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    9 Reviews
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      11.10.2014 22:18
      Very helpful


      • nice


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      taste good

      In regards to cooking things like this my husband is the master. His pancakes are without doubt the most magnificent pancakes in the whole entire world!! He's the pancake expert. I'm sitting here feeling fairly bloated but very satisfied after two tasty pancakes. I've asked my hubby as I actually don't have any idea how he has made these delicious delights. Before I go I must tell you American fashion pancakes that are considerably thicker compared to the pancake that is common are cooked by my hubby.

      2 medium eggs
      mug of flour
      Touch of salt
      250 mls of milk
      Teaspoon of baking powder

      Mix all this recipe jointly to form the batter mixture. Warm the frying pan upwards with a few oil over a low heat. When pan is not cool enough pour in. Afterward wait until the one side is golden brown before browning another side and turning the pancake over!! Easy as that.

      Themore complicated part is deciding what filling to put in your pancake. Many individuals have savoury fillings such as ham or cheese but I'm not going to concentrate on savoury fillings in this review as I believe that pancake nighttime is the only night you will be indulgent. So here are a few of my notions thatwe have attempted over the years.

      Chop upward a few of fresh strawberries. cover using a small sprinkle of sugar. Afterward warm up some chocolate sauce and drizzle over strawberrys and serve at the center of the pancake.

      Slice a bananna that is large up, warm through in a pan. When banannas have warmed through add to the middle of the pancake and drizzle a lovely portion of maple syrup on the top. Fold the pancake and permit maple syrup to ooze out. Again add a scoop.

      Peel and slice an apple up. Enable apple to steam softly in a saucepan with a tiny sugar. Add to the centre of the pancake, when apples have began to stew. Warm up toffee sauce and drizzle on the top. Fold pancake to serve. I favor a small dollop with this pancake.

      These are merely three. However, if you don't want to over induldge you can add a small sprinkling of sugar and squirt of fresh lemon to flavor and these are not ugly also.

      We eat really healthy balanced diets in our house. However we do believe in having an occasional blow out. We dont go drinking and neither of us smoke but we are foodies and my hubby is a fantastic chef. Thank god we have fast metabolisms otherwise we both would be enormous!! but I consider you can eat anything so long as its in temperance. That is our night of the entire year when we have a blow out with all the pancakes along with the children like it too.

      Expect you have a great pancake evening and relish your pancakes as much as I have. Got to wait a whole year now to have these again!


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      28.09.2014 21:43
      Very helpful


      • "adds flavour"
      • tasty
      • "easy to make"


      • " unless you don't like bananas"
      • none

      A good source of potassium in a tasty flat circle

      Surely everyone's heard of pancakes, especially when it comes to what in the religious circles is called pancake Tuesday, or Shrove Tuesday, when pancakes are supposed to be served in order to please someone who sacrificed their life so that we could all live in peace and harmony.... or something like that.
      But pancakes don't just have to be serve on one special Tuesday in every year, no, pancakes can be served when ever you like them, with pancakes being served at breakfast time too. (or is that just an American tradition...?).
      Anyway, I like pancakes myself, although I do find that plain ones are a little bit bland, unless you cover them with lashings of lemon juice and more sugar than you get in an energy drink. So, this left me with the idea of making pancakes with a bit of a twist, coming on the lovely taste of pancakes with banana ….??? yes, those little yellow bent things that sometimes get a giggle if used in an inappropriate manner.
      But believe me, it may sound a little odd but banana pancakes are tastier than bacon, (and I love bacon....!!!)

      Anyway, what you need for banana pancakes is.....
      2 – 3 bananas (depending on size and how much you like bananas?)
      200ml of milk, (semi skimmed or full fat)
      200g of plain flour
      two tsp of rising agent, (Bicarbonate of soda or baking powder)
      2 eggs
      a dash of oil for cooking

      This amount should make about 10 to 12 pancakes, depending on the size of your non-stick frying pan, which you will also need.

      So, you've got all your stuff, so let's begin....
      First off, mash up the banana in a good sized bowl, forming a bit of a mush.
      Then add the flour and the raising agent into the banana and mix up some more.
      Then add the eggs and the milk into the mix, and continue mixing, preferably with a fork, until you get something that resembles a smooth paste.

      Now all you have to do is cook the pancakes by pouring a set amount into the pre-heated oil in the frying pan and fry on a medium heat for about 90 seconds on each side, being careful when flipping over as the oil is hot.

      Continue with the frying until all your mix has gone, leaving you with about 10 banana pancakes for you and your family to enjoy.
      If you want to you can still add the lemon and sugar if you want a different taste but I tend to find that the banana gives enough sweetness to the taste.

      Try them. They're lovely...


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      24.09.2014 10:36
      Very helpful


      • "You can put alot of different toppings on them"
      • "These are very easy to make "


      • "There are no disadvantages"

      Very easy pancakes


      My children like to eat pancakes but they like the ones that are fat and that you have for breakfast because none of them like the pancakes that are flat and cooked in oil, I think they are too greasy for them to enjoy and I am happy that they like the fluffy ones because they are alot easier to cook and I never can get the batter correct for the thin ones and I can not flip them over either.

      I make these pancakes alot at least 2 or 3 times every week because my husband likes them also and it is quick to make them for our supper and we can have more growed up toppings on the pancakes than the children have.

      2 large eggs
      30g butter
      300ml of milk
      225g plain flour
      1 tbsp baking powder
      1tsp sugar
      A pinch of salt


      Beat the eggs in a jug and melt the butter and then stand it for a minute to cool down again. Put all off the ingredients into a blender and blend them all together until you have got a smooth batter and all of the lumps have been removed. You can mix it up with your own hands using a fork or a wooden spoon but that takes alot longer so I like it when I can use my blender to do the hand work.

      Put your frying pan on a medium heat and melt a small amount of butter in it, you do not need very much because it is to stop the pancakes sticking only and they will cook from the heat not from the butter.

      Pour some batter into the hot pan and cook it for about 1 minute on each side. You will know when you have got to turn the pancakes over because the top part that hasn't been cooked yet will start to bubble and that is when you should turn them to stop the other side from been cooked too much. You turn them over by using a spatula because these pancakes are too thick for you to flip in the air like other pancakes.

      When the pancake is cooked take it out of the pan and put the batter in for your next pancake immediate, you can keep the cooked pancakes warm by covering the plate in foil until they are all cooked.


      I like to pour a little bit of maple syrup on these pancakes and I sometimes add pine nuts also. When my children have them they spread their pancakes with chocolate spread and they always ask for more so they must like them very much.

      5 Dooyoo Stars.


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      17.02.2013 19:11
      Very helpful



      A great quick treat not just for pancake day!

      With it being Shrove Tuesday last week I thought it would be a perfect time to write this review. Shrove Tuesday or now as it's more commonly known, Pancake Day is the day before Lent and pancakes were originally made on this day to use up the rich ingredients like sugar and eggs before the 40 days of fasting were begun.

      Although you can purchase various pancake mixes and even ready made pancakes they are so cheap and easy to make from scratch and are a really versatile item which can be eaten alone or topped with almost any fillings.

      My trusty and simple pancake recipe:
      4oz Plain Flour
      1 Egg
      Pinch of Salt
      Oil for cooking

      1. Sieve the flour in to a bowl with the pinch of salt.
      2. Make a well in the flour and add in the egg and an around half a pint of milk and whisk.
      3. Add more milk as required to make a fairly runny batter mixture.
      4. Add a small amount of oil to a frying pan and heat until hot.
      5. Take a ladle and add a small amount of the batter mixture to the centre of the hot frying pan tilting the pan quickly to ensure the mixture spreads thinly across the pan.
      6. Once the mixture has set using a spatula flip the pancake over to cook on the opposite side until both sides are golden brown. If you are feeling brave why not try and toss your pancake!
      7. Serve with your favourite topping and cook another.

      A fairly traditional pancake topping is lemon or orange juice with sugar but you can be creative as you want to be. As pancakes are very plain in flavour then really they are an excellent base for both sweet and savoury toppings. You can even make a pancake pizza by topping it with tomato, cheese, ham, mushrooms etc and then popping in the oven or under the grill for a few moments. Although one of my favourite toppings is Nutella or ice cream...yum yum!

      Pancakes can also be made in advanced and reheated, freshly made pancakes will keep for a couple of days if kept covered and in a cool place. I actually made a batch of pancakes on Monday night stacked them on top of each other on a plate when cooked and wrapped some foil over the top. I then took the pancakes into work the next day and reheated them in the microwave for 30 seconds and they were just as good as when made fresh.

      Remember pancakes are not just for Pancake Day!


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      03.02.2013 00:39
      Very helpful



      my not so synful pancakes

      When I was a little girl, I could mainly be found in my Grans kitchen helping her to bake various cakes. I especially loved to make pancakes but have failed terribly at re-creating these pancakes in my own kitchen. I'm not sure if it is down to me having a slightly sloped cooker or not having a decent griddle but they never turn out right using my Grans method. I do still make some kind of pancakes though and often have them for breakfast!

      I am currently following the Slimming World plan and switch between two pancake recipes. I have adapted them to my own tastes and absolutely love making them. I hope these are beneficial to those following the plan.

      ~Recipe One~

      2 eggs
      cinnamon (optional)
      low calorie cooking spray

      Heat the frying pan up with some oil. Seperate the whites from the yolks of the eggs. Use an electric whisk to mix up the egg whites until foamy. Add some sweetener (I use Splenda - approx 2 tablespoons) and cinnamon (if you want) to the yolks and mix together. Bind the yolks and whites together and fry.

      I find this mixture does 6 good sized pancakes. Fair enough they don't have the same consistency as real pancakes but they are a diet friendly version. They are so quick to make and I normally serve with fresh fruit and yoghurt. Very filling.

      ~Recipe Two~

      35g regular porridge oats
      Muller light yoghurt
      2 eggs
      low calorie cooking spray

      Soak the oats in a Muller light yoghurt (works well with any flavour but toffee is particularly nice) overnight. Heat up your pan with the oil spray. Mix 2 tbsp of sweetener and the eggs into the mix and fry. Cook on a low heat and keep an eye on the mixture. Don't turn too quickly or you will be left with a soggy mess.

      I prefer the other pancakes but these are nice as a change and they are more filling. They are very popular with my Slimming World friends and taste lovely served with fruit and yoghurt. This mixture can also be made into little pancake sandwiches by cooking in a toastie machine or waffles by using a waffle maker. Very versatile.


      I love making pancakes as I feel like I am having a treat but they are very good to have as part of my plan. I have them a few times a week and they work out very cheap to make. You can add vanilla flavourings or even ground spice for different tastes. If you aren't following a slimming plan though then just have regular pancakes lol!

      Thanks for reading :)


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        18.05.2010 16:05
        Very helpful



        They will come back for more, guaranteed!

        --- Introduction ---

        Oh, but I am naughty, aren't I? You want to know, of course, what on earth "l'vivot t'-imot" means. Well, it is simply a Modern Hebrew way of saying . . . delicious pancakes.

        Yes, dear friends, today I will give you a ridiculously easy recipe for really delicious pancakes. It is so easy, in fact that you will remember all the ingredients and what to do, offhand, after making it only a couple of times.

        I can, almost guarantee you that you will become quite popular amongst friends and family once it become known that you have been making these pancakes, so be warned . . . your friends can easily begin to abuse you!

        --- Ingredients ---

        The following ingredients will make 18 pancakes, give or take 1 or 2. If you want or need to make half or double the amount of pancakes, you can easily halve or double the ingredients, below.

        6 eggs
        3 level teaspoons of salt
        3 x 250 ml. cups of milk
        3 x 250 ml. cups of water
        3 x 250 ml. cups of cake flour
        6 level desert spoons of butter
        Sunflower oil [You can also use olive oil.]

        Note: It is very important that you do not substitute the butter, above, with margarine. Even though I can not speak from experience, it makes perfect sense to me that the end result will be "lesser", in every respect, if said substitution is made. The butter, in a very real sense, is what distinguishes this recipe from many, many other pancake recipes.

        --- What to do ---

        Beat eggs, well. Add salt, milk and water and beat again. Beat the flour in until the mixture is completely smooth. Melt the butter and stir it into the mixture. Do not beat the mixture after the butter is added. Cover the mixture and let it stand for approximately an hour, but if you can not do the latter, it is not critical, at all.

        The best pan to use, I find, is one of these modern non stick, teflon coated pans, but if you do not have one of these, any fairly shallow pan will do. Pour just enough oil into the pan so that when you tilt the latter from side to side, its whole surface is covered with a thin film of the former.

        Our stove has 6 heat levels of which I use no. 5 when making these pancakes. With regard to the heat level, the most important thing to remember is that the pan, with the thin layer of oil in its base, must be hot before you pour the mixture, for the first pancake, into the pan. If the pan is not hot enough, you will find it hard to turn the pancakes (the first couple, especially, but also subsequent ones) over, without it breaking into pieces, and if the heat is too high, the oil will not only splash all over the place, but you will almost, certainly, burn your pancakes.

        If the heat is right, you should have no problem turning the pancakes over, without it breaking, at all. You might have one or two failures, anyway, before you will get the heat setting exactly right, so do not despair.

        I use approximately 125 ml's of mixture (½ a standard cup) for each pancake I make in our, rather, big pan. I use a std. size soup ladle (which holds slightly more than 125 ml's of liquid) to, first of all, draw the mixture for each pancake out of its original container, after stirring it once or twice, and then pour it into the hot pan with its thin layer of oil, the latter which must be poured into the pan before every new pancake is made. Immediately after the mixture is poured into the hot pan, the pan must be tilted from side to side, so that said mixture covers the entire surface of the pan.

        You will quickly see when the pancake is ready to be turned over. With our teflon coated pan I use a plastic fish slice, so as not to damage the coating when I turn the pancakes over. You can use the fish slice to loosen the edges of the emerging pancake, somewhat, around the pan, and then just wriggle the former underneath the pancake and quickly turn it over. When the other side is ready (this should take all of approx. 10 seconds), you can slide it out of the pan onto a plate covered with a thin layer of sugar mixed with cinnamon, from where it can then be rolled up with a fork and eaten.

        --- To conclude ---

        It is the easiest thing in the world to make enough of these pancakes at a time when it suits you and then to just refrigerate it (for up to, even, 3 weeks) until you decide to use it for a meal or a treat. In such a case you can just heat it again and it will be ready immediately. My wife and I normally make 18 at a time, which takes us approximately 50 odd minutes. I find that it works best to work as a team when making pancakes; the one making it while the partner does everything else. The latter works for me, as Clint Eastwood says in his movies.

        I love lemon juice and whipped cream over my pancakes, but there are many other toppings one can use. If you can imagine it, you can have it. I sincerely hope that you will try this pancake recipe of mine out. I promise you, you won't be sorry!

        Thank you so much for having taken the time to read this review through. Until I write my next review or rate some of yours (I am sure the latter will happen first), I say shalom.



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          16.02.2010 19:48
          Very helpful



          MY ONE SWEET LOVE!!

          Well today is shrove Tuesday. One of my favourite nights of the year. This is simply because this is the night when it is not only allowed but almost an unwritten law that you are permitted to eat gorgeous pancakes.

          When it comes to cooking things like this my husband is the master. His pancakes are without doubt the most gorgeous pancakes in the whole entire world!! He is the pancake master. I am sitting here feeling rather bloated but very satisfied after two delicious pancakes. I have asked my hubby how he has made these delicious delights, as i literally have no idea. So here is his recipe. Before i proceed i must tell you that my hubby cooks American style pancakes which are much thicker than the common pancake.


          2 medium eggs
          mug of flour
          pinch of salt
          250 mls of milk
          teaspoon of baking powder

          mix all this recipe together to form the batter mixture. Warm the frying pan up over a low heat with some oil. When pan is warm enough pour your desired amount in. Then wait until the one side is golden brown before flipping the pancake over and browning the other side!! simple as that.

          Themore complicated part is deciding what filling to put into your pancake. Many people have savoury fillings such as cheese or ham but I am not going to concentrate on savoury fillings in this review as I believe that pancake night is the one night you can be indulgent. So here are a few of my ideas thatwe have tried over the years.

          chop a handful of fresh strawberries up. cover with a small sprinkle of sugar. Then warm up some chocolate sauce and drizzle over strawberrys and serve in the middle of the pancake. This can also be served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

          Slice up a large bananna, warm through in a pan. When banannas have warmed through add to the centre of the pancake and drizzle a lovely portion of maple syrup over the top. then fold the pancake and allow maple syrup to ooze out. Again add a scoop of vanilla icecream.

          Peel and slice up an apple. Allow apple to steam gently in a saucepan with a little sugar. When apples have began to stew add to the centre of the pancake. warm up toffee sauce and drizzle over the top of the apples. again fold pancake to serve. I prefer a small dollop of clotted cream with this pancake.

          These are just three of our favourites. However if you do not wish to over induldge you can add a small sprinkle of sugar and squirt of fresh lemon to taste and these are beautiful too.

          We eat very healthy balanced diets in our house. However we do believe in having an occasional blow out. We dont go drinking and neither of us smoke but we are foodies and my hubby is a fantastic chef. Thank god we have fast metabolisms otherwise we would both be massive!! but i believe that you can eat anything as long as its in moderation. This is our night of the year when we have a blow out with the pancakes and the kids love it too.

          Hope you have a great pancake evening and enjoy your pancakes as much as I have. Got to wait a whole year now to have these again!! (unless my hubby cooks them for me for our tenth wedding anniversary in a fortnight!!)


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            14.02.2010 16:15
            Very helpful



            A lovely change from traditional pancakes on Shrove Tuesday

            My mum is German and a fantastic cook who enjoys trying new recipes. We were brought up enjoying a variety of foods from many different influences much to the envy of our friends.

            On Shrove Tuesday every year, like most homes in the country, my mum would always make us pancakes; our preferred ones were always the crisp, tasty, little potato delights that we smothered with sugar and lemon juice. These delicious pancakes now adorn our table every year on Pancake Day, a tradition that my children will probably continue with when they have families of their own.

            Kartoffelpuffer, pronounced, Car-taf-el poffer or Potato Pancakes are eaten in many other countries known by different names. I have enjoyed latkas in Israel; these Jewish potato pancakes are usually eaten during Hanukkah and come in different varieties such as cheese, leek or apple. In Poland they are called Placki Wegierskie and are usually served with spicy goulash.

            Kartoffelpuffer are very quick and easy to knock up and make a lovely change from the tradition batter pancakes that we usually enjoy here. They are unusual because they contain onions and are generally served as a sweet dish. If you make these I would recommend that you try them with lemon juice and sugar or the German way with apple sauce (pureed stewed apples) and sour cream.


            1lb starchy potatoes
            1 medium onion
            2 eggs lightly beaten
            2 tbsp of plain flour
            Pinch of salt
            Oil for frying

            I always make them just before cooking because the grated potatoes discolour if you leave the mixture for too long.

            Grate the potatoes and onion, I always use a food processor to do this; remove as much moisture from the grated potatoes as possible by pressing between layers of paper towels.

            Put the grated potatoes and onions in a bowl add the egg and salt, and then sprinkle in the flour.
            Mix well.

            Over medium heat, heat the oil in a large frying pan. Put a good heaped tablespoon of the potato mixture into the pan and flatten slightly (I usually fry four pancakes at a time) Brown on both sides, remove and serve immediately.

            Makes about 8 to 10 pancakes.

            My son enjoys eating his Kartoffelpuffer with an egg on top; he thinks they are like Hash Browns. They can also be served like a Rosti as an accompaniment to a meal. My mum always adds grated carrots to her mixture too. There are many different variations of this recipe that you could try, add cheese and leek or maybe spicy sausage, chopped bacon or grated pear, there are many other options.

            I hope that you enjoy these pancakes if you do make them.
            Enjoy your Pancake Day


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              09.02.2010 22:03
              Very helpful



              Pancake recipes :)

              As Pancake Day is fast approching, I thought it would be a nice idea to list some of the pancakes which I've done in the past.

              Pancakes are fun, easy and ever so tasty! With just a few ingredients you can really go to town on them. There are so many ways in each to make this Pancake Day an exciting one.

              Just to clarify, Pancake Day = forgetting the diet for a day. I know you can make healthy ones but where's the fun in that!

              Apple Pancakes
              (Serves 4 or 8 small)


              8oz Plain flour
              1 1/2 tsp Baking powder
              4 tbsp caster sugar
              1 egg
              1 tbsp butter, melted
              10 fl oz milk
              1 eating apple
              1 3/4 oz dark chocolate chips

              1 - Sieve your flour and baking powder into a large mixing bowl, add the caster sugar, melted butter and egg mix well.

              2 - Slowly pour the milk into the mixture stiring as you pour. Core, peel and grate the apple, adding it to the mix along with the chocolate chips.

              3 - Heat a frying pan or a griddle pan whatever you perfur to cook with. Place it on medium heat and grease lighty.

              4 - Pour some of your pancake mix onto your pan. Cook for a few minutes until you see some bubbles appear on the surface of your pancakes, flip your pancakes over and cook for a further minute or so until a light golden colour.

              5 - Remove from the heat and serve, I love these with a drizzle of chocolate sauce on top.

              Pancakes are great for breakfast or a dessert, I never tend to wait for Pancake Day as they're great all year round!!

              Tradisional Pancakes
              (Makes 8 large)

              4 1/2 oz Plain flour
              2 Eggs
              300ml Milk

              1 - Sieve flour into a bowl, add the eggs beat the mixture and gradually beat in the milk until the batter is smooth looking.

              2 - Heat and gease lighty a frying pan or griddle, pour the batter to coat the pan cook for around 1 - 2 minutes until golden, flip and cover the otherside.

              3 - Serve your pancakes!

              Though I'm not a huge fan of plain pancakes, there's many great toppings to be had. Chocolate sauce, grated chocolate, maple syrup, different fruits, lemon juice, etc. The list is endless.

              Banana Pancakes
              (Serves 4 large)


              3 Bananas
              6 tbsp Orange juice
              2 tbsp Orange or banana flavoured liqueuer
              Grated rind of 1 orange
              3 1/2 oz Plain flour
              1 tbsp Coco powder
              1 Egg
              1 tsp sunflower oil
              10 fl oz Milk

              1 - Peel and slice bananas, place them in a bowl with the orange juice, liqueur and rind set to one side for later.

              2 - Sieve the flour and coco powder into a large mixing bowl, adding also the egg and oil beat the mixture. Gradually beat in the milk until you have a smooth batter.

              3 - Heat and grease lighty a frying pan or griddle, pour your mixture into your pan on medium heat cook until golden on each side.

              4 - Repeat until all the pancakes are cooked, to serve fill the pancakes with your banana mixture and fold into halves or triangles.

              These pancakes are great with hot chocolate sauce. I personally love them for breakfast!

              I hope that you like the recipes above, and that you're willing to give them a try! Trying different types of pancakes is super fun!


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