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72 Reviews
  • It is hot and filling
  • Filling
  • There are no disadvantages
  • None - it's a sandwich!
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    72 Reviews
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      03.10.2014 18:58
      Very helpful
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      • "It is hot and filling"
      • "This is a very nice sandwich "


      • "There are no disadvantages"

      BBQ chicken and cheese wrap

      My favourite sandwich is very easy to make and I think it is better on a wrap instead of bread but you can have it on anything you would like to eat as a sandwich. I like hot sandwiches better than cold because I think it is more filling and even though this is an easy sandwich for you to make it tastes very nice with alot of different flavours in it.

      You have to take a chicken breast that is skinless and does not have a bone in it. Soak the chicken in BBQ sauce for at least one hour so that the flavours go into the meat.

      Cook the chicken in the oven or under the grill and make sure it is well cooked but do not let it go dry.

      Cut the hot chicken into strips and put it in the middle of a wrap. Put 2 processed cheese slices onto the chicken while the meat is still very hot so that it melts. Top the processed cheese with some BBQ sauce and some mayonnaise and then roll your wrap up and eat it.

      If you would like to use white sliced bread you should cut the chicken into bigger pieces so that you can fill up the bread complete.

      I think this sandwich is very filling and I like to eat it a lot, you can use other sauces instead of BBQ if you would like to but I think it is best with that sauce because of the way the flavours go together and I think that BBQ sauce goes best with processed cheese also.

      5 Dooyoo Stars.


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        28.09.2014 22:43
        Very helpful


        • Filling
        • Cheap
        • Tasty


        • "None - it's a sandwich!"

        My Three Favourite Sandwiches!

        Everybody looks a good sandwich, but which is your favourite? These are my three favourite kinds of sandwich . . .

        Salmon Roll - I first had this on a Christmas market in Cologne, Germany and I have recreated it at home since to good effect. You get one fresh salmon steak per person and cover it is salt and pepper and a little chili powder if you like a bit of a kick then grill it until it is cooked to your liking. Meanwhile bake one medium sized parbake roll per person, cut it in half and add a generous amount of soured cream or mayonnaise (whichever you prefer) and some shredded lettuce. break up the salmon steak and fill the sanwich with it.

        Pastrami Bagel - Lightly toast a sesame seed bagel and then fill with sliced gherkins, lettuce, mayonnaise and slices of pastrami. I love this one because it is very American, it is quite luxurious but is easy and cheap to make.

        Chicken Sandwich - This is my absolute favourite and it might sounds a bit boring to be my favourite but it is the bread that makes it. I use Tesco's salt and pepper tiger baguettes which are absolutely amazing when they are fresh. I just top it with a bit of butter, plenty of salad cream and slices of freshly roasted chicken breast - delicious!

        So there you have it, my top three sandwiches, all very different but all equally delicious. What is your favourite sandwich? I'm always looking for new inspiration!


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        12.09.2013 22:08
        Very helpful



        The versatile toastie in both savoury and sweet variations.

        I recently reviewed a toasted sandwich maker here on Dooyoo and included a sweet toastie recipe which people seemed to like so here are a few more!.

        With savoury toasties the bread is really your choice. I tend to use plain white myself except when I'm using more specialised ingredients and these will be listed below. Of curse please leave out any ingredients you don't like and feel free to make substitutions and experiment!

        I find a toasty is tastier and easier to remove from the machine if you coat BOTH sides of the bread with a light spread of butter.

        Always follow the instructions that come with your sandwich maker and be careful of the hot metal parts! Also, fillings will BE HOTTER THAN LAVA!


        The Mediterranean Munch
        Bread: Sun dried tomato loaf, medium sliced if your toaster will take it.
        Cheese: Mozzarella.
        Fillings: Roast chicken, crispy bacon, pesto.
        Extras: Spread herby mayo on the inside of the bread instead of butter.

        Continental Breakfast
        Bread: Light and fluffy White Bread.
        Cheese: Brie.
        Fillings: Any cold continental meats but I recommend Salami, Prosciutto, Chorizo and ham, very thinly sliced apple.

        Tikka Toastie
        Bread: Garlic and Coriander Naan cut to size. Do not butter, use a kitchen towel to dab a tiny bit of olive oil onto Naan bread or one squirt of spray oil. It's pretty delicate so remove from machine with a spatula.
        Cheese: Hard or soft Goats cheese depending on taste.
        Fillings: Sliced tikka chicken, small amount of crushed Bombay potatoes.
        Extras: Drizzle finished toasties with Raita and serve with a spoonful of mango chutney.

        Full English
        Bread: Thick farmhouse white.
        Cheese: Mild or medium cheddar depending on taste.
        Fillings: Boiled egg slices, bacon, sliced tomato, sausage sliced lengthways, dry fried mushrooms and spoonful of baked beans. Serve with brown sauce or ketchup.
        Quick Tip: Place the ingredients in the middle of the bread and use less than you think you'll need. The sandwich machine will squash it all out and too much filling will explode!

        Fish Supper
        Bread: Lightly fried (still quite soft) white bread with crusts cut off, do not butter.
        Cheese: Very small amount of mild cheddar.
        Fillings: Sliced, cooked cod or haddock and peas.
        Extras: Serve with Tartar sauce or ketchup.

        Tuna Crunch
        Bread: Wholegrain.
        Cheese: Mild or medium cheddar.
        Fillings: Tuna mixed with chopped red pepper, spring onion, sweetcorn and diced cucumber.
        Extras: Mayonnaise to dip.

        Southern BBQ
        Bread: Any dense seedy bread. Poppy and pumpkin seed malted loaf works particularly well!
        Cheese: Monterey Jack.
        Fillings: Pulled pork (available in most supermarkets), thick BBQ sauce and caramelised onions.


        No cheese in these , use just one squirt of butter spray or mild cooking spray on the outside.

        Apple Strudel
        Bread: Brioche buttered on both sides with cinnamon butter (OK, this one IS buttered).
        Fillings: Chunky apple sauce, pinch of nutmeg, sultanas.

        Revenge Of The Chocolate Monkey
        Bread: Chocolate swirled Brioche.
        Fillings: Sliced banana and Nutella.
        Extras: Serve in a bowl with a scoop of ice cream or whipped cream!

        Hot Fruit Sundae
        (This takes a little prep work)
        Bread: Sliced Madeira cake loaf briefly dry fried on each side. WARNING! This falls apart easily so use a spatula to remove from pan and machine.
        Fillings: Mixed berries including strawberry, diced apple and pear stewed with a little sugar and drained of excess juice.
        Extras: Whipped vanilla cream or ice cream to serve.

        Limoncello Meringue
        Contains alcohol, not suitable for children!

        Bread: Brioche coated on the *inside only* with the following mixture - Tablespoon of lemon curd and half a teaspoon of limoncello or other lemon liqueur mixed together briskly.
        Fillings: Candied lemon and meringue buttons (available in the baking isle)
        Extras: Serve with whipped cream.

        Salted Caramel Apple Betty
        Bread: Vanilla Brioche.
        Fillings: Diced apple, salted caramel sauce and a few small pieces of toffee.

        I hope you enjoy trying some of these recipes, let me know if you do and if you come up with some of your own I'd love to know!


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          18.10.2011 16:00
          Very helpful




          Ah the sandwich. Prince of the breakfasts on the move, King of the late night snack, Grandmaster of the workday lunch. I love the little beggars, my recipes are extensive and varied and I include a couple below for your gastronomic delight!

          The Simpleton.

          Ham (off the bone is better than processed) Grated cheddar cheese, a lashing of garlic mayo on a brown or white bread roll. Quick and tasty for lunch. Add slices of cold boiled potato to make this into The Tea Spoiler

          The Captains Table

          Tinned tuna mixed with one large ripe chopped tomato, ground pepper and a tablespoon of plain mayo. Better if granary roll is used. Eat as soon as possible, if you cling film it there is danger of breadsogging!

          The Breakfast Special

          Crispy Bacon x 3 rashers, eggs scrambled with a drop of milk a knob of butter and a few drops of tabasco.
          chopped parsley on top, best on medium cut sliced bread.

          The Midnight Cowboy

          Three slices of toasted white bread, on the bottom spread lightly with pickle or chutney and a few slices of shaved turkey breast topped with thinly sliced tomato. Add the second slice of toast and on top of this a slice of swiss cheese, thinly sliced ham and a few leaves of lettuce. Spread the third slice with mayo and balance it on top. Serve with plain crisps and a glass of milk. Best late at night with a movie!

          When the Spaniard met the Frenchman.

          On a white or brown baguette rip up a few slices of salami and finely slicy chorizo, add a few chunks of brie and grill for one minute. Stick a few sliced white grapes into the melted brie. Stick his bready beret on and have with a glass of crisp white wine.

          The Meat Hater

          Shredded cabbage, carrot, onion and cheese with a small amount of salad cream, weird but wild! Use granary sliced bread.

          Viva El Mexico

          On a soft tortilla spoon and smooth a couple of tablespoons of hot chilli con carne, a teaspoon of sour cream, sliced avacado and a few Tortilla crisps, fold and place in a sandwich maker or large toaster for a couple of minutes.

          Hope these get your tastebuds going, message me if you've got any better ones


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            09.06.2011 13:59
            Very helpful



            quick, easy and affordable.

            It was a late night, i hadn't eaten and i just wanted a cheap and quick snack. When your a student, it's not only hard to find time to eat, it's hard to find the money to purchase why your eating, that's why this cheap and filling baguette is worth making!
            I made this for my sisters once and eventhough they usually hate lettuce, they loved it!
            Lemon, Chicken and Lettuce baguette? Sounds mad, doesn't it? It tastes great though, trust me!

            You'll need a baguette (There's always this deal on in ASDA where you can buy 3 2pack baguettes for £1.50! Bargain!) A Lemon, Shredded Iceberg Lettuce, Ready cooked chicken, Mayonnaise, Butter.

            You just cut up the chicken into tiny chunks and mix with mayonnaise.
            Slice open the baguette and butter it. Or toast it.
            Fling some lettuce onto the baguette, spoon on the chicken and mayo.
            Squeeze some lemon over and your done.

            Easy Peasy!


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              17.10.2010 00:18
              Very helpful



              Try this and let me know how it tastes...

              Veg and egg sandwich- this is a great substitute to the boring cold sandwiches and is healthy too. I make it for my kid- just a way of giving him some veggies to eat. The below recipe will make 6 sandwiches.

              Bread- 12 slices
              Boiled eggs- 4
              tomato ketchup

              1) First slice all the vegetables and eggs into circles.
              2) Spread ketchup on the slices of bread- i actually use Maggi hot and sweet tomato chilli sauce because i like it a bit spicy. This sauce is available in Tescos at the world food/Asian section.
              3) Arrange the veg and egg slices on the bread- on the ketchup side.
              4) Sprinkle salt and pepper and cover with the other bread slice.
              5) It can be eaten as it is but I grill this on a grill pan- just like it hot and like the grill line marks!!!!

              This sandwich is best served hot- doesn't taste so good when packed for lunches.


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                15.06.2010 17:03
                Very helpful



                a brilliant mixture

                Something slightly different today for me , as well as an app review.
                My freind recently came around and we were talking about weird foods (I dont know how this came about) , but anyway he mentioned his favorite sandwich was chocolate spread and peanut butter.
                Now I laughed this off but he was adamant that it was a brilliant sandwich, and so the conversation died out and later that evening I was hungry, intrigue pulled down the fillings of chocolate and peanut and with a brave face I tryed.

                MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM , I was wrong to dispell this culinary creation , the mixture is strange and intresting. The filling seems to be whichever one you really think about , making every bite different. I found that crunchy was even better after another try as you get the taste as well as a satisfying crunch.

                The smugness of my freind as It a stroke of brilliance was a little hard to take but it was yummy.

                Basically , make a normal sandwich , you know bread on butter an all that. Brown or white doesn't matter. Then layer either way, peanut or chocolate first. Stick that bad boy together and munch away.

                Enjoy !!!!!! and let me know what you think if you do try it.


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                  17.11.2009 21:33



                  great snack

                  Sandwiches are generally an on the go out of the home food. Children take them to nursery and school, adults take them to work and families have them on day breaks out. Popular sandwiches such as Ploughman's Cheese and Pickle and egg mayonnaise always go down a treat. You can buy sandwiches ready made at your local supermarket, petrol station and sweet shops but i personally prefer home made as you know it has not been handled by anyone else. The best bread to use to make your sandwiches is Hovis as it contains no artificial ingredients and is the bread used by top food outlet Pret A Manger. When using salad in your sandwiches always allow it to drain off well after it is washed otherwise it can tend to make the bread soggy. Fillers such as coleslaw and mayonnaise can be fattening if eaten on a regular basis and try grating your cheese and you will find you use less. Now next time you decide you fancy a quick sandwich what will you choose ready made or home made?


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                    26.08.2009 12:21
                    Very helpful



                    The best sammich

                    Im currently staying at my grans and I've just been asked what I want for dinner. Knowing the way my mums side of the family work this meal is what I would personally term a snack, usually a sandwich or a few crackers with cheese. You know the sort of people a light meal/snack around 12 and a proper meal at 5ish.

                    So when asked I decided to go with a specific type of sandwich, a bacon and mushroom one. Now I love fry ups, pies and generally unhealthy food, which I accept isnt the idea of a sandwich but of the few I will eat this is my favourite. Yeah I love bacon ones, sausage ones, even ham ones but there is something special about the bacon and mushroom ones.

                    So how to make a good bacon and mushroom sandwich:
                    Fry a handful of mushrooms and 1 or 2 rashers of bacon
                    Get some bread, preferably white

                    Fold slice of bread in half then fill. DO NOT place between 2 slices as it gets messy. Add sauces if required.

                    The taste is quite like a sandwiched fry up, aka godly. Though it does perhap lack the egg and bean taste I think this would just be too messy to even try. Remember as the filling is fried its full of grease and fat, not healthy but possibly messy, if mixed with beans or eggs it really would take the mick.

                    So we can agree its not good for us but this is one of those times where taste is the important factor. When it comes to technically correct nutritional information, I wouldnt have a clue but when it comes to taste it gets top marks.

                    A greasy slimy fry up sandwich that wont be bettered until we can buy pie sandwiches.

                    Try to shy from smoked bacon...just because un-smoked is better...also how does one un-smoke bacon?

                    Time to tuck in...bet your all jealous :p


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                      09.07.2009 17:58
                      Very helpful
                      1 Comment



                      A sandwich that gives you energy and a full stomach from very little effort

                      We pretty much survived on this sandwich whilst travelling through the australian outback for 2 months!! All you need is a loaf of bread, a jar of peanut butter (nutty is recommeded), a jar of jam (strawberry is recommended) and a knife.

                      Spread a generous dollop of peanut butter on one slice and an equally generous dose of jam on the other, bung them together and hey presto - the most delicious sandwich ever!!!

                      It worked so well for us, because it can easily be made without having to stop driving and the ingrediants can be kept 'quite' well without the need of a fridge. I say quite, because the bread will keep for a day or two quite well as long as its kept in the shade (we went through a loaf a day so it was never a problem). The jam is the same, you need to keep it in the shade as much as possible, but we went through it well before we had to start worrying about it going mouldy! Peanut butter keeps great. You then just need a baby wipte for cleaning the knife!


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                        31.05.2009 21:15
                        Very helpful



                        A great tasting sandwich.

                        The fact of the matter is, you can't beat a good ham & cheese sandwich. Thus, I could end my review there...but some people believe I'd need a few more words to warrant a decent rating! So here goes...

                        A sandwich is obviously one of the easiest and quickest things to make and this is no expection - a lavish ham and cheese sandwich.

                        1. I'm usually a normal white bread man, although Kingsmill's Best of Both has been doing the rounds in my sandwich life recently, which is fine by me. Wholemeal is fine, but often those loaves with too many seeds in just act as an irritance when you're picking them out of your teeth.

                        2. Butter the bread. I tend not to do this as it's unnecessary calories/fat for what you're going to add to it soon and the sandwich will rarely be 'dry'.

                        3. Ham. My weapon of choice here is the Wiltshire Hand-Carved ham you can get from the likes of Tesco or Waitrose. Big fan. Failing that, a decent honey roast ham - ideally from a deli counter and not a vacuum packet is best to give bigger flavour and bigger slices.

                        4. Cheese. A strong cheddar here please. Quite simply, if you can get your hands on it, use Mull of Kintyre. The God of cheddar cheese in my eyes, if such a Good exists, having discovered the stuff when working on a deli counter in Waitrose as a 16-year old. I believe Asda also sell it pre-packaged in their cheese section. It's not the cheapest so something like Catherdal City or Davidstow could be used instead, but I say if you want it done properly, use Mull of Kintyre!

                        5. Tomato. Adds a bit more colour and gives it a 'healthy' edge. To an extent. Just slice a normal tomato up and stick 4 or 5 slices across the bread. Plonk a bit of lettuce on it if you like...but obviously don't if you want to make it a toasted sandwich (which I often do) as no one likes wet lettuce!

                        6. Condiment. Either ketchup or Worcester sauce. If it's toasted then obviously a splash of Lea & Perrins is a must-have. Therefore making it a tasty Welsh rarebit. I tend to dollop some ketchup - always Heinz - on the side of the plate if I toast it

                        7. Black pepper. Well it would be rude not to add a little bit more of a kick hey?!

                        And there you go. I recommend toasting it to allow the delicious cheese to melt and grill and give the thick ham an almost bacon/gammon edge. Mouth-watering. And I probably should have pointed this out at the start...not suitable for vegetarians!


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                          09.05.2009 21:39
                          Very helpful



                          A classic dish you can throw together,or 'posh up' really easily

                          When you can't decide what to eat, and you can't be bothered to cook, you can always fall back on a good old sandwich...and sling EVERYTHING in it, rather than be choosy ;)

                          But seriously, you can have them hot or cold, on millions of different kinds of bread, and with a multitude of fillings, healthy or otherwise and you can't go wrong.

                          Some favourite recipes go from the more simple cheese and marmite on normal sliced white, the plain lettuce baguette (use one of the part-baked variety, ROUND lettuce rather than tougher iceberg and a bit of salt to taste, substituting butter for mayo depending on what tickles your fancy at the time) the rank cheese and mint sauce sandwich on sliced white loaf, or the more exciting cheese, beetroot, and carvery turkey with mayo in a tiger bread roll (using sliced bread for this one causes it to fall to bits, a tiger rolls crust holds it together) which is truly sublime, especially if you use applewood smoked cheese.

                          I couldn't go as far as trying a Mars Bar toastie,as I'm more of a savoury gal, but a breakfast toastie (bacon, sausage and cheese toastie-maybe with a few beans) is great for breakfast on the run and the sausage,turkey and stuffing sandwiches our local shop has started making are to die for.

                          On the whole, the humble sandwich is mans true best friend-the chance to be creative AND get a full tum in one. Although I wouldn't recommend a meatball sub. Yuk.

                          Thanks for reading :)


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                          13.03.2009 15:19
                          Very helpful



                          Most delicious!

                          I love having friends over for dinner but when they say "yeah we'll pop in for lunch" my heart sinks. What do you serve? You have to think about portion sizes, not doing anything too heavy but not doing something too bland and you also have to resist the temptation to go "actually I know a nice pub that does great food".

                          So a couple of years ago I came up with this recipe for a thai style steak sandwich (you can substitute the steak for chicken or tuna steaks or you can use portabella mushrooms for vegetarians - i always allow two mushrooms per person). It is easy to make, although it does use a few ingredients which you may not have readily to hand if you are not a seasoned thai food cook at home. But these are readily available in all good (and possibly some bad) supermarkets. You can prepare the steak (or equivalent) a few hours in advance as well so you are not slaving in the kitchen when your guests arrive which is also a big advantage!

                          Preparation time: 10 minutes
                          Marinating time: 20 minutes to 2 hours
                          Cooking time: 6 to 16 minutes for steak or fish. Chicken will be 20 to 25 minutes

                          100 to 200g of rump steak per person (try and get it with as little fat as possible or cut it off). Leave the steak whole and slice after cooking so it doesn't over cook.
                          a finger's worth of fresh ginger
                          2 or 3 cloves of crushed garlic (you can use one if this is too strong for you)
                          1 red chilli, finely chopped (you can deseed if you wish but I prefer not to)
                          2 tablespoons of thai fish sauce
                          juice and zest of one lime
                          1 tablespoon of rice vinegar
                          3 tablespoons of light soy sauce
                          1 tablespoon of dark soy sauce
                          1 or 2 teaspoons of sugar to taste (you don't need salt due to the salt in the soy sauce and fish sauce - the sugar helps to balance)
                          a good grind of black pepper
                          Handful of chopped coriander
                          Rocket or other salad leaves
                          a spring onion per person (optional)
                          ciabatta rolls (the ones which are the same size as you would get from a sandwich shop).

                          1: Finely peel and chop the ginger.
                          2: Crush the garlic and add this and the ginger into a large bowl
                          3: Add the the finely chopped chilli and lime zest
                          4: Add all the wet ingredients and stir. Add sugar to taste
                          5: Place the pieces of steak (or equivalent) into the bowl and make sure it gets a covering of the marinade.
                          6: Put the bowl in the fridge for a couple of hours , turning the meat (or whatever) occasionally so that it gets equal chance to stand in the marinade licquor. You can just marinade for 20 minutes but to really tenderise the meat the longer you can leave it the better. If you are using mushrooms you only need to do this for 30 minutes tops.
                          7: When you are ready to serve lunch, heat a griddle pan or frying pan with a little oil (or frylite oil if you are being very healthy) and cook the meat to everyone's liking. Rare steak usually takes about 2/3 minutes a side and well done usually 8 minutes a side for the size of steaks you are cooking. Reserve the marinade.
                          8. Whilst the steaks are cooking split the ciabatta roll and add the rocket or salad leaves.
                          9: Finely chop the spring onion and reserve for the "drizzle".
                          10: Once the steak is cooked put to one side on a warm plate for a few minutes whilst you reduce the marinade slightly to form the drizzle for the sandwich. Add the spring onion at this stage.
                          11: Slice the steak/meat/mushroom and arrange in the ciabatta before spooning over a tablespoon of the reduced marinade and serve with kettle chips or just on its own.

                          This is a really adaptable recipe and it goes down a treat. The marinade is lovely and rich but fragrant and fresh and the meat is really tender and succulent so you don't need to keep too much fat on it. The marinade drizzle and the meat juices soak into the ciabatta and make it even more moist and yummy. If you are worried about the salt content of some of these ingredients use reduced salt varieties of the soy sauce. It is also surprisingly filling but you don't feel bloated after.

                          If you wanted a stickier and sweeter version of this you just need to add a couple of tablespoons of honey at step 4 in the method instead of the sugar. This gives the meat a lovely sticky caremalised taste and is totally scrummy.

                          You can also add button or straw mushrooms and onions if you want to. They can get a quick dip in the marinade and they can be fried or sauteed if you want to bulk out the sandwich.

                          All I can say about this sandwich is that is always goes down well and is delicious. It is quite an easy way to make a steak sandwich quite posh!


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                            23.02.2009 19:53
                            Very helpful



                            Delicious sandwiches for anytime

                            Personally I would rather eat wide varieties of sandwiches rather than most meals so I have great appreciation of a good sarnie selection.
                            I thought I'd share my favourites, one which has become a favourite of my girlie friends who come over on a Saturday afternoon.

                            The staple element of any sandwich is bread. What kind of bread you use depends on you, some people only eat white, some like rolls, some believe in the benefits of brown and wholemeal.
                            So, for the purposes of my personal preference we're going to use fresh wholemeal pre sliced loaf.
                            For each sandwich you'll need:
                            2 slices, we're aiming for quality rather than quantity.

                            One pack of pastrami, which is a highly seasoned and smoked cut of beef. It's usually around £3 a pack and will have around 8 slices per pack. They are long slim slices, a little like bacon and with a rind of ground peppers and spices which you leave on.

                            One quarter of brie, a soft cheese which you can find in value packs in supermarkets for around 80p or the higher brow brands going up to around £3. Camembert works well too but drowns the flavour of the pastrami a little if it's ripe.

                            Mango chutney or onion relish. Sharwoods do a variety of mango chutneys from around £1.80 and most supermarkets sell some type of onion relish or similar sweet onion pickle for approximately 80p. Sharwoods have a spicey chutney which I really like on this sandwich sometimes, but it isn't for everyone.

                            I like to keep the flavour right across the sandwich so I start by using a low fat spread across the first slice of bread then covering the entire surface with pastrami, ensuring it runs up to the edges but one slice thickness is sufficient. Pastrami is reasonably strongly flavoured so you won't need overkill.

                            Then slice the brie into slim pieces and layer over the pastrami, no need to be so consistant with coverage this time. Brie adds a contrasting flavour which compliments the beef, cools in contrast to the warmth of the pepper and gives a more rounded flavour over all. It also lends itself to creating nice textures.

                            Now spread either mango chutney or onion relish right across the other slice of bread to your own taste. Too much and it will detract from the brie, too little and the flavour will be lost in the pastrami.

                            Pickled gherkin can be nice instead of chutney for those who are adventurous enough. Be sure to put it between the pastrami and brie though, otherwise the vinegar soaks into the bread and makes it soggy and wet, then it falls apart and that's no fun at all!

                            Put it all together and enjoy.

                            Another favourite in our house is buying a hot chicken, pitta bread and houmous.
                            You can buy a hot chicken or pieces of in the supermarket from around £1 up to £4 and it will stay fairly hot until you eat it, inside the bag it is served in.
                            Pittas are around 70p for a pack of minis, they fit in the toaster better than the large ones.
                            Houmous comes as normal or low fat, with added herbs, with lemon and so on, all of these work well.

                            We stick the pittas in the toaster, strip the chicken till the toaster pops, split the pitta, butter lightly, pop the shredded chicken inside the hot pitta and add a dollop of houmous to your plate for dip and scoop purposes.
                            The combination of butter and hot pitta makes a tasty flavour and as he butter melts on the chicken it adds moisture and flavour.
                            Now with moist toasted bread, warm chicken and a touch of salt from the butter, dipping in houmous gives an added dash of flavours and some healthy accompaniment.

                            Serving either sandwich with salad or crudites makes for a healthy though slightly high in fat sandwich.

                            If you try them I'd love to know what you think, they've become visitors favourites in our house.


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                              22.02.2009 19:50
                              Very helpful



                              Quick, easy, tasty

                              Everyone love's a sandwich surely!

                              Everyone can make a sandwich, only a chosen few have mastered it!

                              For anyone not aware of what a sandwich is, here is what the dictionary say's - "two or more slices of bread or the like with a layer of meat, fish, cheese, etc., between each pair."

                              I'm going to list my five favourite sandwiches, and you can let me know which you prefer. As you can note from my list I'm not adventures with food in the slightest. My favourite bread has to be wholemeal and thick, every sandwich must be buttered! - Clover all the way.

                              Number Five
                              Cheese and bacon - Tomato sauce
                              Oven cook the bacon until slightly brown around the edge's. Put the bacon on a freshly buttered piece of thick bread. Place a single slice of mature cheddar on top of the bacon and stick under the grill for around 3 or 4 minutes until the cheese is nicely bubbling. Squeeze on some ketchup and add the top layer of bread.

                              Number Four
                              Chips, Egg and Beans - Tomato sauce
                              Fry some hand cut chips until golden and soft in the centre, heat the beans on the hob or in the microwave according to the instructions on the tin. Fry on egg for each sandwich and place all ingredients together on a crusty cob. Top with some sauce!

                              Number Three
                              Crisps (preferably cheese and onion walkers)
                              The crunchier the better, butter two pieces of bread and empty a packet of crisps inbetween. Simple yet lovely! - stronger flavours work much better.

                              Number Two
                              Burger, Cheese and Egg - Barbecue sauce
                              Aberdeen angus burger cooked under the grill until brown and juicy throughout. Top with mature cheedar and a fried egg. Make sure to use thick bread as the egg can seap through thinner options. Top with Heinz BBQ sauce for a smoky taste.

                              Number One
                              Sausage, Bacon and Egg - Barbeque sauce
                              The ultimate combo, grill the bacon and sausage. Start the cooking of the sausage some time before the bacon as it takes longer to cook. Fry an egg and add to the two pieces of meat. Brown sauce also works well on top.

                              Oh yes, these are all classics in my eye's. Horrible for anyone's diet but indulge sometimes!

                              Have fun!


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                            Did you know, though, that the modern sandwich was named after the 4th Earl of Sandwich, who, as legend has it, had his servants bring him this dish in order that he could eat dinner without interrupting his card game. The term "sandwich" has been expanded — especially in the USA — to include items made with other types of bread, such as rolls and focaccia. It has even been expanded to include the ice cream sandwich, typically consisting of two square cookies with ice cream in the middle.

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