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    15 Reviews
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      20.01.2012 16:31
      Very helpful



      Easy enough to do and minimal effort makes a for a tasty part of a meal.

      Christmas 2011 was one of the best for me for numerous personal reasons. One of the highlights being a big family traditional dinner. It was phenomenal and I reckon Henry VIII would have struggled.... Well maybe not him but there was a lot to choose from.
      There were 5 meats and all sorts of vegetables going on. We were catering for six though, so better to have too much than too little and you can't beat left over meat sandwiches after a mid-afternoon nap.

      But what of the veg leftovers? The meat is so versatile but what about cold mash, cold sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower and peas??? (The roast spuds and roasted carrots were snapped up on the day). There was so much it seemed a waste to scrape into the bin and not use.

      I'm sure a lot of people have their own uses but I fancied something a bit different to a bubble and squeak so....

      Ingredients: I'm just listing what I had at the time and the weights are very VERY rough estimates but this is more for anyone who may just throw left over food in a recycle caddy (if you have one), or looking for inspiration for something different, or just want to make money and food go further if like me your feeling the pinch more and more.

      300g cold mash
      70g cold sprouts
      50g cold cauliflower
      50g cold garden peas
      50g cold broccoli
      Salt and Pepper to taste
      1 or 2 Beaten Egg
      Plain flour in shallow dish
      Breadcrumbs in shallow dish

      Basically I threw it all (except the mash potato) into a large mixing bowl and started to roughly mash it down until mixed but still quite chunky, using a fork to smash down the larger chunks. I then added the mash potato and mixed thoroughly, seasoning well with salt and pepper.

      Once it was all mixed I then fashioned a rough croquette shape about 3cm thick and 6cm long, dusted each one in flour and then dipped in the beaten egg and then rolled until well covered in the breadcrumbs. At this point I might recommend double dipping... back to the egg and breadcrumb again; I'll explain why later. With the amount we had in leftovers I managed to make 15 in total... not a bad portion for 2 people (I had the extra one to taste test sshhhhhh!!!).

      I placed them on a baking tray in a pre-heated oven (gas mark 7 or electric equivalent) and cooked for about 20-25 minutes (adjust accordingly for fan assisted ovens) until the breadcrumbs started to turn golden and crispy. The reason I suggest double dipping is the coating on a few "split" and they lost a bit of shape. I haven't done a double dip yet but I'll update if it works as I think it does. They may even benefit from a spell in the fridge?

      I served it up with a mixed variety of meat and sauce to dip. It wasn't a massive evening meal but it was all we wanted after the over indulgence of the feast the day before.

      As a side note, you may or may not do this as a matter of course, we never used to, but we now allow plenty of extra veg, spuds and gravy with our traditional Sunday roast and plan a Monday night left over meal. I might do a series of leftover idea do if anyone is interested? perhaps if there was a Leftover section as it won't always be veg?


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      16.10.2011 15:30
      Very helpful



      A good way of clearing out the fridge

      Fridge clear-out Stuffed Peppers

      Basically in my house we end up with a lot of half onions, tomatoes and various other veg which generally go to waste. For some reason there was an entire net of Tesco market value peppers just lying at the bottom of the fridge too, they were a little wrinkly getting on the outside and I knew if something wasn't done with them soon the peppers they would end up in the compost bin.

      Leftovers I used

      4 slightly less than crispy peppers doesn't really matter the size or colour

      Half a large red onion and half a large white onion (these just happen to be halves in my fridge that weren't going to be used but a whole large fresh onion would work too)

      2-3 cloves of garlic depending on their size

      A very soft and ripe large tomato or half a tin of chopped tomatoes

      A small or half a courgette

      Olive oil

      Salt and pepper

      Basil leaves, fresh if possible

      Cheese-cheddar or another hard cheese

      Left over mushrooms if you have them

      Step1-Chop the heads off all the peppers and scoop out all the pith with a spoon and knife, then leave to side on a baking tray.

      Step2- Chop up all the other ingredients into cubes finely chopping and crushing the garlic and basil, stick the chopped vegetables into a bowl with the herbs and throw in a few glugs of olive oil. Salt and pepper to taste.

      Step3- Get out the cheese grater and grate the cheese, I would say 200g is a good amount but I am aware some people worry about fat content and may like less or some people like things very cheesy so would want more, so whatever you think.

      Step4-Get a Frying pan out and set it on a high heat, when it is very hot throw in your chopped vegetables in the olive oil and preheat the oven to 200 degrees. Turn down the heat and stir fry you veg ensuring everything is mixed through and the onions become soft.

      Step5- After about 5-10minutes take the veg off the heat and start scooping into the peppers topping off with cheese.

      Step6- Set the stuffed peppers in the oven in the middle shelf for 20 minutes to start with. Some peppers take half an hour to 40 minutes it really depends on your pepper or how crunchy you like your vegies but I would say 20 minutes is the minimum.

      Step7- Leave to cool for maybe 5-10 minutes and serve with rice, as is or with some nice crusty bread.

      There you go a nice healthy meal without spending a fortune and using p your left overs, I have also done this with tomatoes and Courgettes it works with most vegies that can be hollowed out and eaten whole.


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        16.08.2010 17:39
        Very helpful



        Give it a try!

        A few months ago my fiancé announced that he wanted onion rings with his tea, never having attempted to make onion rings or the batter they are covered in I thought I had better do a bit of research, the only onion rings I had ever had were the shop bought ones. After looking through various books I could not find anything to help me out, that was until I spoke to my fiancées nana who gave me the simplest and quickest way of making onion rings ever, you literally need 3 ingredients.

        Onions (obviously) I find that 1 medium onion easily does 2 or 3 people depending on how think you want the rings to be
        Plain flour

        Cut each end off of the onion and peel off the skin. Then cut the onion up into slices, you can have them as thick as you like, personally I prefer them thinner not being a huge fan of onion. Once you have about 4 or 5 slices of onion push the middle out of each slice, you will see that the slices of onion are made up of rings, continue to push each ring out, it is these rings that form the onion ring.
        Next tip some of the plain flour into a jug, the quantity depends on the amount of rings you are making, I never measure mine out you then add a little bit of lemonade to the plain flour and whisk, again I do not measure the exact amount out. You need the mixture to be the consistency of a thick fromage frais/ yoghurt. You will need to add the lemonade slowly otherwise the mixture will end up too runny. Once you have a thick smooth mixture dip the onions into it making sure they are fully covered, the thicker the mixture the better it covers the onion I find. You then put it straight into hot oil in a frying pan and leave until golden brown, they literally take about 5 minutes to cook.
        I always lay them on a piece of kitchen paper for a second or two after they are done so some of the fat drains off them.

        I have used this recipe several times now each time it has been successful. The reason I have not put exact quantities is because I never measure out the ingredients and this was the way I was told to do it, the amount of flour and lemonade you use depends on how many onion rings you want to cover. If you find the mixture a little too runny simply add some more of the plain flour, but if on the other hand the mixture is too thick add some more lemonade to it.

        You do not just have to use this mixture for battered onion rings it is perfectly suitable for battering sausages, pineapple rings or even fish. You cannot taste the lemonade at all, you are just left with a lovely tasting batter.
        This mixture would also be ideal for children to make if they wish to help with the cooking. The only bit that they would need supervising over would be frying the onion rings (or what ever you choose to batter) but the actual making of the mixture requires no cooking at all.

        This recipe is quick and simple to make it takes about 5 minutes, it is also very cheap to make as well, I just use a little bit of the lemonade I already have in the cupboard it does not matter what brand it is and I always use Tesco Value Plain Flour. The batter freezes well so if you make too much there's no need to waste any. The cooked battered onion rings freeze well too which is handy if you want to make up a batch. All in all I have found this to be a very successful recipe.


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          21.04.2010 15:08
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A great weekly must for us.

          These are a regular on my weekly shop. Being vegetarians me and my husband eat a huge amount of mushrooms, not only because we like them but because they are good at bulking out meals, and are very good for you.

          There are loads of different types of mushrooms, but my favourite are portabello, Sainsburys are currently stocking mini portabelllo mushrooms and they are really tasty and keep their shape really well without shrinking when you cook them.

          I have always wanted to try picking my own mushrooms, as I very often see them growing, but I know this is really dangerous as they can be extremely poisonous if you pick the wrong ones. I know you can get books about it, but I wonder how sure you could ever be about their safety unless you are an expert.

          I think the best thing about mushrooms is that they do go with a lot of food, they are great for bulking out things like chillies, lasagne, bolognese sauces and loads of other things.

          Me and my husband eat a huge amount of mushrooms being vegetarian, and I can't find anything bad about them, I know a lot of people don't like their texture, but I love it. I really like seeing all the different types and trying new things with them. There are so many things you can do with them, they are a definite weekly item for us.


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            30.03.2009 15:24
            Very helpful



            Spicy Veggie Pepper

            Spicy Veggie Pepper - A delectable hot vegetarian dish
            I am a great fan of hot recipe and this weekend I made this easy but delicious dish. I took this with bread but this one goes well with anything be it naan, omelette, poached eggs. Yes the word of caution is it is bit hot although you can marginalise it by adding let spice.

            My personal feel is that it is better to take it spicy to get that extra zip.

            Basic Information:
            Preparation Time: 10 minutes
            Cooking Time: 30 minutes
            Serves: Four
            * Hot Dish

            Ingredients you will need:
            - Four paprikas (select assortment of colour), deseeded and sliced thin
            - Four tomatoes sliced
            - Two table spoon olive oil
            - Two large onion chopped
            - One green chilli chopped
            -Two garlic cloves sliced
            - One table spoon salt
            - One table spoon freshly grounded black pepper
            - Two table spoon vinegar

            Instructions for cooking:
            1. Heat the olive oil in large pan and cook garlic and onions gently for 10 minutes in low heat until soft but not to golden brown

            2. Add paprika slices & salt and continue cooking for 15 minutes

            3. Now you can put the tomatoes and chopped chilli and stir for another 5 minutes

            4. Add vinegar to season well before serving

            5. You can add freshly grounded black pepper and make it extra hot

            I love the colour as well as the luscious taste of this dish. The secret lies in cooking in slow heat and the blend of spices.
            Preparing this is not at all energy sapping; so when are you trying this one?


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            09.03.2009 16:12
            Very helpful



            ideal for people that don't have much time to cook

            I'm a big fan of pasta and love it with nearly anything. I came across this delicious recipe on


            This dish is suitable for vegetarians and is packed with vegetables so it is very healthy.

            The ingredients you will need are:

            # cup diced bell pepper
            # 1 cup diced poblano, pasilla or anaheim pepper
            # 1 cup diced onion
            # 2 cloves garlic, diced
            # 1 cup tomato, diced
            # 1/2 cup fresh cilantro (optional)
            # 1/4 cup green onions, chopped (scallions)
            # 8 ounces whole wheat pasta
            # 2 tbsp olive oil
            # 1/2 cup grated cheese (Asiago or Romano)
            (I normally just use standard cheddar)

            The good thing about this recipe is that you can add or take away ingredients to suit your personal taste. I love it with sun dried tomatoes :-)

            To prepare is quite simple, follows these easy steps:

            Cook pasta according to package directions.

            Sautee bell pepper, pepper, onion, garlic and tomatoes in one tablespoon olive oil until just soft.

            Add the cooked pasta and additional tablespoon of oil. Stir for 2 minutes.

            Pour into serving bowl and sprinkle the cilantro, scallions, and cheese on top of the pasta and veggies.

            Servings: Serves 6

            Calories/Serving: 236

            Nutrition: One serving provides approximately:
            236 calories;
            6 g fat (4 g saturated);
            17 mg cholesterol;
            244 mg sodium;
            37 g carbohydrates;
            6 g fiber;
            12 g protein;
            36 mcg folate and 2 mg iron.

            This recipe is so simple and only takes about 12mins to prepare. It is perfect for students or people that want a fast healthy meal.

            I eat it all the time and it never gets boring as you can add different ingredients each time you make it.

            Give it a go, you'll love it :-)


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              15.02.2009 00:08
              Very helpful




              Vegetarian lasagne
              Lasagne is a really easy and simple dish, I know some people usually avoid this when trying to eat healthy but my recipe is packed with vegetables, and is really tasty, so you might just get the fussiest of children{and adults} to eat it and get their 5 a day.

              Oven proof lasagne dish

              One standard pack of dry lasagne sheets
              5 large red onions
              4 Courgettes
              250g chestnut mushrooms
              300g baby button mushrooms
              250g cherry tomatoes
              2 tins of chopped tomatoes
              2 cloves garlic
              710g jar of white lasagna sauce {sorry can't make my own without it tasting burnt and ruining a pan}
              100g mozzarella
              Dried Italian herb seasoning
              Black pepper
              Olive oil

              * Peel and chop your red onion into chunky wedges. Lightly soften the onion in a little oil in a frying pan, transfer into a large bowl.
              * Leaving the baby button mushrooms whole. Half or quarter {depending on size} the chestnut mushrooms, again lightly fry and transfer into the same bowl as the onions.
              * Take the ends of the Courgettes and cut into one cm slices, {again} lightly fry till lightly brown on both sides. If your Courgettes are wet dry between a clean tea towel or muslin. Transfer into the bowl.
              * If needed add more oil to the pan and add the whole cherry tomatoes, fry for a couple of minutes, before adding two crushed cloves of garlic and the chopped tomatoes. Season this sauce base with salt and pepper and 2 tea spoons of the dried Italian seasoning.
              * Add the mushrooms, onion and Courgettes to the sauce and simmer for 8 minutes.
              * Now to layer the lasagna. Make the first layer using the chunky vegetable sauce, and then the dried lasagna sheets, then the white sauce, layer this until the top of the dish making sure the last layer is the white sauce.
              * Tear small pieces of the mozzarella onto the top of the lasagna.
              * Put the lasagna onto the middle shelf of the oven at 200oc for 30-45 minutes and the top is crispy and golden brown.

              Next recipe is for a French bread 'pizza'.

              Finely sliced red onions
              Sliced beef tomatoes
              Goat's cheese
              French stick
              Black pepper

              * Fry the red onions in a little butter, season with salt and pepper, till soften and very lightly brown.
              * Slice the French stick through the middle and into large wedges {however big you want, this is for an individual pizza but you could do the whole stick, if it fits in your oven and people could slice of what they wanted to eat}.
              * Smother the bottom of the bread with the onions and add sliced beef tomatoes with thinly sliced goat's cheese to top.
              * Cook in the oven until the base is crisp and the cheese melted.
              * Serve with crisp green salad and a huge glass of red wine.

              Last recipe is a colcannon, my very favorite comfort food.
              I use my leftover mashed potatoes for this, so quantities needed vary.

              Mashed potatoes {either made fresh or leftover warmed through in the microwave}
              Spring onions finely sliced
              Green cabbage {I use Savoy} finely shredded.

              Fry the cabbage in a frying pan or wok using a little butter for around 4-5 minutes till its tender. Add the spring onions to the pan and cook for another minute or two.
              Add the cabbage and spring onion to the warm mashed potato and combine. Seasoning to taste.
              Serve with a knob of butter in the middle.


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                08.12.2008 00:14
                Very helpful



                Mmmmmmmmmmm !!!!

                Though I'm more of a vegetable than a meat person, sometimes I can find them a tad boring, and am always looking for ways to make them more appealing.

                I thought I'd share with DooYoo users, 10 methods I've discovered (some by accident) over the years that for me have made the world of vegetables a little more exciting.

                All of these following recipes/suggestions are suitable for vegetarians (vegans too if you substitute any cheese, milk or yoghurt used in the recipes for soya alternatives), and they certainly have brightened up my own life. You can eat all these things either on their own, or as part of a main meal.

                Here we go..........

                1) BROCCOLI WITH LEMON SAUCE

                I'm not the world's greatest fan of broccoli myself, but find it pleasantly edible done this way.

                For 2 people you will need......

                1 large head of broccoli, de-stalked and cut into preferred sized pieces
                1 flat teaspoon cornflour
                A knob of margarine or butter (approx. the same as you'd spread on one slice of bread)
                Juice of half a lemon, or 1 tablespoon Jiffy or PLJ lemon juice
                Half an Oxo veggie stock cube, crumbled
                A generous grinding of fresh black pepper
                2 tablespoons milk

                Cook the broccoli in your normal way. A couple of minutes before it's ready, melt the knob of margarine or butter in a small non-stick pan over a gentle heat. Stir in the cornflour, and cook for one minute...stirring continuously. Add the milk and beat quite vigorously. Then add the Oxo cube, lemon juice and black pepper. Beat vigorously again and bring gently to the boil, stirring all the time. Serve the cooked broccoli onto plates and drizzle the sauce as decoratively as you can over the top.

                2) SEEDY HONEYED CARROTS

                For 2 people you will need......

                2 medium-sized carrots, peeled and cut however you like
                2 flat teaspoons toasted sesame seeds
                Just a little butter or margarine (about half a teaspoonful)
                2 flat teaspoons runny honey

                Cook the carrots in your normal way. Drain and place into a shallow flameproof container. Pop the butter into the middle of the carrots, drizzle the whole lot with honey, then sprinkle with the sesame seeds. Place under a medium pre-heated grill, and cook for a total of 6 minutes. During the 6 minutes cooking period, turn the whole mixture over a few times to evenly distribute the butter, honey and sesame seeds.

                3) CHEESY COURGETTES

                For 2 people you will need......

                2 courgettes, washed and de-stalked
                2oz strong grated cheddar cheese
                2 flat teaspoons paprika
                Half a small peeled & finely chopped onion

                Slice the courgettes lengthwise and using a sharp knife, scoop out about two-thirds of the flesh from the middle. Mix the flesh with the cheese, onion and paprika - blend very thoroughly. Lay the courgette halves (skin side downwards) onto a plate, and fill each half with the cheese/onion/paprika mixture. Heat the grill to medium, and lay the courgettes (skin downwards) onto the grill pan, and cook for about 6 minutes, or until the cheese/onion/paprika mixture is browned and bubbly.


                For 2 people you will need......

                2 large beef tomatoes
                1 small carton plain yoghurt or unsweetened fromage frais
                1 tablespoon tinned sweetcorn, drained
                1 large pinch of each of these (powdered): turmeric, black pepper, cumin, paprika, chilli powder, mint

                Slice the tops from the tomatoes, and scoop out the pulp - making sure you leave the firm flesh attached to the tomatoes. Discard the pulp, or save to use for something else (e.g. a sauce), but keep the tomato tops. Beat the turmeric, black pepper, cumin, paprika, chilli powder and mint into the yoghurt or fromage frais, making sure everything is thoroughly blended. Mix in the sweetcorn, and pile the mixture into each of the tomato centres. Place the tops back on the tomatoes, and chill in the fridge for a minimum of one hour. Eat cold - this doesn't work hot.


                For 2 people you will need......

                1 standard sized pack of green beans, trimmed & cut into 2" pieces
                1 heaped tablespoon toasted pine nuts
                1 small red chilli, de-stalked, de-seeded and cut into very thin rings
                2 teaspoons ground nut oil

                Heat the nut oil in frying pan and over a fairly high heat, cook (stirring frequently) the green beans for about 3 minutes. Mix in the pine nuts and chilli slices, fry for a further minute, then serve.


                For 2 people you will need......

                2 medium sized parsnips, peeled & cut into chunks
                A generous quirt of runny honey (approx. 2 tablespoons)
                2 teaspoons unsweetened orange juice
                2 rounded tablespoons broken or chopped brazil nuts
                2 tablespoons ground nut oil

                Parboil and drain the parsnips. Put one tablespoon of the oil into an oven-proof container (metal or foil is best) and place in a hot (approx. 425C to 450C) oven for 5 minutes. Remove from the oven and arrange the parsnips in the hot oil. Mix the honey with the orange juice and pour over the parsnips....then pour over the final tablespoon of oil. Sprinkle with the nuts, and bake in the oven for about 40 minutes.
                NB: Instead of ground nut oil, you can use margarine or butter if you like.


                For 2 people you will need......

                1 generous knob of butter or margarine
                1 peeled & crushed garlic clove
                1 tablespoon fresh washed & chopped parsley
                6oz button or closed cap mushrooms, wiped & finely sliced
                Between 10 and 16 cherry tomatoes (however many you want)

                Rub the garlic clove generously over the surface of a non-stick frying pan, and plop the butter or margarine into the pan. Over a medium heat, melt the butter or margarine. Turn the heat up high, and when it begins to sizzle, quickly add all the other ingredients (leave the tomatoes whole). Fry on that high heat for about 5 minutes, stirring and shaking the pan frequently.
                NB: If you can't get fresh parsley, use 1 rounded teaspoon of dried. If preferred, you could use nut or olive oil instead of the butter or margarine.

                8) FOUR-CHEESE CAULIFLOWER

                For 2 people you will need......

                A few raw cauliflower florets......enough for 2 people
                A generous pinch of cayenne pepper
                2 tablespoons plain yoghurt or unsweetened fromage frais
                A good few shakes of freshly ground black pepper
                A few shavings of fresh Parmesan cheese
                1oz (grated) of each of the following cheeses:
                - Red Leicester
                - Jarlsberg
                - Emmenthal

                Steam or boil the cauliflower just for a few minutes, so it retains its firmness. Mix the grated Red Leicester, Jarlsberg and Emmenthal cheeses thoroughly with the yoghurt or fromage frais. Place the cauliflower into a flameproof shallow container, and cover with the cheese or fromage frais and yoghurt mixture. Sprinkle the cayenne pepper and black pepper over the top, and place under a hot grill for about 7 minutes, until bubbling and beginning to crisp around the edges. When cooked, poke the Parmesan cheese shavings into the top at random (as decoratively as possible), and serve.


                For 2 people you will need......

                A quantity of parboiled potatoes (for 2 portions)
                4 tablespoons corn oil or nut oil
                1 tablespoon fresh chopped rosemary, or 1 rounded teaspoon of dried

                NB: Use a non-stick saucepan to parboil the potatoes

                Drain the water from the parboiled potatoes using the saucepan lid over the pan method....keep the potatoes in the pan, and once the water is all drained off, hold the lid firmly in place and give a really good shake. Pour the oil over the shaken potatoes, and put the pan over a high heat (on the top of the cooker, not the oven). Cook for about 15 minutes, shaking occasionally, and turning the potatoes at least twice during the cooking time. They should brown well, and go nice and crispy on the outsides. Serve sprinkled with the rosemary.
                Note: This is a good way of doing roast potatoes when the rest of your meal is done on the top of the cooker, and you don't want to use the oven for just one small thing.
                NB: If you wish, add a few couple of snipped chives or a couple of spring onions cut into small pieces to the pan a couple of minutes before the potatoes have finished cooking.

                10) ASPARAGUS IN TOMATO SAUCE

                For 2 people you will need......

                A bunch of tender baby asparagus, washed
                4 very ripe tomatoes, cored, de-seeded and skinned
                2 tiny drops of white wine vinegar
                1 pinch of dark brown sugar

                Lightly steam the asparagus in the way you normally would. Chop the tomato flesh very finely, and in a small non-stick saucepan, heat gently until almost, but not quite boiling. Stir in the sugar and white wine vinegar, and cook for 30 seconds, stirring gently. Drain the asparagus, arrange in a serving dish, and drizzle the hot tomato mixture over the top.


                All of the above recipes have been tried, tested and are now trusted by me. The Beef Tomatoes With Spicy Corn Yoghurt dish goes best with cold meats, or as part of a salad. All the other recipes are best eaten hot, as part of a main meal or on their own as a light snack. If you are vegetarian or vegan, you can combine 2, 3 or more of the above dishes to make a main meal.

                That's all folks, thanks for reading, and I hope if you find some vegetables can be rather bland, that the above may help a little.


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                  02.12.2008 16:14
                  Very helpful



                  you don't have to be a veggie to enjoy

                  My husband is a real 'meat' man, my youngest daughter (17) is a fussy eater who'll only eat raw carrots, tomatoes & cucumber, but my eldest daughter & I love most vegetables.

                  Although food prices seem to rise by the day I'm still surprised by the amount you get for the price - especially if you buy seasonal vegetables.

                  I used to hate school dinner veg which had been cooked way too long & had very little texture - lumpy mashed potato & overcooked cabbage spring to mind - ugh!

                  I like to use my steamer for cooking vegetables as they not only retain more of their nutritional value but also their shape, colour & texture. I think I'd be lost without the steamer on Christmas Day as I wouldn't have enough gas rings!

                  Just a couple of very quick & easy recipes using our great British veg ~

                  1. Stir fry

                  - add meat if you want but vegetables are just fine...
                  - chop an onion, slice a leek into small strips, do the same with carrots & celery, peel & slice some fresh mushrooms & add anything else you fancy.
                  - heat a little olive oil in a wok & add the onions - stir until lightly cooked.
                  - add some garlic now if you want.
                  - put the other prepared veg into the wok & keep stirring all the time for 2 - 3 minutes.
                  - serve with rice & a good helping of soy sauce.
                  - low in calories & fat, very tasty & filling.

                  2. anyold soup

                  - I've just named the 'anyold' because any old things can be added as well as fresh veg.
                  - put a little olive oil in a big pan & add a chopped onion - fry until very lightly browned.
                  - add any chopped vegetables in eg leeks, celery, carrots, cabbage, potatoes, parsnips, swede etc & add about 1 pint of stock.
                  - at this stage I like to add a little salt & loads of black pepper.
                  - turn the heat right down & basically just stir it occasionally but no need to stand over the pan (write a review for Dooyoo instead!).
                  - serve with crusty bread & enjoy this healthy but filling soup to keep you warm.

                  - you can add anything else really whilst cooking - I've had great results using kidney beans, pearl barley, rice , potatoes or a little chilli or cayenne pepper.

                  - make the most of British vegetables when they're in season - there's such a variety at the moment.
                  - comparatively cheap and, depending on how they are cooked, nutritious too.


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                    24.11.2008 21:32
                    Very helpful



                    You're better off sticking to potato/parsnip chips

                    Every time we go shopping my son gets to choose something new from the fruit and veg aisles, this time it was butternut squash. My first thought was 'Eek, what the **** am I going to do with that?!?'
                    It is not something I would usually buy as when I think of it I imagine hearty winter stews, soups and the like and I tend to cook more italian and thai based meals.
                    A friend of mine had tried it and told me to treat it like a thick skinned potato (what the hell?), He told me all about how I could roast it, chip it, mash it, etc. My son was quite taken with the idea of chips (what a suprise!) so I Googled it for a bit more info, I found a diet forum full of people raving about how amazing these butternut squash chips were, mostly because they are a 'zero points food'.

                    The general idea seemed to be to chop them, spray with cooking oil (low fat of course!) and cook on a baking tray for about an hour at gas mark 6, which I think is around 200c. Someone recommended sprinkling with paprika which sounds nice, unfortunately I didn't have any at the time.
                    There was a bit of a debate as to wether you should peel it first or not so I decided to do mine half with and half without.

                    When you cut it open (slice it in half from top to bottom and work from there) you will notice that it looks very similar to a pumpkin as it is bright orange and it the bottom half has loads of seeds in it as well that are the same size and shape as pumpkin seeds, the flesh of the squash is a lot softer than that of the pumpkin though.

                    Scoop out the seeds with a spoon and start chopping,

                    heat the oven and get out a baking tray,

                    spray the tray with oil then arrange the chips on it and spray again and sprinkle a little seasoning (I just used rock salt and ground pepper but you could use anything you have really),

                    place the tray in the preheated oven and wait,

                    and wait,

                    and wait just a little bit more....

                    check them after around 40 mins then keep looking every now and again, they should be ready when they are golden and crisp, apparently...

                    I waited and waited and waited and after nearly an hour and a half I gave up and took them out of the oven... they were soft, stringy and soggy - hardly what I was expecting!

                    We tried them and the first thing my son said was 'eeuurghh, don't eat them mummy they're horrible!' lol. They had actually cooked quite nicely and were lovely and soft but not that great if you are expecting crisp, crunchy chips!
                    The squash itself has a strange stringy and soggy texture and the taste is quite sweet for a vegetable, they are a bit like well cooked carrots.

                    It was not to my taste but then I've never liked carrots either, I can see how people could like this vegetable although I have absolutely no idea how they could make chips out of it!

                    The only plus point that I can find with them is the whole zero point food thing (think that's weight watchers?), I guess they would make a nice change to lettuce leaves and rice cakes everyday!

                    Maybe i am cooking this all wrong but I have never gone that far wrong with any recipe before, In my personal opinion I would give this recipe 1 star but as so many people seem to love these 'chips' I have to alllow another star, definitely no more than that though!

                    If anyone has had more luck with this recipe and can let me know where I seem to be going wrong please let me know!


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                      08.11.2008 19:32
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                      tastes superb anytime....in lunch or dinner

                      This is a review about vegetable known as Navratan Korma , named so because about nine main ingredients including garnishing and vegetables are used ..eaten with Indian bread known as chappati /roti/naan

                      The following quantity would be sufficient for 3 normal diets,

                      Ingredients for Navratan Korma :
                      Paneer (a type of indian cheese) 100 gms
                      Tomato ( 3 normal size)
                      Onion ( 2 , grated)
                      All seasonal vegetables like capsicum, peas, carrot along with potato , beans etc..)
                      Cheery, pineapple, corander for garnishing
                      Milk ( a half cup)
                      Cream ( 3 table spoons)


                      Coriander powder ( 1.5 tablespoon)
                      Red chilly powder ( 1 tablespoon)
                      Turmeric powder ( 1 Tablespoon)
                      Salt ( To taste) nearly 1 tablespoon
                      Garam masala for spisyness
                      Oil (100 gms)

                      First of all cut all the vegetables into small cubes and boil them
                      Cut panner also into small cubes. For making puree, heat the oil and fry onion for 2- 3 minutes and then add tomato and fry again for another 2-3 minutes. Then add the cream and spices after the creams appears to segregate, add milk, all vegetables and boiled paneer(paneer is boiled seperately for 5 minutes for fresh taste). Cook for about 10 to 15 minutes, garnish with cherry, pineapple, coriander leaves , cream and serve hot with chappatis or naan.


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                        06.11.2008 23:01



                        Easy Brown Sugar Glazed Carrots

                        Brown Sugar Glazed Carrots that are very easy to make.

                        These carrots are great for a special occasion such as Christmas or Thanksgiving, but they are also great any other day of the week.
                        Carrots are cooked with brown sugar and butter, resulting in a sweet, flavorful brown sugar glaze.


                        16 ounces of baby carrots
                        2 tablespoons of butter
                        1/3 cup of brown sugar, packed
                        1 cup of water
                        a dash of salt and pepper, to taste

                        In a medium saucepan, combine the baby carrots with the remaining ingredients. Stir them to the blend ingredients. Bring them to a boil over high heat. Reduce the heat to a medium heat and continue boiling (uncovered) for about 20 to 25 minutes, or until the carrots are tender and the liquid has evaporated.
                        This dish serves 4 to 6 and it is super tasty. Everyone that eats it will praise you.


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                        19.09.2008 15:54
                        Very helpful



                        Essential for a healthy diet

                        I love vegetables and always have, even as a child; this is probably down to the fact that my parents grew their own fruit and vegetables so they formed a large part of the family diet.

                        You'd have to have been living on another planet to be unaware of the health benefits of vegetables. They are rich in essential vitamins and minerals which keep the body functioning efficiently and more able to shrug off colds and flu, especially during the winter months.

                        Vegetables are so versatile because they can be used in every kind of dish whether it be simple egg and chips or a seven course banquet. They can be boiled, roasted, baked, sauted, fried, grilled, barbecued, stir-fried, poached, braised, casseroled and used in salads.

                        I love roast vegetables because it is so easy to add a few carrots, parsnips, sweet potatoes or halved courgettes to the roasting dish; with a few sprigs of rosemary added to the oil to bring out the best of the flavour, they make a meal just on their own.

                        Some vegetables can be cooked in their skins, and potatoes and carrots are lovely this way. Most of the goodness is just under the skin so they are ideal for the health-conscious. They just need washing before slicing and cooking.

                        The potato must be just about the most versatile vegetable of them all when you think how many different ways they can be cooked; who doesn't love them mashed, chipped, baked, roasted and fried? A potato baked in its jacket, then split open and served with a dollop of butter is a lovely filling lunchtime snack.

                        I serve fresh vegetables with most meals because I have the time to prepare them but, for those who are time-poor, the frozen vegetables available today are just as good for you, if a little more expensive; you don't have the peelings to go on the compost heap, though, which is another bonus. I love the thought of nothing going to waste.

                        Most weeks we have a stir-fry of one kind or another and things like peppers, courgettes, spring onions, runner beans and sugarsnap peas are great for this because they retain their taste and crispness when lightly cooked.

                        A good old stew is great for using up those vegetables that may have been lurking around for a while and would not look great served separately on a plate. I always include potatoes, leeks, onions, mushrooms, carrots and sweet potatoes in my stews and casseroles; they make a nutritious and tasty meal for a cold winter's day. For summer, there is a wonderful choice of salad vegetables at our disposal so there really is no excuse not to include vegetables in our daily diet.


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                          16.09.2008 14:23
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                          A quick meal.

                          Vegetables is so versatile. It complement meat and rice dishes, bring out the taste of food and best of all it is good for our body.

                          I don't like overcooking vegetables. Overcooking kills the nutrients in the vegetable. Moreover, it is pleasant and refreshing to taste the crunchiness of vegetables. I notice many people throw away vegetable stalk and only eat the greens. I like vegetable stalk especially broccoli stalk, it is suppose to provide fibre for our digestive tract.

                          The best way to enjoy a nutritious vegetable dish is salad, but that is not my favourite dish when the weather is turning cold.

                          My stir fry broccoli with garlic.


                          One broccoli together with stalk.
                          Cut the green part of the broccoli into separate pieces. Cut the stalk into thin slices, this will help to soften the stalk when cooking.

                          One crush garlic clove

                          One teaspoon soya sauce

                          A pinch of salt

                          2 teaspoon of sunflower /vegetable oil

                          Heat the frying pan with oil. When the oil is hot, throw in the crushed garlic. Make sure that it is under low fire.When garlic is slightly browned, throw in the vegetables. Increase the fire slightly. Cover the pan and let the vegetable simmer for 1/2 a minute. Add the salt and soya sauce seasoning. Simmer for another 1/2 minute under low fire.

                          Served immediately with rice.

                          This is a simple stir fry vegetable dish. The important thing to note when cooking this dish is the fire and the lcooking time. It is easy and it is healthy.

                          Hope you will like it.


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                            16.09.2008 11:00
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                            Delicious vegetable dishes

                            I'm not a vegetarian, but in this current economic climate, it can be cheaper to eat meals without meat, so I thought I'd help you along with a few interesting vegetable recipes. My choices of vegetables tend to be dictated by what looks edible in the clearance basket at the local supermarket. I recently bought pak choi for only 20p so you can have a very interesting and varied diet for a very small amount of money.

                            Incidentally, I cook pak choi by washing it, breaking it apart into separate pieces, and then stir-frying in oil (any will do) with soy or oyster sauce (depends on whether or not you're vegetarian) and then add some sesame seeds and sometimes also some ginger. I eat it with steamed brown rice, either on its own or with salmon or tuna steak, grilled or even tossed in with the pak choi and stir-fried. I got some "premium" range salmon fillets for 99p in the reduced aisle of the supermarket the other night, so again, it IS do-able.

                            My vegetable bake recipe is very simple. I par-boil a selection of vegetables (again, it depends on what I find), but my favourites are parsnips, fennel, runner or green beans, peppers (preferably red) and sweet potato. Once par-boiled, drain them and mix them together and put them into a ceramic roasting dish. Pour over a little vegetable stock with mustard in it, and then coat with a generous layer of cheese. Of course, this depends on budget and preference but I like to mix cheddar, mozzarella and parmesan. Cook in a pre-heated oven at 180 celcius until golden brown. I eat it on its own but you could have it with cold cooked meats or even a tin of tuna.

                            I also like to roast tomatoes (I prefer cherry but use whatever's cheapest at the time) and mixed sliced peppers, before mixing with olives, some good quality olive oil, and balsamic vinegar, and I also love anchovies but can see this is not to everyone's taste, ditto asparagus and artichokes, and have as a rustic, mediterraean pasta "sauce" over linguine with a good sprinkling of parmesan on top. I roast these items at 180 celcius in a pre-heated oven for 25 minutes or so. Sometimes, I take them all out, then add the oil, anchovies, vinegar and even some butter, and finish them off in a pan; I recommend this but it adds time and washing up.

                            I also like to mix broccoli with cauliflower to make a slightly more interesting cauliflower cheese.

                            Here's an easy vegetable lasagne recipe too. You need a standard size jar of Dolmio bolognese sauce with mushrooms, a packet of lasagne pasta, a standard jar of white lasagne sauce, 3 courgettes, a selection of peppers, 3 carrots, plum tomatoes (tinned is fine), and I like to use aubergine and red onion too but this isn't to everyone's taste. You also need herbs; I like 2 bay leaves and a bouquet garni but you can substitute the bouquet garni for oregano if money is very tight. You also need cheese to top it with; I like to mix cheddar, mozzarella and parmesan.
                            Chop and prepare the vegetables and mix them over a low-medium heat in a large saucepan with the mushroom sauce. Just to get the flavours infused and everything well mixed and the vegetables softened. Lay down a layer of lasagne sheets in the bottom of a ceramic roasting dish, and cover with a layer of the red vegetable mix. Put another layer of pasta on top and add a thin layer of white sauce, then more red sauce. Keep doing this until you get to the top layer; coat the top layer of pasta with a generous amount of white sauce and then cheese on top and cook at 180 celcius in a preheated oven until golden brown (25-45 mins depending how good your oven is).


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