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Breakfast & Brunch Recipes

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  • Longer to make than a bowl of cereal!
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    26 Reviews
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      28.09.2014 13:48
      Very helpful
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      • Filling
      • Tasty
      • Easy


      • "Longer to make than a bowl of cereal!"

      dkm1981's Breakfast Burritos

      I often make these breakfast burritos for hubby and myself when we are having a lazy morning and brunch is on the cards. They can be adapted to whatever you like most but are tasty and filling. Recipe is for a generous portion for two.


      Four tortilla wraps
      Two handfuls of grated cheddar
      Two teaspoons of tomato puree (or tomato ketchup if you don't have any)
      Four slices of smoked ham, cut into strips
      Sliced mushrooms
      Sliced peppers
      Sliced onions

      -To Make-

      Fry the sliced vegetables until they are softened and brown and then throw in the sliced ham to warm it through. Meanwhile spread the tomato pruee onto each of the tortilla wraps and sprinkle some grated cheese onto each one. Pour the ham and vegetable and ham mixture over the top of each dividing it between the four wraps.Roll up the wraps and cut them in half. warm up a dry griddle pan and put the halved wraps on to cook. turn them halfway through cooking and ensure they are golden brown on each side and that the cheese has melted. Serve immediately.

      -Other Hints-

      If you like your food with a bit of a kick, you can add some chopped chili or garlic to the mix when you fry it.

      You can add any vegetables that you like, these are just my preference. Also you can switch the ham for chicken if you want to make these for lunch rather than breakfast.

      I add a bit of pepper to the mix, but not salt because I find they are salty enough with the ham and cheese.

      I sometimes add a few baby or cherry tomatoes to the mix as well so make them a little less dry, it depends on your preferences.



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        26.09.2014 15:54
        Very helpful


        • "A delicious flavour and different from usual"


        • "There are no disadvantages"

        Ham and cheese croissants


        I like to eat breakfast sometimes but not every day, my favourite time to eat breakfast is at the weekend because that is the day that I have got alot more time to spend on making something nice instead of having only cereal or toast. This is one of the best breakfasts for me and my family like it also, you do not have to eat this at breakfast time and it is nice also to eat halfway through the morning.

        I have given numbers in the ingredients to make 4 breakfasts but you can easy make more or less then this.


        4 croissants
        4 slices of thick ham
        4 slices of Emmental cheese
        6 eggs
        Tomatoes that are still on the vine


        Cut the croissants in half and put a slice of Emmental cheese inside and a slice of thick ham also. Close the croissant and if it will not close properly you can put a cocktail stick through it to stop it from opening back up.

        Heat your oven up to a medium heat and put the croissants on a baking tray with a little bit of room between them. Put them into the oven for 5 minutes and while they are cooking make scrambled eggs and put the tomatoes under the grill for a few minutes to get warm and go soft.

        The croissants are done when they are a little bit crisp and the cheese has started to melt.

        Serve everybody a croissant and some tomatoes and scrambled eggs. You can have sausage and anything you want with this meal also.

        5 Dooyoo Stars.


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        12.02.2014 11:30
        Very helpful



        A lovely homemade version of a favourite breakfast.

        Although my weekday breakfast normally consists of cereal, toast or a meagre cereal bar at work at the weekends I like to make a bit more of an effort. This will often consist of a bacon butty or a full cooked breakfast but recently has seen me make my very own version of McMuffins.

        2 Savoury muffins
        2 Eggs
        2 Rashers Back Bacon
        2 Slices Lorne Sausage
        Cheese Slices (Optional)
        Red or Brown Sauce

        1. Grill sausage and bacon until cooked as desired and fry two eggs in rings to give them a uniformed shape.
        2. Slice muffins in half and toast lightly.
        3. Butter muffins if desired and layer on sausage, bacon, egg and cheese.
        4. Add on sauce of choice and place top on muffin.

        Obviously this recipe can be adapted quite a lot to suit peoples tastes, you can only use bacon or sausage or not have it with egg etc.


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          11.07.2010 09:40
          Very helpful



          see review

          Breakfast is a very important meal indeed nutritionists recommend that you never skip Breakfast.
          We always have a special family Breakfast at the weekend this varies between a continental breakfast and either Eggie Bread or Breakfast Pancakes.

          Eggy Bread: (serves 4)
          Beat three eggs in a bowl (My Daughter's job)
          Add Worcestershire sauce to taste
          4 or 5 slices of bread cut into triangles or shapes
          Dunk bread into egg mixture until it is totally covered
          Heat a large frying pan with a little oil add bread and cook into golden brown serve immediately
          Top tip
          Put oven on low heat to keep the eggy bread warm, often we have this with crispy bacon a really delicious breakfast that keeps you going.

          Breakfast Pancakes
          These really go down well with my Daughters and they love helping Daddy to make them:
          8oz flour
          2tsp caster sugar
          2 eggs
          12floz milk
          1oz butter
          Sift dry ingredients into a bowl then whisk wet ingredients together and stir into dry ingredients.
          The heat a little butter in a frying pan and add some of the batter (recipe makes 8 pancakes)
          When pancake looks bubbly turn and cook until golden.

          My Husband likes to experiment with this recipe and we have had all sorts added to the basic mixture my favourite were sultana and lemon. We have also had apple which would have been lovely if he had peeled the apple first simply peel and grate one apple and add to the mixture.
          These recipes are great and simple to make and all the family can get involved. I hope you like them as much as my family does


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            03.04.2010 15:18
            Very helpful



            A great treat when cupboards are empty.



            Toast your bread lightly under the grill until it is light brown. Then, pull it out and quickly spread it with butter, before sprinkling with cinammon and sugar (not too much butter, else you'll struggle getting it out of the oven without it dripping everywhere). Pop back in for a minute, until the mixture is bubbling. Take out and eat.


            This is one of my favourite quick snacks when I want something sweet and easy. While not precisely healthy, it can be made better by switching out types of bread -- brown is obviously better, while white just makes it one big delicious carbohydratey sugary snack. With a limited budget, however, its biggest advantage for me is that it's cheap. It's rare I don't have bread, sugar and cinammon in the house which means I can pull it together when I can't afford more expensive treat.

            Maybe not something you should have for a daily breakfast, but there's nothing wrong with a treat. For a change, try nutmeg instead of cinammon!


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            22.10.2009 14:50
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            Simple tasty breakfast

            Ok, I have a house full and some times I like to make quick break fast sandwiches to get everyone out the door fast in the morning!
            This is a bacon, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich!
            You will need:

            1 egg per person
            2 slices of bread per person
            2 slices of cheese per person
            Cooking Spray or oil
            Real bacon bits (made from real bacon)
            Butter one side of each piece of bread (like you would for a grilled cheese), now lets get the eggs going! Spray you egg pan down and crack 1-2 eggs in it (depending on the size of you pan, we don't want them to run together), pop the yolk and sprinkle a couple spoons full of bacon bits on the egg. When the egg is cooked on one side and firming a bit flip it over, this will cook the bacon into it. When you egg is done put a piece of the bread, butter side down, in another pan. Put a piece of cheese on the bread followed by the egg, another piece of cheese, and another slice of bread but the last one is butter side up. Now you just cook it like you would a grilled cheese! It takes me about 10 mins to make 8 of these!


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              03.08.2009 11:12
              Very helpful



              A fantastic breakfast dish, a truly nice treat!


              In my opinion there are few better breakfasts than a well made Eggs Benedict. OK you are not going to make this everyday, but what better way to end the week, than to have a lazy sunday morning enjoying this delicious breakfast with a freshly squeezed orange juice.

              Just think about it. The lightly poached egg, atop the toasted english muffin, with a salty bacon medallion between the two, what a great combination, and of course the whole lot is topped off with a delicious Hollandaise sauce, which brings it all together. You know it makes perfect sense.

              Believe it or not, this classic is very simple to make, and does not take alot of effort to get incredible results.

              Firstly before we begin making the recipe, here are the myths (or reasons for not making it) debunked for you:-

              1. Hollandaise sauce is not hard to make, horror stories about splitting (seperating) or the whole lot turning into scrambled eggs, is nonsense.

              The old style recipes involving whisking over gently simmering water (Ban Marie style) where these situations could arise if things were left unattended, or if the water was boiling to aggresively, are long banished.

              With the introduction of food processors, and adaptations of the recipes, you will now find it a doddle. I will say at this point, using ready made Hollandaise sauce is out of the question, the artificial tasting stuff, is no substitute for freshly made sauce. Also, actually being able to make this sauce, will serve you well on other occasions too. Hollandaise sauce as you probably know, is also delicious over fresh Asparagus, or steamed white fish.

              2. There is nothing hard about poached eggs, nothing at all. If you can boil water, you can make a poached egg. For some reason everyone seems hell-bent on finding easy, or convenient ways to do everything. Making Poached eggs the traditional way, takes only a few minutes more, but tastes infiinitely better than any other method. So Microwave poachers are just not comparable, so please don't use one. In fact, just throw it away.

              ~~The Recipe~~

              To make this simple I will break the dish down into its constituent parts, begining with the perceived hardest part, the Hollandaise sauce.

              PART 1 - Hollandaise Sauce

              For a quantity to serve 2-3 persons you will need
              3 Egg Yolks,
              1/2 Tablespoons, White wine vinegar
              1/2 Tablesoon, Fresh Lemon Juice (not from a bottle).
              150g Butter, Melted
              Salt an Pepper to Season

              Step 1- Melt the butter in a saucepan, gently, we don't want to colour it at all. So no foaming please.
              Step 2- Drop the Egg yolks, and the Vinegar, and the Lemon Juice into a food processor, or a suitable bowl if doing it manually.
              Step 3- Switch on the Food Processor (or you could whisk briefly in lieu of a food processor).
              Step 4- SLOWLY add the hot melted butter, a few drips at a time, until the sauce thickens. You are looking for a thin custard type viscosity.
              Note: Do not just tip in the whole lot of butter in at once, when the butter melts some fatty solids can appear, so avoid these dregs from the bottom. Also you might not need the full amount to get the consistency you want.
              Step 5- Season to taste, pour into a saucepan, and keep warm.

              PART 2 - Poached Eggs
              Generally one poached egg, per portion
              2-3 Eggs (at room temperature if possible, not straight from fridge)
              1 teaspoon of white wine vinegar

              Step 1 - Heat some water in a deep saucepan to a rolling boil.
              Step 2 - Add the white wine vinegar.
              Step 3-4 are done simaltaneously:

              Step 3 - Reduce heat to just under the boil, and using a spoon or similar, stir and create a "whirlpool" effect.
              Step 4 - Into the centre of this whirlpool crack the egg gently into it. Leave alone, do not stir, do not prod, do not look at it even!!!!

              Step 5- Now this is a matter of taste, but generally if you do not like bullets, cook for no more than 4 minutes. If the Eggs are from a cold fridge, I would recommend 3 minutes 20 seconds, (or 3 minutes exactly, if cooking from room temperature). This cooking time, will give the eggs a runny middle (which is what we want).

              Step 6- Remove eggs from water, trim off any of the "skirt". The skirt is the scraggy part of the egg white, you will be then left with a perfect looking poached egg.

              PART 3 - Final Assembly
              You will need to finish off quite quickly here, and is really the key part of the whole breakfast. So no heel dragging now please!

              HOT plates, under a grill, up your shirt, down your pyjamas, it doesn't matter how you do it!, but do not serve any food (other than salad) onto cold plates or it will leach the heat out!

              Hollandaise Sauce,
              Poached Eggs,
              Bacon Rashers, One per portion, (trimmed of thin part, so you have a nice medallion).
              English Muffins, Half per portion (split into two).

              Step 1 - In a frying pan, gently cook the bacon medallions.

              Note: This Step is interchangeable with any of the following uncooked items instead, you could use Parma Ham, or Spanish Serrano, a great alternative is to use Smoked Salmon, these will all work excellently in this dish, and probably save on a tiny bit of washing up.

              Step 2 - Toast the English Muffins, and lightly butter.

              Step 3 - Onto the hot plates, serve one English muffin, onto this place the Bacon medallion (or alternate item), onto this place the Poached Egg, and finally spoon over a generous amount of Hollandaise sauce.



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                06.07.2009 22:57
                Very helpful



                A tasty way to start the day!

                Personally I feel that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and always try to eat something. Since I have busy days of late I like a big brekkie to kick start my body and brain and so I thought I'd share my recipe for an omelette with you!

                Ingredients to make one omelette....

                Melanie's Greeky egg!

                2 large eggs
                1 Tablespoon milk
                1 pinch dried oregano
                Salt and pepper - to taste
                2 heaping Tablespoons crumbled feta cheese
                2 Tablespoons chopped black olives
                Oil for frying (I always use olive oil but of course feel free to use whatever you wish!

                Making It....

                In a bowl, beat the eggs with the milk and seasoning until rather frothy. Set aside for a couple minutes until froth subsides. This is to simply make it light and airy mixture.

                Melt the oil in a frying pan and when hot add the mixture to the pan and make sure that as the edges set slightly you just make sure it doesn't stick.

                When the egg is almost completely set (about 3 to 4 minutes), sprinkle the feta cheese and chopped olives over one half of the omelet. Fold the uncovered half over the ingredients. Cover the pan, turn off heat and allow omelet to stand in the pan a couple more minutes and then get it out and eat it!

                This is a really tasty recipe and of course you can adapt it to what you want so if your happier with a plain omelette just omit the olives and the feta cheese of course and if you don't like olives and/or feta cheese then add some vegetables or meat or whatever instead. Versatile it is!


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                  15.06.2009 22:32
                  Very helpful



                  Try this- it is a different way of having bread.

                  Bread with tomatoes and onions-
                  I make this as a quick breakfast for my kid who loves eating bread. As we always have spare bread I try to make something different with it other than just eating it as a sandwich. I know it takes a few minutes to make it but atleast it is home made and hot! And it is so easy to make and i always have all these ingredients in my fridge.

                  Preparation Time: 10 mins
                  Cooking Time: 5 mins
                  Serves: 2-3

                  bread, oil, tomatoes chopped, onions chopped, curry leaves 4-5, tomato ketchup (as per taste) and some chilli sauce(optional), coriander leaves, mustard seeds

                  1)cut 5-6 slices of bread into 1 inch cubes
                  2)put oil in a pan and heat it.
                  3)add mustard seeds and curry leaves.
                  4)add onions, cook till its pink.
                  5)add tomatoes and cook for a few mins.
                  6)add the bread pieces
                  7)then add ketchup and chilli sauce(optional) and cook for a few mins.
                  6)remove it in a plate and top it with coriander leaves. You can add a bit of lemon juice if you want to make it a bit tangy.

                  It is ideal dish for children's lunch box as it is very tasty and filling.

                  This dish is ideal if the bread is slightly old.


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                    14.05.2009 13:14
                    Very helpful



                    Have it for beakfast, brunch, lunch or a light supper

                    BREAKFAST FRITTATA

                    Serves 2
                    Ready in 20 minutes

                    30g butter
                    200g chestnut mushrooms (chopped)
                    2 rashers bacon (cut into inch long pieces)
                    2 ripe tomatos (chopped)
                    4 eggs
                    75g mature Cheddar (grated)


                    Melt the butter in a non stick frying pan over a medium heat.
                    Chop up and add the mushrooms, bacon and tomatos to the melted butter and cook for a few minutes.
                    Meanwhile beat the eggs in a large bowl, stir in the grated cheese, season and mix.
                    Add the egg mixture to the frying pan, stir quickly then allow it to cook for 5 minutes or so .
                    Whilst this is cooking preheat the grill to a high temperature.
                    You will know when the frittata is ready to pop under the grill when it is almost all set and if you lift an edge slightly with a fork it should be golden brown.
                    Then it is ready to pop under the grill for a couple of minutes until golden brown on top.
                    The frittata should slide easily onto a plate, cut in half and enjoy!

                    A breakfast all in one pan!


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                      02.04.2009 15:47
                      Very helpful



                      Great Recipe For Kids Or Novice Cook

                      Easy Recipe for Breakfast/Brunch-French Toast/Eggy Bread

                      After reading Funzo's Cooked Bread recipe I decided to do a similar one which we make two or three times a week. This is a really simple yet delicious recipe that young children or novice cook's can help to make. Chopped up ham or grated cheese can be added to the egg mixture for a change.

                      ~You will need~

                      Mixing bowl and whisk for each child/adult
                      Frying pan for grown up helper
                      Oil for frying
                      Little cooks: Connor (aged four) and Joe (aged two)
                      Adult helper to fry bread: Debbie


                      Four to six eggs (small or medium)
                      Splash of milk (2 tablespoons)
                      Black pepper (optional)
                      Serves 4 (Breakfast, Supper or light lunch)
                      Six to eight slices of bread (white or brown)
                      Chopped up ham or grated cheese (optional)


                      1. Break the eggs into mixing bowl (I have found Connor can do this by himself although once or twice he has broke the egg on himself missing the mixing bowl, Joe needs a little help with this but is learning to do it himself).

                      2. Add milk and black pepper to taste (Connor likes his with black pepper, Joe likes his without).

                      3. Place the mixture in fridge for 30 minutes-1 hour.

                      4. Dip bread in eggy mixture making sure there is plenty on each side (Connor can do this by himself, Joe needs a little help with this). Be careful not to leave bread in mixture too long or you end up with soggy pieces of broken bread.

                      5. Fry the eggy bread flipping it halfway (Joe and Connor love watching me do this bit, but I always make sure they are a safe distance away) fry until a light golden brown (this always smells delicious when you are frying it and I remember my Mum letting me help make these when I was a kid).

                      6. Eat it all up. Joe, Connor and Debbie like their eggy bread with tomato sauce.

                      ~Learning/Play Value~

                      Helps with fine motor skills: Measuring and whisking ingredients whilst learning about quantities, textures and tastes at the same time.

                      Helps build confidence: Connor and Joe are so proud of themselves when they have made eggy bread.

                      Children are more likely to eat something they have helped to make and if you use wholemeal bread this recipe is fairly healthy.

                      Thanks for reading, this review may be published on other sites under the same user name debmercury.


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                        01.04.2009 12:48
                        Very helpful



                        Cooked Bread. - The best thing since sliced bread.

                        Breakfast is without doubt the most important meal of the deal, certainly in terms of providing energy needed for you to work sufficiently during the day or even just to have the energy to knock out meaningless reviews *cough*. With breakfast in mind and still in stomach I thought I would share with you my favourite breakfast and the second best way to start the day.

                        I'm not sure where the recipe came from but it was passed down to my mother from her mother and in turn from her mother and so on. The origins of this recipe have become lost, shrouded in mystery and the midsts of time, but I will try and do my best to give you as accurate as possible step by step process in how make to this breakfast.

                        **** Ingredients Needed ****

                        BREAD - Choosing what bread to buy will have a huge impact of upon the final results. There are so many choices to cater for so many tastes. White? Brown? Granary? Seeded? Thick? Thin? .....the list goes on. To keep the breakast process as uncomplicated as possible and for taste I plump for Hovis Wholemeal Sliced Bread at £1.29 ...because it is the only bread my local village shop sells.

                        BUTTER - As important a choice as the bread. This is again down to personal preference with a wide variety of "spreads" to choose from. I go for Flora Light at £0.89..... because it is the only butter my local village shop sells.

                        **** What else you will need ****

                        A toaster, a plate and a knife or spreading untensil.

                        **** Instructions ****

                        Ok, now the tricky part. Open bread packet and take out slices dependant upon need. I go for two slices. Insert slices of bread into Toaster ensuring that the toaster is ON. The toaster may well have a variable setting allowing you to alter the length of time the bread is 'cooking' in the toaster. I prefer my bread to be of the medium rare variety and thus have the toaster at a low setting. You will know when the bread is cooked by either a popping up effect or having to spend the next 2 mins frantically waving your arms at your smoke alarm.

                        Once cooked bread has 'popped up' as it were, leave to stand in toaster or in rack for about 1 minute in a vertical position to ensure best results. By leaving the cooked bread to stand vertically allows the cooked to breathe and harden up but be careful not to allow the cooked bread to get too cold. the enjoyment of which is severely lessoned in letting the cooked bread go to cold before applying the final stage to the recipe.

                        Once cooked bread has been left to stand for 1 minute, take out of toaster and place onto plate. Use your knife or spreading utensil to extract a knob of butter. If anyone is unsure of the exact measurements of a knob of Butter - please refer to The Last Tango In Paris.

                        Place the cooked bread on a plate and spread the butter over the cooked bread evenly with your knife or spreading untensil. Once butter is spread you have the option to either further cut the bread into pretty aesthitically pleasing triangles or halves. It is also understood that if you don't eat your crusts it may well make your hair go curly. This has not been proved but is understood to be highly likely. My mother has also told me about further additions to the meal, such as Jam, Marmalade and Cheese but I have yet to try these. maybe for another review?

                        **** Final Thoughts****

                        The cooked bread is ready to be eaten and enjoyed...mmmmmmm I like to wash the hearty breakfast fayre down with a cup of tea, and occassionally a cheeky custard cream. Although two slices of this cooked bread are the norm, I have been known to consume up to four slices of this cooked bread recipe, and I would recommend this simple easy to make tasty breakfast meal to everyone.


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                          31.03.2009 23:11
                          Very helpful



                          Brunch options

                          Brunch is usually something I claim I'm eating when the real reason is that I have just got up late and cannot wait until lunch time before eating hence the need to make brunch.

                          For me a brunch has to be fresh tasting and filling enough to last you through to the evening without the desire to snack inbetween and also hopefully it can be healthy as well.

                          My personal favourite is to get some smoked salmon and cream cheese and combine these with an onion bagel to profide a nice filling treat, Along with this I would make scrambled eggs with cubed sauteed potatoes and some melon slices as well.

                          My other favorite brunch is to make a fresh fruit salad using strawberies, grapes, pineapple and banana chunks with some organic yoghurt on top to give it a nice rich creamy flavour. This is a very healthy option to have and quite filling as well.

                          Finally I like to cook with eggs and an omellette makes an ideal brunch especiaaly with some wholegrain toast, my favourite is to fry some red onion and diced green pepper, then prepare the eggs and add the vegetables with a couple of dashes of tobasco to give it a bit of kick and you have a really lovely omellette to start the day, it is lovely with some fresh orange juice and some good quality black coffee.


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                          31.03.2009 19:18
                          Very helpful




                          To be honest I'm not really a cereal person, well I am just not for breakfast. I'm more of a savoury than a sweet person but I usually like something sweet after my tea in the evenings and instead of chocolate I will opt for a small bowl of cereal. I wanted to try something different yet tasty and not too difficult to cook for breakfast as I'm not the greatest cook unfortunately.

                          After being introduced to salmon slices just a few months ago I can't get enough of it, and had heard my friend talking about her Dad having salmon with his scrambled egg for breakfast, and stinking the kitchen out. Smells don't put me off though and this breakfast sounded scrummy. I adore salmon, and to mix it with scrambled egg to must be a dream.

                          I was right! I browsed for a few recipes for it just to try it out for myself.

                          The ingredients are what you'd expect really,

                          120g smoked salmon - I usually just buy a pack of salmon in Sainsburys though and use however many pieces in the pack that I want.
                          4 Large Eggs
                          Freshly Ground Black Pepper
                          2 Tablespoons of Single Cream - Although I have made this without using the cream, as for me it doesn't really make a difference to the taste.

                          Cut the smoked salmon into thin strips - This can be quite messy though and I'm too lazy to faff around with scissors or a knife so I just rip it and strip it with my fingers.

                          Once cut into thin strips place into a bowl with the cream and leave to marinate 20minutes.

                          Crack eggs into a bowl, add seasoning and whisk together.

                          Pour in the eggs into a gently heated saucepan and stir continuously until the eggs begin to set.

                          Add the salmon and keep stirring until cooked - whenever you feel your eggs are cooked.

                          It's such an easy recipe though and you can change the quantities how and when you like depending on how much you want to eat. It doesn't sound much but it is so tasty, you can use the pepper to season to taste afterwards, it just adds a little bit more taste to the egg I find. If you like scrambled egg, and you like salmon this really is a dream breakfast.


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                            23.03.2009 17:58
                            Very helpful
                            1 Comment



                            Simplest and delicious omelette, Great for quick eat

                            Yummy Omelette- An appetizing easy to make recipe
                            I told you that I love eggs and I find this recipe quite delicious. So this one regularly features in our family recipe. Believe me.. it is effortless and will prove very handy if you feel bit indolent and don't fancy doing too much cooking

                            Basic Information:
                            Preparation Time: 10 minutes
                            Cooking Time: 20 minutes
                            Serves: Two to Four (If you are not very hungry !!!!)

                            Ingredients you will need:
                            - Six large eggs
                            - Two table spoon olive oil
                            - Two cooked potatoes cut into small cubes
                            - Cooked mushrooms and vegetables as per your liking
                            - Two large onion chopped
                            - One table spoon salt
                            - Half table spoon black pepper
                            - Half table spoon chilli powder
                            - One green chilli chopped

                            Instructions for cooking :
                            1.Heat the olive oil in large pan and add potatoes, mushrooms, vegetables and chopped onions.

                            2. Cook gently for 10 to 15 minutes until the colour turns to golden brown

                            3. Beat the eggs, season well and pour over vegetables

                            4. Turn the heating to medium and add salt, chilli powder and chopped chilli

                            5. Cook slowly until the egg is almost set

                            6. You can put the pan under the grill and heat gently the top to turn brown

                            7. After 5 minutes take the pan out , cut it into wedges and serve

                            Note: If you want extra spice sprinkle the black pepper on top.

                            A munificent spurt of tomato ketchup will add little extra to the delicacy. The timing to gobble this yummy omelette is entirely yours, as it is just so simple to make ....


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