 - 3 Medium Sized Closed Capped Mushrooms - Finely Chopped - approx 40p
                      1 Small Egg - Beaten - approx 23p
                      1 Gherkin/Pickled Cucumber - finely chopped - approx 20p
                      Handful of fresh Parsley or Mixed Herbs or 1 teaspoon dried herbs - free if grown in garden or approx 10p
                      1 Teaspoon English Mustard - 1p if you buy Tesco Value at 32p a jar
                      1 Tablespoon Grated Strong Cheese or Stilton Cheese - approx 20p


                      Put all ingredients except grated cheese in a large bowl and mix thoroughly. Divide the mixture into 8 or 12 portions depending on the size you want. (I tend to make 6 burgers about 2cm thick by 8cm in diameter). Roll the portions into a ball then flatten to about 1cm thick. Place a little grated cheese in the centre of the 4 or 6 burgers then place the other burgers on top. Roll the burgers into a ball again then flatten to about 2cm thick. The burgers take about 20 minutes to prepare. Cook on the barbecue for about 10 minutes per side. Serve with a burger roll, relish or ketchup and some salad.

                      If you use fresh mince, once made you can place them in the freezer then defrost them as you need them. I tend to do this and wrap them in grease proof paper to keep them separate and freeze them in bags of two. If using frozen and defrosted mince however you will need to cook them all straight away.

                      The total cost for these burgers is £2.62 for 6 and I would compare these to Tesco Finest Burgers at £3.39 for 4. And you can say that you made them yourselves.

                      You could also add some chilli flakes or about ½ to 1 teaspoon of chilli powder, depending on how spicy you like your food and leave out the herbs for a spicy version.

                      You could also use the same recipe for Lamb Burgers swap the minced Beef for minced Lamb and swap the Parsley for Mint.

                      For a healthy option use Turkey or Chicken Mince. Leave out the Cheese but try adding some sage herb.

                      I have been trying to think of a veggie version, I suppose you could use chopped onion, mushroom, peppers and courgettes and mix this all together. Be warned I have no idea how this would turn out as I have not tried it.


                      Kebabs are very easy to prepare and there are so many different combinations with different meats and vegetables that can be used. They look best with as many brightly coloured vegetables like red and green peppers, courgette, tomatoes or mushrooms threaded between the meat of your choice. For vegetarians you could use Indian Paneer Cheese as this cooks very well on a barbecue because it does not melt.

                      One of my favourite kebabs is Chicken and Pineapple. If using bamboo skewers (you can normally buy them from Wilkinson's or any DIY shop for about £1.00 for 50 skewers) soak them is water for about an hour, this should stop the skewers from burning. I use an onion cut into quarters at the start and end of the kebab, then thread alternate pieces of bit sized cubes of Chicken and pineapple, and maybe the odd mushroom. Cook on the barbecue for about 20 minutes turning occasionally. The only problem with this kebab is, it looks a bit plain and boring, it does however taste rather nice. They can be served with a salad or Jacket Potato. You could also serve them with some sweet and sour sauce and egg fried rice.


                      You can do the normal salad of lettuce, cucumber and tomato or you could make some pasta or potato salad.

                      Pasta Salad

                      Pasta salad is very easy, if you have any chicken left over from the kebabs, chop the chicken into very small pieces, maybe add some chopped mushrooms and onion, fry in a little butter until cooked. Meanwhile boil up some pasta in water for about 10 minutes until cooked, then drain, mix with the chicken mixture and leave to cool. Once cooled mix with some mayonnaise and some chopped parsley.

                      Potato Salad

                      Potato salad is as easy to make as the pasta salad. Boil up some new potatoes until cooked. Leave to cool. Once cooled mix with mayonnaise, some chopped spring onion, fresh chives and chopped fresh mint leaves.

                      Rice Salad

                      Boil up ½ a mug of Easy cook rice in 1 mug of water, add 1 teaspoon of curry powder if you want.
                      Once cooked leave to cool. Finely chop up 2 spring onions, 1 tomato, 1 mushroom and some thick ham. Add to the cooled rice and mix thoroughly.


                      Finely chop one small white onion, one carrot and ½ a white cabbage. Mix two tablespoons of mayonnaise with some salad cream to make the mayonnaise a little runnier then mix it with the onion, carrot and cabbage. Grate a little cheese and mix it into the coleslaw mixture.

                      Hope some of these are of help. Enjoy the Summer!!!


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